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Writing Position Descriptions

A clear and detailed position description is the key to quickly recruiting a qualified candidate specifically for your job. To write the position description, you must include a Job Title, Overview of the Position, Key Job Duties, and Required or Preferred Qualifications.

Position descriptions for existing faculty and staff positions are retained in the University’s ImageNow system and may be accessed by position number, or you may contact your Recruitment team member who can provide you a copy. Any position descriptions which have been modified or updated may also be sent to your SSC representative to store in our centralized campus repository.

If you need assistance in writing a position descriptions, we can help. Training on how to write position descriptions is available by contacting employ@ku.edu.

If you are creating or updating a position description to launch a posting or facilitate a recruitment exception, it is important to acquire approval from your manager/supervisor or budgetary hierarchy prior to moving forward. Upon approval, launch your search by using one of the available BrassRing Static Links (log in required).  Prior to posting, your SSC recruiter will review the request, include important search details required for the applicants prior to submitting it to a designated Senior Recruiter within Human Resources for final review, approval, and position set-up within the HR/Pay system.

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