1290PE Covered Employees- Initiating Disciplinary Actions

Managers and supervisors are responsible for handling progressive disciplinary actions for 1290PE covered employees. The procedures and forms outlined below should be used by supervisors throughout the progressive disciplinary process.

A documented verbal counseling is considered an optional informal disciplinary step and requires the use of the Documented Verbal Counseling form within the Performance Management System. To begin the process of completing a verbal counseling, submit a request to Human Resources.

Step 1: Employee Counseling

Generally, the first step in the progressive discipline process for 1290PE covered employees typically involves the supervisor providing a written reprimand to the employee. The supervisor should document this action using the Written Reprimand Employee Counseling form in the Performance Management System. To begin the process of completing a Written Reprimand Employee Counseling, submit a request to Human Resources. Once the supervisor has worked with Human Resources to obtain the proper form and finalize the counseling, the supervisor should meet with the employee to discuss the counseling and ensure the employee receives a copy.

Step 2: Request for Disciplinary Action

If the employee fails to show improvement, the department should contact Human Resources to determine what additional disciplinary actions should be taken, including the possibility of suspension, demotion, or dismissal. The supervisor should report the reason for recommending disciplinary action by using the Request for Disciplinary Action Form (pdf). The supervisor should complete and submit the form to their department leader (dean, director, or chairperson) for review and approval. Once approved, the department should:

  • Submit a copy of the form to Human Resources by emailing it to hrdept@ku.edu
  • Keep a copy of the form for the department’s records

Employee Notifications

Human Resources issues proposed and final disciplinary notification letters for suspension, demotion, and dismissal. If disciplinary action is taken for a regular status employee, the final letter also notifies the employee of their ability and method to appeal to the University’s Disciplinary Action Hearing Board. There is no appeal process for probationary employees.

Employee Appeals

University Support Staff members with regular status are offered the right to appeal a disciplinary action of suspension, demotion, or dismissal. To learn more about the appeal process, hearing board, and procedures, please review Disciplinary Action Hearing Board for University Support Staff Guidelines .


*An accessible version of the PDFs on this site will be made available upon request. Please contact our office at hrdept@ku.edu to request the document be made available in an accessible format.