Contacting HR with a Concern

Human Resources, Employee Relations staff are available to meet with employees in an effort to explore resources, options, and approaches to resolving conflict in the workplace. Conciliation Services are available to employees who are open to having a conversation with the other party and are in need of assistance or support in having such a conversation or dialogue. Sharing a concern with HR may be a precursor to other formal avenues, including the grievance process.

At times, employees may have a concern, but do not feel comfortable addressing that concern directly with the other party, or with their supervisor/leadership. Employee Relations is available to meet with employees in this situation and discuss options and avenues to address. 

Should an employee wish to meet with Employee Relations, such meetings are confidential, considering the following guidelines:

  • There is not a requirement that a supervisor, leader, etc. be notified automatically when an employee meets with employee relations staff.
  • Employee Relations staff are mandatory reporters.   
  • Employee Relations staff may determine that confidential information shared requires escalating to other partners/contacts on campus (typically because of a concern regarding employee wellness, policy violation, etc.), but will notify the employee before doing so and consider the employee’s recommendations and input before escalating such a concern.

During a meeting or in meeting follow up, Employee Relations will discuss with the employee possible next steps to consider:

  • Support and resources for the employee to address the matter themselves
  • An offer for Employee Relations to address the matter on the employee’s behalf (i.e., with their supervisor, manager, etc.). 
  • Where possible and if requested, Employee Relations could share the concern anonymously without attributing the concern to the employee.


The University of Kansas prohibits retaliation. Retaliation against persons who share a concern with Human Resources or participate in the investigation/review of a complaint whether by an individual directly involved or by associates of the individual involved, is a violation of university policy. Retaliation will not be tolerated and could result in suspension, reassignment, salary reduction, termination, expulsion, or other disciplinary action.

How to share a concern

Additional Resources and Support:

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