2022 Employee Recognition Ceremony

Banner of Campanile in background image with text 48th Annual Employee Recognition Ceremony Tuesday, May 10, 1:30 PM Kansas Union Ballroom

Watch the 48th Annual Employee Recognition Ceremony

The Chancellor and Provost presented service pins to recognized employees in appreciation for their dedicated service to the University.

2022 Employees of the Year

Randy Baker - FS Maintenance Services

Keesa Shrader - Housing Office Administration

2022 Team of the Year

Purposeful and Professional Enrichment Excursion Team

The Purposeful and Professional Enrichment Excursion Team came together to create a fun and energetic virtual spring break experience for Business School students to gain new skills and engage the business community. The students went to three different virtual locations, Laguna Beach, Aspen, and Las Vegas. The students heard from keynote speakers, attended educational mini-sessions, and attended a networking fair to learn more about employers and career opportunities. Each member contributed different skills, such as creating the various necessary technology elements, promotional items, and customized swag for each student attendee. The team found a way to bridge professional academic development with personal development in a fun and energetic way for students, creating an event that affirmed peoples’ humanity when they were feeling defeated by the pandemic.


Lauren Cunningham

Kelsey Cipolla

Kendyl Grender

Michael Brock

Jennifer Jordan

Cheryl Webb

Leaa Merrill

Kristen Helling

Steven Johnson Jr.

Employee Recognition Committee

Terri Osborn, Human Resource Management - Chair

Tanya Childers, Campus Operations - Vice Chair

Kim Glass, AAI

Andy Hause, Lied Center

John Mathews, Office of Research

Richelle Chaney, Enrollment Mngmt

Emily Eichler, Operations Business Office

Amanda Burghart, CLAS

Carol Rudolph, IT

Tyler Steiner, IT

Kari Balthazor, Applied English Center

Keah Cunningham, Academic Resource Center

Dave Moore, Parking and Transit

Kristina Glick, Business and Financial Planning

Jessica Brown, Custodial

Carrie Caine, Inst for Policy and Social Res.

Jenny Laird, KS Memorial Union

Matt Herrera, Housing

Heather Campbell, Procurement

Mary Dykman, Edwards Campus

Chris Bohling, Libraries

2022 Honorees

NameDepartment NameConfirmed Years
Ackley, Brian DMolecular Biosciences15
Agah, ArvinEngineering Administration25
Ahianfo Hathaway, Theresa AblaCustodial Services10
Alcazar, Maria IsabelStudy Abroad and Global Engmt25
Alexander, Shawn LeighAfrican/African Amer Studies15
Alfers, B ChristopherCustodial Services15
Alfers, Cariell LouiseProvost Office15
Allgeier, Alan MChemical & Petroleum Engr5
Anderson, Alex MichaelDesign5
Anderson, Craig MatthewLibraries-General5
Anderson, Margaret REducation Administration10
Andrews, Kirsten JHousing Office Administration5
Anguiano Gomez, Ashley MarieSocial Welfare10
Archer, Billie DAInternational Affairs Admin20
Arellano, Michele LyStudy Abroad and Global Engmt20
Arntson, Alex KarlInformation Technology5
Arwine, Alan TPolitical Science10
Ash, Stacy MMusic Administration5
Atkinson, Brian AnthonyEcology & Evolutionary Biology5
Atwood, Eric BrianCounseling/Psych Svcs5
Axton, Neal RLibraries-General5
Bailee MyersKU Memorial Unions5
Bailey, Karen S.Financial Services35
Baker, Joseph MichaelFS Maintenance Services10
Ball, Melinda JeanInformation Technology10
Banerjee, Mahasweta M.Social Welfare30
Bannister, Harriett DawsonBureau of Child Research30
Barajas Munoz, Ignacio AlejandroCounseling/Psych Svcs5
Barati Ghahfarokhi, RezaChemical & Petroleum Engr10
Bardas, Alexandru GavrilElectrical Engr & Comp Science5
Barker, Bradley RFinancial Analysis & Reporting15
Barker, Vincent LBusiness20
Barnard, Delores MarieOLeary SSC25
Barnes, BrianPharmacy Practice20
Barnett, William AEconomics20
Barski, Brenda AnnOffice of Research10
Barton Jr, Arthur MitchellFS Maintenance Services15
Barton, Richard JustinFS Maintenance Services15
Basgall, Ashly LoBurgioBureau of Child Research10
Bauer, Lois ALibraries-General40
Bauer, Michael J.Music35
Baumann, Morgan MichelleCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5
Baxter, Lauren AllisonEdwards Campus10
Baysinger, Kelly AOffice of Research5
Beall, CynthiaOffice of Research35
Benedick, Pamela SueSSC Administration5
Bennett, Bobby FCustodial Services5
Bennett, Brett C.Kansas Geological Survey40
Bergee, Martin JMusic15
Bergman, Ted LeoMechanical Engineering10
Bermel, JamieAthletics Corporation10
Biernat, Monica RosePsychology30
Bigler, EvanKU Memorial Unions5
Blackburn, Pamela LynnAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Blake, Sean PAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Bogle, Julie AnnKansas Geological Survey10
Booker, John T.French, Francophone & Italian50
Bosnak, Kirsten AKS Biological Survey20
Bottorff, Ellen RuthMusic15
Bourque, Katherine ShirleyBureau of Child Research20
Bouton, Brian P.Public Safety Office40
Bowerman, Judson PPublic Safety Office10
Branscombe, Nyla R.Psychology35
Brant, Timothy JLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5
Brazil, Adam MAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Brecheisen, Kerrie RuthMathematics35
Bridges, Michael EPublic Safety Office5
Britt, Nicholas StuartPharmacy Practice5
Brittingham, Ashley KatherineTheatre and Dance5
Brogdon, Darrell L.Kansas Public Radio40
Brohammer, Mary C.Kansas Geological Survey45
Brook, Rhodes KeithKU Memorial Unions5
Brown, Deanna SueCustodial Services15
Brown, John ChristopherFaculty Development20
Brown, Marie GraceHistory10
Brumberg, Jonathan SSpeech-Language-Hearing10
Brune, Jarromy J.Information Technology25
Bryant, Blake DouglasElectrical Engr & Comp Science5
Bryant, Jennifer Marion AccursoBureau of Child Research20
Buchwitz, Stefani GersonSelf Graduate Programs10
Burghart, Amanda MichelleCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci10
Burton, Robert DuaneInformation Technology5
Byers, Kaela DanielleSocial Welfare20
Callen, Carrie NAthletics Corporation10
Caminero-Santangelo, Martha MariEnglish25
Campbell, Chris AOLeary SSC10
Campbell, Clark WAthletics Corporation20
Campbell, Julie AnnUndergraduate Biology Program25
Caplan, Benjamin DavidPhilosophy5
Carlsen, Kathy AnnBureau of Child Research15
Carney, Michelle MohrSocial Welfare Administration5
Caro, Donnell ECustodial Services15
Carr, Kortney AngelaSocial Welfare5
Carter, Brittnee APolitical Science5
Carter, Douglas ScottHousing Office Administration25
Cashman, Robert William NealKU Memorial Unions5
Caster, Angela DawnBureau of Child Research5
Cateforis, David C.History of Art30
Cazares, EverardoCustodial Services15
Cazeaux, Paul Isaac Denis Louis MarMathematics5
Chappell, Benjamin TerryAmerican Studies15
Chasen, Jeffrey IHuman Resource Management10
Childers, Tanya JaneOperations Business Office10
Childs, Margaret H.East Asian Languages&Cultures35
Christine, MaryInst for Leadership Studies20
Church, Carolyn KGeology10
Cipolla, Kelsey MarieBusiness Administration5
Clark, Emily JApplied English Center5
Claussen, Christopher CSchool of Pharmacy15
Clendenen, Kylee RenaeKU Memorial Unions10
Cline, John RPublic Affairs10
Closs, Evan WilliamKU Memorial Unions5
Coffman, Jacob MInformation Technology15
Coleman, Elizabeth MarieChemistry15
Colyott, Kaila LynnCenter for Teaching Excellence5
Combs, Melissa ACtr for Online & Distance Lrn10
Congdon, David WUniversity Press of Kansas5
Conley, Ernest MichaelAchievement & Assessment Inst15
Conrad, Kathryn AEnglish25
Cook, Rhonda RodriguezSpanish & Portuguese30
Cook-Borg, Hilary AnneAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Cooper, JosephNaval ROTC5
Cooper, Anne LouiseMolecular Structures Group15
Corker, PattyAthletics Corporation10
Coughlan, Sarah Jean MealiffOperations Business Office10
Covington, Stephanie LeeFinancial Aid & Scholarships25
Crandall, Chris S.Psychology30
Crane, Kelly AnnBusiness15
Crangle, Sara ColfaxInformation Technology10
Crawford-Parker, Douglas McKeanEnglish20
Crim, Aaron MichaelOffice of Research20
Crisp, Nancy LCtr Enviro Benefical Catalysis20
Croci, Sonya AnneAnimal Care Unit5
Dale, Alice JeanEnvironment Health & Safety10
Daniels, DemetriusAthletics Corporation15
Davidson, Michael MMusic15
Davis, CynthiaNaval ROTC25
Davis, Rachel KayCareer & Experiential Learning5
Day Wedel, Caitlin MorganOLeary SSC10
Day, DavidProvost Office10
Deaver, Lindsey DanielleUndergraduate Biology Program15
Deboer, GerritEcology & Evolutionary Biology35
Degraff, SeanOperations Business Office30
DeLuca, Thomas AnthonyEd Leadership & Policy Studies10
Denning, Whitney MichelleInternational Affairs Admin5
Desaire, Heather RChemistry20
Deveau, John MPublic Safety Office10
DeWitt, Ruth MarySchool of Public Affairs&Admin5
DeYoung, RobertBusiness15
Diede, Laura LCtr for Online & Distance Lrn20
Diener, Alexander CGeography & Atmo Science10
Dillon, TraceyAthletics15
Ding, ChenglanOffice of Research10
Dixon, Dan AMolecular Biosciences10
Dojonovic Schutzman, Stacie LSpecial Education5
Dollar, Matthew AllenOffice of Research20
Dopp, Angela LynnStudent Information Systems25
Dozier, Claudia LApplied Behavioral Science15
Draffen, Kelly IreneHousing Office Administration5
Duer, Danielle DStrong Hall SSC5
Duncan, Philip TravisLinguistics5
Dunlap, Ayesha Louise GraceKU Memorial Unions5
Dye, Kayla AnneCustodial Services5
Dylan GeigerKU Memorial Unions5
Earnhart, Dietrich HarlanEconomics25
Eggleston Jr, Joseph BCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci20
Eichler, Emily JoyOperations Business Office20
Ekpon, RoseCustodial Services5
Emmons, Kelly KathrynKansas Geological Survey10
Engel, Michael AllenKU Memorial Unions10
Epperson, Riley JamesCenter for Research Computing10
Erazmus Campbell, Le-Thu AnnaAnthropology30
Ernzen, NickKU Memorial Unions20
Esfandiary, RanaTheatre and Dance5
Evans, AngelaLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5
Everman, Elizabeth RoseHiguchi Biosciences Center5
Ewing, Mark StephanAerospace Engineering30
Fardad, ShimaElectrical Engr & Comp Science5
Farmer, SoniaClassics30
Farrell, Mark PatrickMedicinal Chemistry5
Feldman, HumePhysics and Astronomy25
Ferguson, Charles WilliamEnvironment Health & Safety10
Fields, Lisa PBusiness Administration5
Fife, Brian CaseyInformation Technology5
Figueroa, Erica LaurenAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Fish, Melinda SPharmaceutical Chemistry15
Fleming, Kandace KayBureau of Child Research20
Forrest, Marcus LPharmaceutical Chemistry15
Foster, Georgia RoseCustodial Services5
Foster, Summer JenellMarketing Communications5
Fowles, Millinda RumbleCareer & Experiential Learning10
Fraites-Chapes, Casey LeighOffice of Admissions5
Freeze, Kathleen Margaret HartAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Frey, Bruce B.Educational Psychology25
Frost, Heather L.Counseling/Psych Svcs30
Frost, Victor S.Electrical Engr & Comp Science40
Fry, Andrew CHealth Sport &Exercise Science15
Fry, Mary DHealth Sport &Exercise Science15
Fuller, Randall JamesEnglish5
Fullerton, Kevin ToddSchool of Pharmacy10
Funk, Laura LeaEaton Hall SSC15
Funke, Todd ArnoldUndergraduate Biology Program10
Gall, Ashley RHilltop Child Development Ctr10
Gant, Julius EarlKU Memorial Unions5
Gao, Fei PhillipHiguchi Biosciences Center15
Garcia, Heidi MichelleHealth Education Resource15
Garcia, Reynaldo YambaoCustodial Services10
Gard, Sarah D'AntonioDole Institute of Politics10
Gardner, Eleanor ElizabethBiodiversity Institute5
Gergen, James WilfredInformation Technology25
Gerken, Katherine AnnStudy Abroad and Global Engmt15
Gerschultz, Jessica CAfrican/African Amer Studies10
Gerth, Allison RoseFacilities Planning & Dvlpmnt10
Gevara, William JoeKU Memorial Unions10
Ginther, Donna KEconomics20
Glass, Kimberly OAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Gleason, Jennifer MEcology & Evolutionary Biology20
Goff, Megan ElizabethBusiness Administration5
Gong, MaogangPhysics and Astronomy10
Gonzalez-Bueno, ManuelaCurriculum & Teaching25
Good, Janet LynnOffice of Research20
Gorden, Faith A.Strong Hall SSC40
Graves, RyanAthletics Corporation20
Greene, Jacqueline MeganHistory20
Greene, MarinaApplied English Center10
Grender, Aspen RolfEducation Administration5
Grender, Kendyl RyneBusiness Administration5
Grisafe-Gross, Joy KristineElectrical Engr & Comp Science10
Griswold, Deborah Elsie AyersSpecial Education20
Grogan, David MichaelIntercollegiate Athletics10
Groninger, Dawna L.Athletics Corporation30
Grotewohl, Daniel APublic Safety Office10
Gulotta, Paul KInformation Technology10
Haaga, Lori MayGeneral Counsel5
Hagel, Jonathan CHistory10
Hageman, Michael JohnPharmaceutical Chemistry10
Haider-Markel, Donald PatrickPolitical Science25
Hall, Korri LechandaAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Hallman, Heidi LCurriculum & Teaching15
Hameed, Asikat MojereolaCustodial Services5
Hamel, Julie AnnAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Hamilton, Kelsy PaigeMarketing Communications10
Hammen, James LEaton Hall SSC10
Hanigan, Laura J.Bureau of Child Research30
Hanley, Eric AllenSociology25
Hanrath, Robert SLibraries-General15
Hansen, David MEducational Psychology15
Harber, Cheryl DInformation Technology10
Harrell, Maxwell MerlFS Maintenance Services15
Harris, Theodore DanielKS Biological Survey5
Hartness, Julie AnnCtr for Online & Distance Lrn10
Hase, Allen ArthurPhysics and Astronomy25
Havener, Jon RobertVisual Art45
Haynie, Nikita AnnetteBusiness Administration5
Headrick, Jill EChemistry20
Hedeman, Anne DawsonHistory of Art10
Hellman, Merrick RandKU News Service5
Helmer, Charles RFS Maintenance Services15
Hemphill, Matthew AlanCustodial Services5
Henderson, PatAthletics Corporation20
Herstowski, Andrea LeeDesign20
Hill, Kelsey EileenAlumni Association10
Hillmer, Steven C.Business45
Hines, Laura J.Law School25
Hinkle, Chadwick AInformation Technology25
Hinman, Paula SHiguchi Biosciences Center10
Hinman, Robin M.Office of Research30
Hitoshi, Kehaulani KInformation Technology10
Hoch, Anthony MichaelKansas Geological Survey5
Holder, Mark TEcology & Evolutionary Biology15
Holm, CarstenAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Holman, Benjamin JInformation Technology10
Holmes, Cheryl LeeSocial Welfare20
Holt, Christina MarieBureau of Child Research15
Horkman, Jeromy W.Libraries-General15
Hornberger, Jason FProvost Office20
Hornhuber, ChristianPhysics and Astronomy5
Horvath, Dustin MarshallInformation Technology5
Hoskins, Joshua PInformation Technology5
Hout, Aaron L.FS Maintenance Services20
Huang, Thomas MingDesign20
Huber, Joseph HenryMathematics15
Huffman, Douglas WayneCurriculum & Teaching20
Huffman, Suzanne MaxinePublic Safety Office10
Hui, Dong WeiHiguchi Biosciences Center25
Hui, RongqingElectrical Engr & Comp Science25
Hultine, Donna RachelTransportation Services40
Humphrey, Jennifer L.Bureau of Child Research20
Hundley, Kristin Michelle OConnorHuman Resource Management5
Huntley, Coral SadeAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes5
Hurd, Timothy PaulIntercollegiate Athletics35
Husic, Geoffrey WLibraries-General35
Huslig, Michelle ReneePharmaceutical Chemistry10
Hyland, Andrew DavidPublic Affairs10
Ilardi, Stephen ScottPsychology25
Imel, Lauren EWatkins Health Services5
Isaac, Todd J.Information Technology25
Issa, Sandra TompsonApplied English Center20
Ivanov, Julian MetodievKansas Geological Survey20
Jackson, Andrew NInformation Technology10
Jackson, Joseph DanielPublic Safety Office5
Jackson, Timothy AChemistry15
Jacobsen, Laura D.Athletics Corporation25
Jahanbani, Sheyda Fatemeh AlexanHistory15
Janzen, Marike SHumanities15
Jarmolowicz, David PaulApplied Behavioral Science10
Jedlicka, Jennifer JEngineering Administration15
Jenkins, Scott DouglasPhilosophy15
Jess, Eliot NathanielKU Memorial Unions5
Johanning, Deborah Lynn HeadleyAlumni Association15
Johner, Stacy LBureau of Child Research15
Johnson, Christopher M.Music30
Johnson, Corinna LynnOffice of Research15
Johnson, Jason WaltonInformation Technology5
Johnson, Melissa ElaineCareer & Experiential Learning10
Johnson, Rachel ShermanInternational Affairs Admin5
Johnson, Ronald DaleCustodial Services35
Johnson-Powell, Anthony Thomas BInformation Technology5
Jones, Breanna YetteOffice of Research5
Jones, Greg AKU Memorial Unions5
Jones, Jeffrey MCustodial Services10
Jones, Sabine BeateStudent Senate20
Jordan, Jennifer E.Business Administration20
Jordan, Kristen MKansas Geological Survey10
Jorgensen, Erica LouiseKU Memorial Unions5
Josling, Craig StephenProcurement Services15
Joslyn, Mark RussellPolitical Science25
Kamatuka, Ngondi A.Achievement & Assessment Inst35
Kaminski, Megan JEnglish15
Kammerer, Karl LynnBusiness5
Kangas, George W.Mathematics20
Kanost, Elizabeth NicoleSpencer Museum of Art10
Karlin, Angela LynnFinancial Aid & Scholarships5
Karuga, Gilbert GathunguriBusiness20
Kaufman, Jesse DInformation Technology15
Kaufman, PatAthletics Corporation10
Keating, John WEconomics25
Kellum, Penny RaeFinancial Services20
Kerwin, Sarah RachelleTransportation Services15
Keshmiri, Shawn ShahriarAerospace Engineering15
Kim, MinyoungBusiness10
Kim, TaejoonElectrical Engr & Comp Science5
Kindscher, KellyEnvironmental Studies Program30
Kirk, Laura EllenTheatre and Dance10
Knauss, Brad LeeLied Center35
Koelper, Bradley RyanAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Koenig, Terry LeaSocial Welfare20
Koester, Rylie JoOffice of Research5
Kottman, Miloche RLibraries-General35
Kratz, Anne MarieStudent Information Systems35
Krehbiel, Jacey KAthletics Corporation5
Krieshok, Mia JinaeBusiness Administration10
Kring, LisaKU Memorial Unions20
Krogull, Kurtis JamesBusiness5
Kruzel, John DavidTransportation Services30
Kucza, Joel HFS Maintenance Services5
Kuczera, KrzysztofChemistry30
Kulkarni, Prasad AnilElectrical Engr & Comp Science15
Lafferty, Kathy ALibraries-General35
Lancaster, Sonya J.English25
Landau, Mark JPsychology15
Lane, Kathleen LynneOffice of Research10
Lane, Marilyn FrancesMolecular Biosciences30
Lang, JeffreyMathematics35
Lanpher, Kirsten AdelleAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Larson, Kirk BEnvironment Health & Safety15
Latare, Brendy JeanSpecial Education5
Laverentz, Jennifer RacineCtr Remote Sensing Ice Sheets20
Lawrence, Melody KAchievement & Assessment Inst15
Layman, Ronda JonesAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Leite, Rebecca ElizabethOffice of Research5
Lemon, Hannah MichelleEdwards Campus5
Leon, MecheleTheatre and Dance20
Lewis, Micheal AProcurement Services20
Li, YexinBusiness10
Lindsey, William RobertReligious Studies20
Little, Christy MarieKU News Service10
Little-Greenberg, Jessica MarieUniversity Academic Support Ct10
Liu, Sofia GalarzaSpencer Museum of Art20
Liu, ZhipengMathematics5
London, Shala DeeAchievement & Assessment Inst25
Londono Ramirez, Diana PatriciaSpanish & Portuguese5
Long, Jeffrey D.Information Technology25
Look, Kurt K.Kansas Geological Survey45
Losey, Aimee CrystalCarruth SSC20
Loving, Angela SueHuman Resource Management20
Lowry, Megan Elizabeth SolomonHealth Education Resource5
Luna, Kimmie SueCurriculum & Teaching5
Lundberg, Sara EAchievement & Assessment Inst15
Lunte, Susan M.Chemistry35
Lynch, David StewartKU Memorial Unions5
Lynch, Brendan MKU News Service15
Lyon, Christopher JCtr Enviro Benefical Catalysis20
Lyons, Frances AdrienneJournalism Administration15
Lytle, David AOffice of Research10
MacFarland, Michael JasonKU Memorial Unions5
MacGilvray, Colleen KellyBiodiversity Institute5
Machado, Raphael PereiraUniversity Press of Kansas5
Maestas, Michael VCounseling/Psych Svcs15
Mailen, Nathanael AlexanderPublic Safety Office5
Mailen, Troy J.Public Safety Office35
Maloney, Laura MarieOffice of Research5
Mandel, Rolfe DavidKansas Geological Survey35
Mantzavinos, DionyssiosMathematics5
Marciel Jr., Walter C.Athletics Corporation5
Marina, Areli MargaritaHistory of Art5
Marks, Ephrom SProcurement Services10
Martin, Nathaniel FAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Matejkowski, Jason CSocial Welfare10
Matson, Wesley JCustodial Services15
Matthews, Kristina MariaAchievement & Assessment Inst20
McAferty, Debra R.Bureau of Child Research30
McCaig, Lindsey MichelleEngineering Administration20
McCain, Heather JoySchool of Professional Studies10
McCall, Sarah Elizabeth ReneeSocial Welfare5
McCarty, Steven DInformation Technology20
McClung, Bradley T.Information Technology35
McCurdy, Shima Omega OrtizTransportation Services20
McDowell, Kara ElizabethOffice of Research10
McKenna, Thomas PatrickKS Biological Survey5
McKenzie, Andrew RLinguistics10
McKinney, Richard LProvost Office40
McLaughlin, Craig AAerospace Engineering15
McLendon, Mary ElizabethJournalism10
McNair, Amy E.History of Art30
Mechem, David BGeography & Atmo Science15
Medvedev, Mikhail ViktorovichPhysics and Astronomy20
Mehmedovic, Jennifer SuzanneFaculty Development25
Mendez, Monica CristinaBureau of Child Research10
Mendez, Stacy KathleenAchievement & Assessment Inst20
Mennerick, Mehrangiz N.Sociology30
Merrill, Lile NeiasiBudget Office15
Merritt, Robin ChristineUndergraduate Advising Ctr20
Metzler, Michael WLaw Enforcement Training Ctr10
Miao, YinglongMolecular Biosciences5
Mielke, Laura LynnEnglish15
Miller, Darlene MarieStrong Hall SSC15
Miller, Sean HarrisonBudget Office5
Mohr Jr, William GFacilities Planning & Dvlpmnt10
Monet, Kira EdisonApplied Behavioral Science5
Monroe, Kasey ABureau of Child Research15
Montague, Samantha J.College of Liberal Arts & Sci15
Moody, Jennifer MKS Biological Survey15
Moon, HeeJungPharmacology & Toxicology10
Moon, Sonia CazaresCustodial Services20
Moore, Matthew DaleElectrical Engr & Comp Science5
Moreno, James JTheatre and Dance10
Morris, Anthony MerrellInformation Technology15
Moss, Brian DLibraries-General10
Mowen, Jeffrey E.Information Technology25
Mullen, Tahirih GeorgineLibraries-General30
Mullenix, Kajsa ElizabethBureau of Child Research5
Muma, Nancy AnnPharmacology & Toxicology15
Munoz, Joseph EJournalism Administration15
Murphy, Mary ECtr for Online & Distance Lrn20
Murphy, Rebecca RCarruth SSC15
Muset Jr, Robert ThomasCustodial Services5
Muthuramalingam, MeenakumariPharmaceutical Chemistry5
Mutz, Steven CAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Myers, NaomiAthletics Corporation5
Myers, Elim RosalvaKansas Geological Survey10
Myers, Jennifer LynnBureau of Child Research15
Nagel, Joane P.Sociology45
Nau, Cynthia LorraneBureau of Child Research5
Navarro, Sean MatthewAcademic Success5
Navinskey, Kerry LouiseJournalism15
Nemec, Megan NicoleHousing Office Administration5
Nett, Dayona RaeHousing Office Administration5
Neuman, Phillip DanielHousing Office Administration5
Nichols, Patricia ChristineKU Memorial Unions10
Niileksela, Christopher REducational Psychology10
Norman, Kory LeeKU Memorial Unions10
Normandin Jr, Eugene VFS Maintenance Services10
Norris, Mary LeeAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Novak, Jessica GoodGeology5
Ohlhausen, Kyndol LInformation Technology25
Olker, JaniceLaw School5
Olson, Renee MichelleEnrollment Mgmt Services10
Olson, Wade AFS Maintenance Services25
O'Neil, Leslie EllenMusic10
O'Neill, Lieschen MarianneEnrollment Mgmt Services10
Orive, Maria E.College of Liberal Arts & Sci25
Orr, Ronald JosephSpencer Museum of Art5
Orth, Sheila MarieLibraries-General20
Ostermann, Russell DeanChemical & Petroleum Engr30
Otto, Matthew LoganMusic10
Paasch, JenniferJournalism Administration20
Paden, Aaron ThomasCtr Remote Sensing Ice Sheets15
Page, Kimberly DBureau of Child Research15
Parsons, Sheena MKS Biological Survey10
Passman, Travis MInformation Technology10
Patterson, Meagan MichaudEducational Psychology15
Patti, Bridget EAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Paul, Brenda LCustodial Services10
Peper, Michael TadessehLibraries-General5
Perera, Shirani PrasadaniStrong Hall SSC15
Peres, Debbra DLibraries-General15
Perez, Cynthia AnnAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Perpich, Denise LAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes20
Perry, Nicole KBureau of Child Research10
Peterson, Andy H.FS Maintenance Services20
Phelps, Megan ElizabethAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Pierotti, Raymond JohnEcology & Evolutionary Biology30
Pirnat-Greenberg, MartaSlavic & Eurasian Langs & Lit20
Pittman, Jason KArchitecture Design5
Podrebarac, Dena KayKS Biological Survey15
Pokorney, Kevin MFS Maintenance Services15
Pope, Anna Renee DesireePsychology5
Potter, Joshua DCenter for Teaching Excellence5
Potter, Nicole AKansas Geological Survey10
Price, RitchAthletics Corporation20
Prihoda, Matthew JamesAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Quisenberry, Aaron SeanTransportation Services25
Rahn, David AGeography & Atmo Science10
Rake, Lance GordonDesign35
Ramirez, Carla GOffice of Research20
Randle, Jonathan MRecreation Services10
Readinger, Michael HLibraries-General20
Reaney, Mark D.Theatre and Dance35
Reboulet, Edward CharlesKansas Geological Survey15
Rector, Stephen KCtr Remote Sensing Ice Sheets5
Reed, Nathan JamesCtr for Online & Distance Lrn10
Regalado, Jose P.Recreation Services20
Rennells, Matthew TPhysics and Astronomy5
Rhodd, Tanya LavonInformation Technology30
Rhodes, Lindy SueCED-Marketing & Communications5
Richard, Bradley RFS Maintenance Services15
Richards, Angela DawnAthletics Corporation5
Richter, NicoleArmy ROTC5
Rivera, IsidroSpanish & Portuguese30
Roberts, Norman P.Athletics Corporation10
Rock, Brian AllanCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering30
Rodriguez-Morales, FernandoCtr Remote Sensing Ice Sheets15
Rogan, Christopher SPhysics and Astronomy5
Rogers, Shane WAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes15
Rollf, Deborah MichelleFinancial Services25
Rortina, Michelle DawnBusiness5
Rosenberg, MichaelGeneral Counsel10
Rosenthal, Benjamin JayVisual Art10
Rowland, Robert C.Communication Studies35
Roy, AnuradhaBiomedical Services Labs15
Rule, Peggy LCustodial Services5
Rush, Sarah ElizabethPhysics and Astronomy5
Russell, Barbara Kay RempelAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes20
Russell, Michael J.Environment Health & Safety30
Rutledge, Michele LLaw Administration15
Ryan CamenzindAlumni Association5
Saalweachter, Rachel ElizabethOffice of Research10
Saatcioglu, ArgunEd Leadership & Policy Studies15
Sack, Sara S.Bureau of Child Research30
Saint Onge, Jarron MichaelSociology10
Saleh-Birdjandi, SoraiaPharmaceutical Chemistry5
Sanders, Cindy SuzanneEnrollment Mgmt Services25
Sanderson, Joel DInformation Technology10
Sato, MakiHistory of Art15
Scales, Suzanne AgnesJournalism Administration15
Schaefer, Alexander JMathematics5
Scheirman, Holly JoyAcademic Success5
Schinze, Anthony JEdwards Campus5
Schneider, Blair BensonKansas Geological Survey5
Schoeneich, ChristianPharmaceutical Chemistry30
Scholz, Sue WoolleyBusiness25
Schoneweis, MarkKansas Geological Survey35
Schuster, Jonathan GAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Scott, Erik RattazziRussian E Euro & Eurasian Std10
Seasholtz, Christopher DavidSchool of Professional Studies5
Seib, Lawrence L.Molecular Structures Group30
Serbet, RudolphBiodiversity Institute25
Shepard, Rebecca DawnCustodial Services20
Shew, Teresa DawnEngineering Administration15
Shields, Zachary DavidDesign5
Shipman, Michelle LeeAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Shobe, Donald B.Eaton Hall SSC25
Shogren, Karrie AnnBureau of Child Research10
Shrum, Brian PBureau of Child Research10
Silva, Kapila DharmasenaArchitecture Design15
Silvers, Kathryn LeureniaBusiness Administration5
Singh, Surendra N.Business40
Slack, Debra DawnLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5
Smart, Thomas OCustodial Services10
Smith, Cote NicholasAthletics Corporation5
Smith, Kylie MarieMusic Administration10
Snider, Amanda JCenter for East Asian Studies5
Sodders, Daniel RLibraries-General25
Song, KwangokCurriculum & Teaching5
Sood, ParulApplied English Center10
Spence, James RKU Memorial Unions10
Spencer, Jeanette MarieBureau of Child Research15
Spencer, PauletteMechanical Engineering15
Spencer, Sara MarieBureau of Child Research10
Spohrer Jr, Aaron MichaelEdwards Campus25
Stadler, Aaron ChristopherEnvironment Health & Safety5
Stamm, Malgorzata ELibraries-General35
Stansberry, Glen LInformation Technology5
Steed, Molly ElizabethPharmacy Practice10
Stevens, Nicholas DAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes15
Stevenson, Shala ShashatyLied Center25
Stewart, Elissa RuthEaton Hall SSC5
Stinson, Philip ToddClassics15
Stock, Paul VSociology10
Struble, Dustin BlakeStudent Affairs10
Sturm, Belinda Sue McSwainOffice of Research15
Suber, LeonardCustodial Services25
Subramanian, JaichandarPharmacology & Toxicology5
Swinburne Romine, Rebecca EsterBureau of Child Research10
Swoyer, Carla JeanProcurement Services15
Symonds, Stephen RobertLaw Enforcement Training Ctr10
Symons, IrinaPhilosophy5
Symons, John FrancisEconomics10
Syrett, Nicholas LWomen Gender & Sexuality Stds5
Syvongsay, SaokhamMechanical Engineering10
Takeyama, AkikoWomen Gender & Sexuality Stds15
Talata, ZsoltMathematics15
Tang, WeimingKU Memorial Unions15
Tangpuz, Juniper AlbertArchitecture Design5
Taylor Jr, Buddy LeeFS Maintenance Services10
Taylor, Kenneth AnthonyCustodial Services10
Tell, David WilliamCommunication Studies15
Tenpas, Peter W.Mechanical Engineering35
Terranova, Leah JoyceLaw Administration10
Thirion, Karen Elizabeth MoellerPharmacy Practice20
Thomas, Kelli RuthEducation Administration20
Thomas, Michael LFS Maintenance Services15
Thompson, Corrie A.International Admissions30
Thompson, Mark AndrewAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Tiemann, Gail CAchievement & Assessment Inst20
Timmons, Lisa DMolecular Biosciences20
Todd, Alexandra JoKU Memorial Unions5
Todd, Seth DCarruth SSC5
Todd, Tina MCustodial Services10
Tollefson, Julie ManganKansas Geological Survey25
Tosaka, ShuichiroBusiness Administration15
Toulouse, Sharon LeeMusic10
Tran, Saron TechInformation Technology5
Tremblay, AnnieLinguistics10
Tso, PamelaCarruth SSC5
Tunge, Jon AChemistry20
Uddin, AltafInformation Technology15
Unruh, Kathryn ElaineBureau of Child Research5
Urban, Ashley LynetteGraduate Studies10
Van Vleck, Erik ScottMathematics20
Vannaman, Robbie L.General Counsel40
Vaoifi, Bradlee TuitogaAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Vaughn, Grace AEnrollment Mgmt Services15
Vayner, Boris YMusic5
Veisi, MasoumehKansas Geological Survey5
Vignola-Rogers, Michele HelenDole Institute of Politics5
Villeareal, EnedinaCarruth SSC25
Virtue, Rick JFS Maintenance Services15
Visocsky, Keith AllenFS Maintenance Services25
Vogel, Michelle LucileCarruth SSC5
Vyatkina, NinaDepartment of German Studies15
Wade, Jordan LeeUniversity Registrar5
Walden, Julia KayFinancial Services10
Walker, Kristina ElizabethSpencer Museum of Art25
Wallace, Emily EDepartment of German Studies5
Wamelink, Jennifer BurlinghamStudent Affairs25
Wang, QuanPhysics and Astronomy5
Wang, WenhaoAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Wang, Zhi JianAerospace Engineering10
Ward, Michelle MStudy Abroad and Global Engmt20
Watanabe, Yuki KInternational Support Services15
Waters, Sarah EHousing Office Administration5
Watts, Angela BSpencer Museum of Art15
Weatherley, Gillian AFrench, Francophone & Italian10
Webb, Cheryl AnnBusiness Administration15
Weinhold, Frank EPharmacy Practice20
Weir, Joseph PHealth Sport &Exercise Science10
Weis, David DanielChemistry15
Wellinghoff, Alison HopeBusiness Administration15
Welsh, PeterMuseum Studies10
Wendel-Hummell, Carrie LyneSocial Welfare10
Werninger, Stephen KInformation Technology10
Wheatley, Justin DaltonMarketing Communications5
Whisenant, Johnny SBusiness10
Whisenant, Lori AnnBusiness10
White, John RCtr for Online & Distance Lrn20
White, Verneta LynnetteAchievement & Assessment Inst15
Whitehead, Fred RPublic Safety Office15
Whitten, Arlene FMolecular Biosciences5
Wilkins, Michael StamperBusiness5
Williams, JoAnn M.Analytics Inst Res & Effectnes35
Williams, Linette AKU Card Center20
Williams, Victoria AnnLibraries-General15
Wilson, Ashleigh FaithSexuality and Gender Diversity5
Wilson, Blake BKansas Geological Survey20
Wilson, Jamie KayeUndergraduate Advising Ctr5
Wilson, Leslie AnnUndergraduate Advising Ctr5
Wilson, Ronald WayneFilm and Media Studies20
Wilson, William BlakeLaw Library15
Wittman, KimberlyOffice of Research10
Wolfe, Erin DLibraries-General10
Wolfe, Laura AnnStrong Hall SSC5
Wolfe, Michael ScottMedicinal Chemistry5
Woodrick, Roberta GrahamLibraries-General15
Woods, John JosephKansas Geological Survey15
Woodson, Mary ElizabethAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Wooten, Katrina BrynKU Memorial Unions10
Wooten, Lacretia PatreaseAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Wooters, Charles DavidInformation Technology5
Wu, QijuPharmacy Practice10
Wu, XiaoqingHiguchi Biosciences Center10
Wyatt, David DuaneFS Maintenance Services5
Xin, XinPhysics and Astronomy10
Yoon, HeeJung JessieOffice of Research10
Young, Damon J.Athletics Corporation5
Young, Lisa KayKU Memorial Unions5
Young, Robert WilliamPhysics and Astronomy15
Yun, KyoimEast Asian Languages&Cultures15
Yung, Corey RayburnLaw School10
Zeeman, Denton AshleyBusiness10
Zelnick, Stephanie NealMusic15
Zerr, JoAnn HAthletics Corporation20
Zhang, FufenInformation Technology10
Zhao, HuiPhysics and Astronomy15