Conciliation Services

Conciliation support can be requested by an employee or a manager in order to seek assistance in resolving communication conflicts. The conciliation process may be a precursor to other formal avenues, including the grievance process.


  • Whenever possible an employee or supervisor should first discuss his or her concern with the other party prior to requesting conciliation services.
  • HR will provide conciliation assistance only when the supervisor and employee jointly agree that conciliation assistance is desirable. It is recommended that the supervisor involved in the process gather their department leader’s support for utilizing conciliation services.
  • The role of HR in the conciliation process will be to help facilitate communication and, when appropriate, to help identify viable, mutually acceptable alternatives for both parties. It is not the role of HR to serve as an advocate for either party or to identify which party is "right" or "wrong" unless there has been a clear disregard of regulations or policies. In that case, the HR conciliator can advise both parties of pertinent policies, regulations or procedures.
  • If the informal conciliation process does not correct the situation, employees or supervisors may seek more formal avenues such as the grievance procedure, disciplinary action, or appeals, as appropriate.

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