Time Reporting

Hourly (non-exempt/overtime eligible) employees are to record their own time in the Human Resource/Payroll (HR/Pay) system. The individual’s Employee ID is stored along with the date and time stamp. This data is used for audit purposes, employee agreement for accuracy and meets federal and state requirement. Hourly employees are to be paid for all hours work in accordance with federal law and are to report hours through the method assigned by KU.

Hourly employees are required to have a minimum 30 minute unpaid meal break when working 6 hours or more.

You must have a KU Online ID registered with KU Information Technology to access HR/Pay.

Time Collection Methods

KU has two methods of reporting time worked in HR/Pay, timesheet and web clock.

Timesheet (doc) access is assigned to regular employee who are not eligible for premium pay (shift, callback and standby). 

Employees are to record their time worked in .25 increments and report at a minimum at the end of each work week. As employee’s are certifying the time is accurate, it is not expected to have time keyed in advance. A process called Time Administration will create payable time (total hours per day) to be approved.  

  • Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), if you are a non-benefits eligible salaried employee and need to report time worked that is not used for pay, you can use the timesheet method. For more information about the ACA, please visit ACA & KU Employees 

Web Clock access is assigned to temporary hourly and regular employees eligible for premium pay (shift, call back and standby). It is the responsibility of the employee to use the clock to record when starting and stopping their work schedule. Adjustments for incorrect or missing clock time should be rare. Employees do not clock out for paid breaks.

A process called Time Administration will round each clock time to creating payable time (total hours per day) to be approved. Please refer to the Time Rounding Chart for examples and more information.

Time Reporting Assignment Chart

Employee TypeTypeTime & Labor
Regular Staff (USS, UPS etc.)HourlyTimesheet
Regular Staff (USS, UPS) Premium PayHourlyWebClock
Temporary (USS, UPS, Students etc.)HourlyWebClock
Regular Staff (USS, UPS etc.)SalariedTimesheet required for ACA reporting (non benefits eligible)
Regular FacultySalariedTimesheet required for ACA reporting (non benefits eligible)
Temporary FacultySalariedTimesheet required for ACA reporting 
Temporary Students (GA, GTA, GRA)SalariedTimesheet required for ACA reporting (not applicable to Graduate Research Assistants and Residential Graduate Assistants) 

*An accessible version of the documents on this site will be made available upon request. Please contact our office at hrdept@ku.edu to request the document be made available in an accessible format.