Basic Guidelines

Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible work arrangements enable employees to either work off-site for all or part of the workweek on a regular basis and/or have a work schedule outside the traditional Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Remote work may be a viable alternative to working at the assigned campus location in cases where the employee, supervisor, and work are compatible with the arrangement and the physical environment, time zone, equipment and technology are adequate to support it. Remote work may not be appropriate for all employees and jobs at the university. All remote work arrangements must comply with university policy and federal, state, and municipal laws.

When considering a flexible work arrangement, supervisors and employees should consider the following details during the decision-making process.

  • Defining a Flexible Schedule
  • Payroll and Benefit Responsibilities of Remote/Hybrid Employees
  • Equipment, Property, and Connectivity
  • Workplace Safety
  • Occasional Return to Campus (Travel, Space Accommodations and Parking)
  • ADA Accommodation Request
  • Performance Expectations
  • Inclement Weather

Defining a Flexible Schedule

A flexible schedule (flextime) is an arrangement whereby an employee works an approved schedule that does not adhere to the traditional Monday through Friday work week and/or the 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. workday. It may include varying the time of day, the days of the week, or both. To meet university operational needs, positions in Operations, Information Technology, and Housing, etc. have positions that are already outside the traditional work schedule.

The approved work schedule (total hours per day) is to be kept accurate in HR/Pay by the supervisor. Flexible work schedules that are not reoccurring on a regular, weekly basis should be discussed between the employee and supervisor in advance, but a formal documentation submitted to HR is not required.

Payroll and Benefit Responsibilities of Remote/Hybrid Employees

Hybrid and fully remote employees will be required to confirm work location information.

Since the University of Kansas is not a registered employer outside of the United States, out-of-country work location arrangements are not authorized outside of university approved travel. Advance discussions with HR for out-of-state arrangements are encouraged due to potential increased liabilities.


Employees with a primary work location outside of the state of Kansas are required to complete appropriate state tax forms with at the time of assignment. The university will not provide tax guidance, nor will the university assume any tax-related liabilities on the employee’s behalf. For more information please visit the KU Payroll webpage for out of state employees.

Employee Information

Employees are required to notify the university of any change of address for the primary work location or other personal information changes through HR/Pay Employee Self Service. If moving to a different state, contact your supervisor in advance to determine if there are any state employment law concerns on behalf of the University. Upon approval, ensure the correct state tax forms are completed through


Benefits-eligible employees have the same benefit options regardless of work location. Employees participating in the State Employee Health Plan are encouraged to utilize network providers to ensure the highest level of benefit coverage.

Equipment, Property and Connectivity

Equipment and Property

  • Remote workers will be issued a KU-managed laptop to ensure portability to and from multiple worksites. Arrangements for electronic equipment (e.g., new orders, repairs, warranty work, etc.) should be made by the supervisor/unit in coordination with the unit's IT Support Staff.
  • Provision of additional equipment, furniture and/or property will be at the discretion of the unit.
  • The employee must follow all KU Information Technology policies and procedures regarding equipment, data security, confidentiality, etc. For more information, see KU IT Security's information about working remotely.
  • Fully remote employees returning to a hybrid or in-person work arrangement may be required to return all university-issued equipment and furniture to the campus worksite as determined by the supervisor or unit.
  • Designated technology equipment will be required to be returned by the employee upon separation of employment to the primary work location assigned. Failure to do so will result in the employee being responsible for the replacement costs.
  • Upon separation of employment, the employee may be requested to return any furniture, supplies or equipment provided by the university for use at a non-campus work location. Any shipping or moving related expense will be the responsibility of the unit if the employee is unable to return the property to the campus work location.


  • The off-campus work site network must be secure. Always use the KU Anywhere VPN to ensure data security, and save university-related work products (especially critical and restricted data) to your KU-managed device or the appropriate KU data storage location.
  • The university does not cover the cost of data services outside the campus work location. Although internet is not a reimbursable expense, speak to your supervisor if connectivity issues create difficulties in performing your work at the off-campus location.
  • Internet connection speed at an off-campus location must be suitable to meet required job duties, tasks, meetings, and other communications.

Workplace Safety

Employees are required to maintain an off-campus work location that is safe and to practice the same safety habits required for on-campus work.

  • Ergonomics — Learn best practices for setting up a workstation or contact to request an ergonomic assessment.
  • Dependent care — The worksite is to remain free from distractions and is not a substitute for dependent care.
  • Workplace Injury — Work-related injuries are to be reported to the supervisor and to HRM immediately. Workers will also be required to report the incident.
  • Seeking Medical Attention — Employees seeking medical treatment should contact the State Self Insurance Fund 24/7 Nurse Triage Program at 833-756-2007 to receive care and further instructions. Employees with medical needs that are serious or life threatening should proceed directly to the Lawrence Memorial Hospital or nearest emergency room.

Occasional Return to Campus (Travel, Space Accommodations and Parking)

Travel Expectations

Fully remote workers may be asked to return to the designated campus location by the supervisor for required meetings, training, programming requirements, etc. Employees are advised to discuss requirements in advance and understand the following:

  • The University is not required to cover commuting, travel, lodging or per diem related expenses.
  • If work related travel is required, non-exempt (hourly) positions are to be compensated for travel activity during assigned work hours. Due to the nature of a hybrid work assignment, commuting costs (i.e., mileage) are not reimbursable.


Work with your supervisor regarding workspace during your return to the on-campus location. Space for remote workers may need to be scheduled in advance if the space and resources are provided in a hoteling environment.

Parking on Campus

All campus parking requires a permit. Please visit the KU Parking website for details and options that best meet your needs.

ADA Accommodation Request

Requests due to a medically related need to work on-site, remotely, or for a work schedule change must be sent to the ADA Resource Center for Equity and Accessibility by completing the intake form or emailing for consideration.

Performance Expectations

The University’s work rules and other policies continue to apply to off-site work locations. Employees working remotely are expected to be available, provide timely response to inquiries/tasks, and demonstrate work productivity during scheduled work hours. In addition, remote workers may be required to come on-site for periodic meetings and interactions with supervisors, groups or other work-related needs.

Inclement Weather

The Inclement Weather Policy will apply based on where you are assigned to work on an inclement weather day. Please see the policy for details.