Extending an Offer

The search committee chair can extend a contingent verbal offer of employment to the qualified candidate after the candidate has passed all reference checks and the unit hierarchy has provided approval.  The extended offer should be within the posted hiring range for the position.  If the offer is 10% over the posted hiring range as specified within the job opening or exceeds the established hiring range for the job title, the search committee chair or designated representative must receive approval from Human Resources prior to extending an offer.

Once the candidate verbally accepts the offer, the search committee chair or designee should submit the completed screening tool to their Talent Acquisition representative.  The TA Team will prepare the online offer letter and route as appropriate.

Upon central approval, candidates will receive the online offer, any relevant addendums, and the Background Check Authorization or Personal Data Form.  Once the offer of employment is accepted and necessary forms completed, the candidate will be notified electronically to establish their KU online access/services.  The HR Onboarding Team will also be reaching out to the candidate simultaneously regarding the onboarding process.