Strategic Planning and Visioning

KU HR staff are certified practitioners of The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ visual-planning system.

This method uses panoramic maps to guide teams through a series of conversations about their past, present, and future. The graphics and interactive method encourage participants to discover themes, connections, and patterns. Team members add their own words and images to the maps, which increases engagement and commitment.

The outcome is awareness of the group’s vibrant history, an accurate realization of the current climate, a set of bold goals, and a detailed action plan for achieving the group objectives. Each team member leaves with an understanding of their role in achieving the organization’s shared vision.  

The Strategic Visioning process generally requires a total of 8-12 hours of meeting time. Sessions may be conducted online or in-person. We utilize Mural for the online sessions; there is a fee for the materials required for in-person sessions.

Strategic Visioning participants collaborating on goals.
Strategic Visioning

Requesting a Strategic Visioning Event

  • To request a facilitated strategic planning event, or to learn more about how we could help your team create a mission and set goals, please contact us at the e-mail address below.

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