Prepaid Summer Benefits for Eligible Faculty and Staff

KU provides prepaid summer benefit coverage to benefits-eligible academic year faculty and salaried staff who are on less than 12 month appointments and have an ongoing commitment. If you qualify, you will prepay your summer health insurance (Group Health Insurance or GHI), and/or optional group life (OGL) insurance premiums during the designated spring semester payroll periods. You may wish to review the Academic Year Faculty Use of Direct Deposit Form on the Payroll Office website to allocate your net pay over a year or period of time as you determine.


You are eligible for prepaid summer benefit coverage if you are an academic year faculty member who holds a full academic year or a spring semester regular appointment, and have a commitment for the upcoming fall semester. You are also eligible if you are a salaried staff member who is benefits-eligible and has an appointment less than 12 months. Departments can recommend staff positions that are less than 12 months and those positions must be approved by the Department of Human Resources (HR).

To be eligible for prepaid summer benefit coverage, the department or Shared Service Center must process the appropriate transaction so that it is received and keyed by HR Appointments by the last work day in January.

Additional Information for Personnel Related Staff or Shared Service Center Staff

HR/Pay System Designation

For appointment processing purposes, the identification is by pay group LCT for academic year faculty and pay group LTX for approved salaried staff.

Pay groups LCT or LTX are not to be used for one semester only appointments without the ongoing commitment, even if they reoccur the same semester each academic year; there must be the ongoing spring to fall appointment relationship. LCT or LTX pay groups will never be used for fall or summer only appointments.

Prepaid Benefits

Faculty and staff will prepay their summer benefit premiums during the designated spring semester payroll periods if they are appointed to the correct pay group. The employee funding source as identified in the HR/Pay system will be used to fund the employer's cost.

The prepaid medical related deductions will be handled by the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP). SEHP will provide HRM with a file as they do with regular medical related deductions.

Individuals who are not eligible for prepaid deductions will have benefit deductions taken during the semester(s) in which they have an active appointment and during any summer pay periods in which they have active appointments.

Start Dates

An employee who begins working after the start of the semester can still be assigned the pay group LCT or LTX, if the start and end dates of the appointment are within the academic periods, and the appointment meets the eligibility criteria specified.

The appointment information to make employee eligible for prepaids must be received and keyed by HR Appointments by the last work day in January.

Annual Review

It is recommended that the Shared Service Center or Dean’s office staff review the academic year faculty in early January to ensure the appropriate pay group is designated.

Commitment Chart

PositionFall Current YearSpring Current YearSummer  Fall Next YearPrepaid Eligibility
RegularXX XYes (Current Fall, Spring and Upcoming Fall)
Regular XXXYes (Spring and Upcoming Fall)
Regular X XYes (Spring and Upcoming Fall)
Regular XX No (No Upcoming Fall)
Regular X  No (No Upcoming Fall)
Regular XX No (No Current Spring or Upcoming Fall)
Regular  XXNo (No Current Spring)
RegularX  XNo (No Current Spring)

Prepaid Periods for Spring/Summer

Payroll BeginPayroll EndPay DatePrepaid Period
2/4/242/17/243/1/24June GHI
2/18/243/2/243/15/24June GHI & OGL
3/3/243/16/243/29/243rd check no GHI or OGL deductions
3/17/243/30/244/12/24July GHI
3/31/244/13/244/26/24July GHI & OGL
4/14/244/27/245/10/24Aug GHI
4/28/245/11/245/24/24Aug GHI & OGL