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KU recognizes the importance of coaching and how it can be instrumental for employees to implement personal and professional growth. Coaching programs and activities can be approached in a number of ways based upon the individual, role, and area of focus. Begin your journey by finding out what KU has to offer.

KU’s Philosophy on Coaching

  • Coaching is focused on building a relationship of trust that can provide positive growth and development.
  • We expect our coaches to be dedicated, investing the time and effort in their own growth as well as the development of others.
  • Confidentiality parameters between the coach, employee, and supervisor are agreed upon and observed.
  • Coaching isn’t to be used in place of corrective action or discipline however, an employee may be asked to utilize a coach to work on strategic growth areas.
  • A successful experience is dependent upon the individual employee's readiness for coaching and the outcomes desired.

Employees who Engage in Coaching may acquire:

  • A higher level of self-confidence.
  • Improved communication skills.
  • Ability to form more constructive relationships.
  • Increased self-awareness and accountability.
  • Better clarity in setting and meeting goals.
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Executive Coaching

  • Executive Coaching is an approach to learning that creates self-awareness, drives transformational change, while challenging and supporting leaders within a trusted partnership.  The collaborative relationship between the coach and the leader is designed to the executive needs and tailored in a way that provides sustainable  results. 
  • Executives bring new perspectives and practices to the organization. KU’s investment in coaching ensures our leaders feel supported, empowered and have the opportunity for continued growth.

Executive Coaching

Employees with the most senior level positions within the organization.  Titles include:  Chancellor, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Provost/Chancellor, Executive Dean, Dean, Executive Director.

Executive coaching services are covered by the Provost or Chancellor’s Office.  Cost will vary by the coach selected and length of engagement.  If a coaching engagement needs to be extended, contact your supervisor to begin a discussion.

Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership coaching is a supportive process to help high performers continue to grow, develop, and improve.  Working with a coach facilitates the opportunity to engage in a confidential space with questions, answers, and self exploration.
  • Coaches have no vested interest in the decisions you make or have any hidden agenda.  A sign of a great coach is one that is there for you when needed, asks great questions, provides a safe space to ask questions, explore scenarios and grow essential leadership skills. 

Leadership Coaching

  • Any employee with job duties requiring management and leadership.  Titles may include any rank of Supervisor, Manager, Director, AVP/AVC.
  • Funded by the unit if an external coach is selected.  Internal coaching services provided by KU HR does not have an associated fee.

Team Coaching

  • Team coaching is effective when a group of leaders or team members need assistance in facilitating conversation to establish a vision, mission, roles, strategic plan, or any activity that aligns the group around a common purpose. This generally involves a single coach or facilitator to work with a team to improve the groups productivity, engagement, and ability to generate outcomes.
  • HR provides team coaching, facilitation and strategic planning sessions at no charge for KU employees. To schedule a consultation, contact Team coaching services are also available through KU's external partners for a defined fee. 

Meet the Coaches

KU completed and extensive Request for Proposal (RFP) process to find and select a group of qualified coaches from nationally recognized organizations. Expertise, diversity, and experience were priorities when considering a company and their coaching team. Learn more about each coach and if an external or internal coach is right for you.


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Internal KU Coaches

KU HRM Management offers free* coaching services (in-person or Zoom) who are motivated to focus on improving productivity and performance. Common areas of focus include: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Decision-Making/Problem Solving, Goal Setting, Strategic Thinking/Planning, Leadership, Team Development, Organization/Time Management, Teamwork and Relationship Building. *Assessments may have a fee applied.
DRI Consulting

DRI Consulting

DRI Consulting coaches leaders at all levels in an organization, from front-line supervisors to senior executives to business owners. We work closely with the person being coached (and relevant/proper internal staff when possible as an integrated coaching team). Leaders increase their professional and personal success and satisfaction.
Ad Astra

Ad Astra Consulting

Ad Astra Coach Alliance is a group of professional coaches dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations to be more productive, profitable and innovative. We partner with individuals and organizations that believe employees who come to work feeling energized, engaged and fulfilled will give more, give better and will work more effectively with others.

Academic Search

Celebrating nearly 50 years, Academic Search is the nation’s first and most trusted Executive Search and Executive Coaching Practice exclusively serving higher education. Our Senior Executive Coaches are seasoned former higher education executives and trained executive coaches. We help you accomplish your goals through a trusted, strategic, and confidential partnership.