University Professional Staff Disciplinary Actions- Initiating Disciplinary Actions

The Employee Relations team can provide assistance with initiating and processing disciplinary actions related to UPS personnel. Please contact us at or 785-864-4946 for more information.

To seek guidance on how to address a performance or conduct issue, or to initiate the process for formally counseling an employee, submit a request to Human Resource Management.  Once the supervisor has worked with Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management will launch the appropriate form in the Performance Management System to the supervisor.   After preparing the counseling with assistance from Human Resource Management, the supervisor should meet with the employee to discuss the counseling prior to moving the form to the employee within the Performance Management System.

Training and specific instructions for the Performance Management System can be found on the Performance Management System Training Resources page.

Please contact us at or 785-864-4946 for more information.

Employee Notifications

The Dean, Vice Provost and/or Vice Chancellor, in collaboration with Human Resources and the General Counsel, issue disciplinary letters of suspension, demotion, and dismissal.