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Voluntary Retirement Plan Representatives List

Retirement Company Name Retirement Company Number Representative email address Phone Number
TIAA 695 Jeremy Kohn  Jeremy.Kohn@tiaa.org 785-856-4808
TIAA 695 Jay Albrecht jalbrecht@tiaa.org 515-268-8614
TIAA 695 Josh Passler Joshua.Passler@tiaa.org 402-548-3652
TIAA 695 TIAA Appointment Scheduling Web Site www.tiaa.org/schedulenow 800-732-8353
Voya 009 Julie Kurland Jkurland@voyafa.com  913-661-3763
Voya 009 Shelli Buffington Shelli.Buffington@voyafa.com  913-469-8800
Voya 009 Ted Simmons Ted.Simmons@voyafa.com 913-661-3758
Voya 009 Trey Hartwich Trey.Hartwick@voyafa.com  785-414-3608

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