Steps to Get Started with Coaching

  • Discuss with your supervisor.

  • Compile your coaching objectives and goals.

  • Interview and select a coach from our external or internal providers, ensuring a successful relationship can be built from the start.

    • Executive coaching services are covered by the Provost or Chancellor’s Office. Cost will vary by the coach selected and length of engagement. If a coaching engagement needs to be extended, contact your supervisor to begin a discussion.

    • HR provides team coaching, facilitation and strategic planning sessions at no charge for KU employees. To schedule a consultation, contact Team coaching services are also available through KU's external partners for a defined fee. 

  • Complete the Coach Request Form to notify HR of your coach selection.

  • Once a coach is selected and in place, the employee will schedule a first meeting with the coach and supervisor/sponsor to set goals and develop a plan, and when any touch points with the supervisor need to occur. 

  • Use the Coaching Preparation Form ahead of each session to optimize your results and time with your coach.

  • If engagement needs to be extended, the employee needs to discuss the request with their supervisor to confirm funding and support.

  • In order to assess the program and make improvements, you will be sent a survey regarding your satisfaction of your coaching experience.

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