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Parental Leave


The paid parental leave program detailed below is available for qualifying events occurring after the effective date of the parental leave policy July 1, 2019. 

An eligible faculty/staff member may request Parental Leave for the birth or adoption of a child. The leave will be paid at the regular rate of pay and must be taken within the 12 weeks immediately following the date of the child’s birth or the adoption placement date. Faculty/staff will continue to accrue paid leave for which they are eligible during the parental leave period.

Eligibility: faculty and staff members who meet the following criteria:

Benefits eligible

appointed to a regular position

48% or greater FTE

twelve months of service in such positions with a State of Kansas agency.

Application Process: An eligible faculty/staff member may request Parental Leave for the birth or adoption of a child by completing the Parental Leave Request form. Faculty and staff are urged to request Parental Leave with as much advance notice as possible so units/departments can plan for coverage.

If approved for Parental Leave by HRM, faculty/staff must report the parental leave absence through the HR/Pay system for approval by the supervisor. Parental Leave may be requested in quarter hour increments.

Guidance on how to request leave in HR/PAY.

Leave Period: The employees will be required to self-identify as either a primary or secondary caregiver.  A parent designated as primary caregiver will receive up to six (6) weeks of paid Parental Leave, and a parent designated as secondary caregiver will receive up to three (3) weeks of paid Parental Leave. The fact that a multiple birth or adoption occurs (i.e., the birth or adoption of twins) does not increase the length of paid Parental Leave for that event.

For part-time faculty/staff, the leave shall be pro-rated to part-time appointment for the applicable time period.

If the paid Parental Leave is approved by Human Resource Management (HRM), the paid Parental Leave may be taken concurrently, consecutively, or at different times intermittently within the 12 week period immediately following the qualifying event.

Parental leave and FMLA: Any paid Parental Leave shall be designated by HRM concurrently with leave permitted under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), if applicable.  Visit the FMLA page on the HRM website for more information. 

Parental Leave Frequently Asked Questions

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