Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)

At any time, an employee may be placed on a Performance Improvement Plan or a Special Evaluation.  Special Evaluations are different than Performance Improvement Plans, and information about Special Evaluations can be found on the Performance Evaluations for staff webpage.  A PIP is not an evaluation, but is an evaluative tool to document progress toward performance improvement.  Performance Improvement Plans are typically preceded with specific goals and expectations, and documented instances of the employee not meeting the expectations from their supervisor.   Performance Improvement Plans are documented in the Performance Management System and are intended to set very specific goals for an employee for a specific period of time.  When an employee is placed on a Performance Improvement Plan, the PIP must be at least 30 days long.  Disciplinary action may result if the employee does not make progress toward improvements outlined in the PIP.

If any questions about the Performance Improvement Plan Process, please contact Human Resource Management, Employee Relations at 785-864-4946 or