2024 Employee Recognition Ceremony

50th annual employee recognition ceremony event details

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2024 Employee of the Year Nominees

Jacquelyn Manicki (Applied English Center) - April 2023

Suzanne Kerich (Office of Research) - April 2023

Brandy Ernzen (Indigenous Studies) - May 2023

Kory Norman (DSH-Ekdahl Dining Commons) - May 2023

Holly Shriner (Graduate Admissions) - June 2023

Karen Roberts (Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center) - June 2023

Ali Wellinghoff (Business Administration) - July 2023

Madie Hanson (Jayhawk Academic Advising) - July 2023

Chris Rathmel (Custodial Services) - August 2023

Meredith Johanning (Audio Reader Program) - August 2023

Dan McCarthy (Jayhawk Academic Advising) - September 2023

Matthew Farrier (Facilities Maintenance Services) - September 2023

Maria Losito (Undergraduate Biology) - October 2023

Michael MacFarland (KU Dining) - October 2023

Carla Endacott (Custodial Services) - November 2023

Lori Gutsch (Financial Services) - November 2023

Angela Edwinson (Transportation Services) - December 2023

Jaclyn Carpenter (Sexual Assault & Prevention Center) - December 2023

Ray Buffalomeat (Information Technology) - January 2024

Scott Williams (Information Technology) - January 2024

Donna Burruss (Bureau of Child Research) - February 2024

Xizhi "Max" Jiang (Engineering Administration) - February 2024

Rachel Saalweachter (Office of Research) - March 2024

Allayne Thornton (History) - March 2024

Team of the Year Nominees

Finance Administration TDX Support Team

The Finance TDX Support Team is tasked with implementing the Finance Service Portal by July 1, 2024. The portal is a ticketing application that will streamline the intake process for many finance-related activities, create transparency for campus stakeholders, capture meaningful metrics for data informed decisions, and reduce payment turnaround times. The team approaches their work with an open mindset in a creative and solution-focused manner, which allows them to build trust with stakeholders. They have shown flexibility in being able to adapt to increased project scope and have exhibited creativity in problem solving while coming up with systematic workflows to route tickets to the appropriate staff for processing. The team collaborates with a variety of stakeholders from several departments (Information Technology, Finance Shared Services, Procurement, and 10 Pilot Units) with competing priorities and deadlines to identify solutions and understand potential impacts to other units and campus at large. From ideation to implementation, the team values and relies on all voices to ensure the best product is developed.

Food Truck Wednesdays Team

The Food Truck Wednesdays Team was formed to bring alternative food service options to campus to help address needs and comments made by faculty, staff, students, and guests about the limited options available and to engage in an event that would build community, blend interactions, and hopefully provide a little bit of fun and modernization to campus. This cross-campus team includes people from eight departments (Human Resources, Purchasing, Jayhawks Elevate, Transportation Services, Public Affairs, Alumni Association, Provost Office, KU Memorial Unions), and the program contributes to two focus areas within Jayhawks Rising: Improved Health & Wellness and Increased Work Satisfaction. The pilot program was launched in April 2024, and the team’s work required a deep dive into university and affiliate policies, coordination amongst the various departments involved to achieve a common goal, and teamwork to overcome challenges encountered in logistics. This team has demonstrated the qualities that make us proud to be Jayhawks—hard work, cross-collaboration, accountability, and an eagerness to help others and for the program to be a success.

Office of Admissions Team

The Office of Admissions’ goal for the 2022-2023 recruitment cycle was to bring in a more diverse and larger freshman class, specifically 4,500 students. One of Jayhawks Rising's three main institutional priorities is Student Success. This priority describes how students are essential to everything the university does. The first object of this priority is to increase enrollment. It aims to “expand our diverse community of ambitious and talented students, increasing access to a world-class education for more first-time freshmen, new transfers, returning, and graduate students.” In addition to this priority, the Office of DEIB’s RISE framework consists of two criteria that focus on successfully recruiting undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from historically and systemically marginalized backgrounds. The University of Kansas is strongly committed to recruiting large, well-rounded, and diverse cohorts of students. The Office of Admissions’ final number of new students on the 20th day was 5,259 students, the largest freshman class on record. Their successful recruitment of the largest, most diverse class on record directly contributes to Jayhawk’s Rising and the DEIB RISE framework. They continue to work diligently on the next cohort of Jayhawks for fall 2024.

Spanish Language Program Coordinators Team

The Spanish Language Program Coordinators Team consists of four Academic Program Administrators who are responsible for the four courses that make up the Spanish Language Proficiency. In the spring of 2023, this team took on the special project of developing asynchronous, online versions of this course sequence to meet the needs of the growing number of KU students who are unable to attend classes in person. The goal was to provide access to online students while ensuring a comparable learning experience, which is challenging when developing linguistic proficiency without in-person interaction. This had a meaningful impact on the University in many ways. It supported CLAS’s initiative to increase the number of online courses that are offered. It has supported the Department of Spanish & Portuguese’s ability to support GTAs during the summer months. It has enabled students to take Spanish courses over the summer, decreasing the time to get their degree and increasing the possibility that they have room in their schedules to take more advanced Spanish classes. Finally, it has provided equitable access to meaningful Spanish language learning for KU students who otherwise would not be able to take classes in-person and would not be able to complete the degree of their choice.

Employee Recognition Committee

Richelle Chaney (Enrollment Management) - Chair

Carol Rudolph (IT) - Vice Chair, Team Lead

Emily Eichler (Operations Business Office) - Team Lead

Phil Neuman (Student Conduct and Community Standards) - Team Lead

Kari Balthazor (Applied English Center) - Team Lead

Kimberly Grosse (Human Resources) - Advisor

Kim Glass (Achievement & Assessment Institute)

Kim Spencer (Lied Center)

John Mathews (Office of Research)

Stephanie Hull (Human Resources)

Angela Andres (Libraries)

Dave Moore (Parking & Transit)

Heidi Garcia (Health Education Resource)

Kaprelle McNeal (KS Union)

Kristina Glick (Business & Financial Planning)

Jessica Brown (Custodial)

Carrie Caine (Institute for Policy & Social Res)

Heather Campbell (Procurement)

Mary Dykmann (Edwards)

Anna King (Operations Business Office)

2024 Honorees

Academic AffairsWolfram, Erin15
Academic SuccessWarren, Kim20
Academic/Professional ProgramsRamberg, Moriyah Hansine5
Academic/Professional ProgramsHamilton, Justine20
Achievement & Assessment InstHansen, Brad5
Achievement & Assessment InstMosher, Maggie5
Achievement & Assessment InstOrrange, Madison Elizabeth5
Achievement & Assessment InstDeBoer, Angela5
Achievement & Assessment InstWine, Marjorie5
Achievement & Assessment InstThatcher, Emily Joan5
Achievement & Assessment InstThomas, Alica Heather5
Achievement & Assessment InstDavis, Shelly K5
Achievement & Assessment InstZimmerschied, Karen Sue5
Achievement & Assessment InstWang, Joyce5
Achievement & Assessment InstLeonard, Justin5
Achievement & Assessment InstMillar, Matt Cameron5
Achievement & Assessment InstSousek, Anna Marie5
Achievement & Assessment InstCervantez, Melanie Cropp5
Achievement & Assessment InstSayre Pederson, Lindsay5
Achievement & Assessment InstCizek, Meghan5
Achievement & Assessment InstKoebley, Sarah C.5
Achievement & Assessment InstSchultz, Lacey5
Achievement & Assessment InstCruz-Lopez, Jackelyn Nineth5
Achievement & Assessment InstBurke, Byron David5
Achievement & Assessment InstGibson, Tamra Chamell5
Achievement & Assessment InstKavitsky, Elizabeth Miriam5
Achievement & Assessment InstWest, Clint10
Achievement & Assessment InstBarkley, Allison Theresa10
Achievement & Assessment InstChandana, Mahesh10
Achievement & Assessment InstLangas, Marinette Santos10
Achievement & Assessment InstFull, Joanna5
Achievement & Assessment InstGardner, Rachel C5
Achievement & Assessment InstCarrillo, Patricia5
Achievement & Assessment InstSwanson, Chanelle J5
Achievement & Assessment InstCarnahan, Jacob5
Achievement & Assessment InstBestwick, Amanda Dawn5
Achievement & Assessment InstGardner, Sara5
Achievement & Assessment InstKuhn, Nathan Christopher5
Achievement & Assessment InstTilden, Chris5
Achievement & Assessment InstMillar, Teri10
Achievement & Assessment InstEagleman, Trevor Jason10
Achievement & Assessment InstDubiel, Holly Kathleen10
Achievement & Assessment InstRobb, Angela10
Achievement & Assessment InstNash, Brooke Louise10
Achievement & Assessment InstEcker-Lyster, Meghan E10
Achievement & Assessment InstMinor, Erin Marie10
Achievement & Assessment InstMills, Lee Ann10
Achievement & Assessment InstLemon, Michael Paul15
Achievement & Assessment InstHosey, Jackie15
Achievement & Assessment InstLiu, Kevin15
Achievement & Assessment InstAdamson, Erin15
Achievement & Assessment InstFugitt, Patty15
Achievement & Assessment InstHernandez-Castro, Alejandra20
Achievement & Assessment InstSchley, Lisa Cheryl20
Achievement & Assessment InstMorgan, Kimberly L.25
Achievement & Assessment InstLorenzen, Chris25
Aerospace EngineeringKaplinger, Brian5
African/African Amer StudiesEl Haimeur, Amal5
African/African Amer StudiesYeku, James Tunde5
African/African Amer StudiesFernandes, Marie Pauline5
African/African Amer StudiesBolden, Anthony15
African/African Amer StudiesHines, Dorothy Elizabeth10
American StudiesEsch, Elizabeth D10
American StudiesRoediger, David R10
Analytics Inst Res & EffectnesGopidalai, Sethu Ramanujam5
Analytics Inst Res & EffectnesAspenberg, Carla Fay Lynn10
Analytics Inst Res & EffectnesPhilippi, Morgan Ann10
Analytics Inst Res & EffectnesBeets, Kim10
Analytics Inst Res & EffectnesCunningham, Keah15
Animal Care UnitBurns, Heidi Nicole5
AnthropologyBeaty, Kristine5
AnthropologyHoopes, John W.35
Applied Behavioral ScienceKuhn, Robin M5
Applied Behavioral ScienceJuanico, Jessica F5
Applied Behavioral ScienceCushing, Christopher10
Applied English CenterHabtemariam, Samuel Dermas5
Applied English CenterSchellenberg, Nate5
Applied English CenterPierce, Valerie5
Architecture DesignCai, Hui10
Architecture DesignSheward, Hugo Alfonso10
Architecture DesignKraus, Chad15
Architecture DesignFranklin, Casey Gail5
Architecture DesignAchelpohl, J T10
Architecture DesignAptilon, Alejandro10
Architecture DesignCzarnetzki, April10
Architecture DesignChang, Jae20
Audio Reader ProgramJohanning, Meredith Seitz10
Audit, Risk & ComplianceStamm, Jessica Nicole5
Biodiversity InstituteVondrak, Natalie5
Biodiversity InstituteMacDonald, Teresa Elise20
Biodiversity InstituteCormack, Michael S.25
Biodiversity InstituteMorse, Caleb A.25
Budget OfficeWaller, Robert10
Bureau of Child ResearchColaco, Kensey Justice5
Bureau of Child ResearchHart, Maura A5
Bureau of Child ResearchCasey, Hilary5
Bureau of Child ResearchShafer, Robin Lynn5
Bureau of Child ResearchGantt, Gloria Nicole5
Bureau of Child ResearchLinnenkamp, Bradley Dean5
Bureau of Child ResearchYang, Seung Ho5
Bureau of Child ResearchWashburn, Jocelyn Christine5
Bureau of Child ResearchBrunson, Lashanna Yvette5
Bureau of Child ResearchSherod, Rebecca Lee5
Bureau of Child ResearchJablonski, Amy5
Bureau of Child ResearchKite, Mallory Rose5
Bureau of Child ResearchAnderson, Kim5
Bureau of Child ResearchEarnest, Kathleen Kelsey10
Bureau of Child ResearchJones, Jamie Sue10
Bureau of Child ResearchWilliams, Dola10
Bureau of Child ResearchWells-Moreaux, Sheila10
Bureau of Child ResearchSwindler, Sean15
Bureau of Child ResearchWhaley, Anna5
Bureau of Child ResearchJames, Steven Randall5
Bureau of Child ResearchCotton, Kristy Deann5
Bureau of Child ResearchMiller, Dawn10
Bureau of Child ResearchObaid, Jawad Ahmed10
Bureau of Child ResearchConsolver, Kyle Barris10
Bureau of Child ResearchEberhart, Tonya10
Bureau of Child ResearchGuerrero, Gabriela15
Bureau of Child ResearchCintora, Sandra15
Bureau of Child ResearchBuzhardt, Jay20
Bureau of Child ResearchHallberg, Lisa K.20
Bureau of Child ResearchUlrich, Laci M20
Bureau of Child ResearchWoods, Kari L20
Bureau of Child ResearchKurth, Noelle K25
Bureau of Child ResearchGoosen, Misty D.30
Bureau of Child ResearchLattin, Dana30
Bureau of Child ResearchWalker, Dale35
Bureau of Child ResearchCarta, Judith J.40
Bureau of Child ResearchTerry, Barbara J.45
BusinessBazley, William J5
BusinessKara, Mehmet Cemil5
BusinessLash, Michael5
BusinessLundstrom, Nathan G5
BusinessSethuraman, Nagarajan5
BusinessSrinivasan, Karthik5
BusinessAzzaro, Sam5
BusinessBalthrop, Justin L5
BusinessBeck, Matthew5
BusinessPark, Min5
BusinessBindal, Shradha5
Businessden Nieuwenboer, Niki10
BusinessMcCurdy, Amy20
BusinessMcRoberts, Colin5
BusinessLi, Chan5
BusinessMorriss Jr, Lawrence Dent10
BusinessMyer, Duane W10
BusinessWalden, Joe L15
BusinessSchrader, Dieter15
BusinessStaihr, Brian K15
BusinessFredrick, Tom15
BusinessJuhl, Ted P25
BusinessHaug, Mark Gerard25
BusinessMishra, Sanjay35
Business AdministrationGrowney, AnnMarie5
Business AdministrationCorder, Cicily5
Business AdministrationPopiel, Julie10
Business AdministrationMueller, Madelyn5
Business AdministrationRamirez Stephens, Trina25
Career & Experiential LearningDawson, Symantha Nicole5
Career & Experiential LearningHartley, Ann J.35
CED-KS Fire & Rescue TrainingHenderson, Erica L5
CED-KS Fire & Rescue TrainingLummis, Joliene20
Center for East Asian StudiesMizumura, Ayako15
Center for Research ComputingFleming, Bradley5
Center for Teaching ExcellenceFollmer, Andrea25
Chancellor's OfficeGirod, Doug30
Chemical & Petroleum EngrBaxter-Ferguson, Kiah Elizabeth5
Chemical & Petroleum EngrLundin, Michael D15
Chemical & Petroleum EngrScurto, Aaron M20
Chemical & Petroleum EngrCamarda, Kyle Vincent25
Chemical & Petroleum EngrWilliams, Susan Michelle25
Chemical & Petroleum EngrNguyen, Trung Van30
Chemical & Petroleum EngrNordheden, Karen J.30
Chemical & Petroleum EngrChristilles, Karen Lane30
ChemistryJarosova, Romana5
ChemistryCaricato, Marco10
ChemistryElles, Christopher15
ChemistryMunasinghe, Indeewara5
ChemistryErdley, Angie10
ChemistryMure, Minae20
ChemistryLaird, Brian Bostian30
Civil/Environ/Arch EngineeringEnderami, Amin5
Civil/Environ/Arch EngineeringDarabi, Masoud K10
Civil/Environ/Arch EngineeringKondyli, Alexandra10
Civil/Environ/Arch EngineeringLines, Brian10
Civil/Environ/Arch EngineeringHiripitiyage, Dev10
Civil/Environ/Arch EngineeringHiripitiyage, Dev10
Civil/Environ/Arch EngineeringHan, Jie20
Civil/Environ/Arch EngineeringCarter Jr, Ray E.25
Civil/Environ/Arch EngineeringDarwin, David50
ClassicsBruce, William N5
College of Liberal Arts & SciPennington, Aley5
College of Liberal Arts & SciNietfeld, Jared Thomas5
College of Liberal Arts & SciBounthapanya, Mercedes5
College of Liberal Arts & SciMignacca, Jill10
College of Liberal Arts & SciGrubbs, Cortney15
College of Liberal Arts & SciKiefer, Kathy15
College of Liberal Arts & SciRyan, Emily15
College of Liberal Arts & SciCrawford-Parker, Sarah20
College of Liberal Arts & SciWilliams, Karla35
Communication StudiesGist-Mackey, Angela10
Communication StudiesSmith, Liz5
Communication StudiesKunkel, Adrianne Dennis25
Computational BiologyMontezano, Daniel5
Controllers OfficeCarver, Sarah K10
Controllers OfficeSwisher, Michelle25
Counseling/Psych SvcsTownsend, Candice10
Counseling/Psych SvcsForee, Melissa5
Counseling/Psych SvcsRivera, Carlos5
Ctr Enviro Benefical CatalysisLee, Hyun-Jin20
Ctr Enviro Benefical CatalysisSnavely, William Kirk20
Ctr for Research on LearningBulgren, Susan15
Ctr for Research on LearningTipton, Mona D20
Ctr Global & Internatl StudiesDuhamel, Jennifer J15
Ctr Orientation Transition PrgCruse, Alexandra Lynn Johnson10
Ctr Public Safety LeadershipKirkbride, Mary Ellen5
Ctr Remote Sensing Integtr SysMathews, Reece Stephen5
Ctr Remote Sensing Integtr SysGomez Garcia Alvestegui, Daniel5
Curriculum & TeachingLa Voy, Carrie Leigh15
Curriculum & TeachingBradley, Barbara A20
Curriculum & TeachingMcGee, Susan M.20
Curriculum & TeachingWhite, Steven H.30
Custodial ServicesMunoz, Derrik Anthony5
Custodial ServicesMills, Tweesna Rose5
Custodial ServicesAdams, Lance Elliot5
Custodial ServicesAnos, Rex Yape5
Custodial ServicesIreland, Jr5
Custodial ServicesOrtiz Garcia, Maria de Lourdes10
Custodial ServicesRush, Karen Rachelle10
Custodial ServicesNovotny, William Joseph10
Custodial ServicesShepard, Gary Lee10
Custodial ServicesMuset, Mary Frances20
Custodial ServicesTaylor, Kenneth Anthony10
Custodial ServicesDreiling, Gerald R20
Custodial ServicesBachman, Judy Ann20
Custodial ServicesBlair, Greg20
Custodial ServicesMullenix, Brad J20
Custodial ServicesJames, Kirita T20
Custodial ServicesSchulenberg, Terrie Lynn30
Custodial ServicesKiernan, Edward M.30
Custodial ServicesKemerling, James S.35
DesignSmith, Kent10
DesignThomas, Gregory20
DesignTveit, May25
Diversity Equity Inclus BelongPersley, Nicole Hodges15
Dole Institute of PoliticsVisocsky, Beth15
East Asian Languages&CulturesXiao, Faye15
East Asian Languages&CulturesPan, Yue15
East Asian Languages&CulturesDaldorph, Misae Nishimura5
East Asian Languages&CulturesMcMahon, Keith40
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyWagner, Maggie5
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyFord, Natalie Elaine5
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyReuman, Daniel Clark10
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyBeard, Kenneth Christopher10
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyHolder, Kristina Kichler15
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyJensen, Kirsten20
Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyFoster, Bryan25
Economic DevelopmentMcKnight, Carolyn Patrice10
EconomicsKim, Eungsik5
EconomicsCornet, Bernard20
Ed Leadership & Policy StudiesMollet, Amanda L5
Ed Leadership & Policy StudiesNg, Jennifer20
Ed Leadership & Policy StudiesBrubaker, Denise L.35
Education AdministrationEvans, Dina Pannabecker20
Education AdministrationHuggett, Kimberly P25
Educational PsychologyRasmussen, Heather15
Educational PsychologyFritts, Penny Lynn25
Edwards CampusKassaye, Misikir Getachew5
Edwards CampusGuremu, Meseret Medeska5
Edwards CampusChavez, Sara Elizabeth5
Edwards CampusBricklemyer, John Thomas15
Edwards CampusMcKinzie, Ralph E20
Edwards CampusBrown, Laurie20
Electrical Engr & Comp ScienceHashemi, Morteza5
Electrical Engr & Comp ScienceSalandrino, Alessandro10
Electrical Engr & Comp ScienceAlexander, Perry25
Electrical Engr & Comp ScienceAllen, Christopher Thomas30
Electrical Engr & Comp ScienceDemarest, Kenneth40
Engineering AdministrationSiebuhr, Ryan5
Engineering AdministrationBehrens, Corey5
Engineering AdministrationJiang, Max5
Engineering AdministrationShontz, Suzanne Michelle10
Engineering AdministrationWierman, Amy L30
EnglishPrasad, Pritha5
EnglishArbuthnot, Sarah J5
EnglishBell, Isaac10
EnglishHardison, Ayesha K10
EnglishSousa, Geraldo20
Enrollment Mgmt ServicesPerkins, Daniel E5
Environment Health & SafetyBrubeck, Kesair Ann5
Environment Health & SafetyPhillips, Jennifer20
Environmental Studies ProgramBrownrabbit, Angela Michelle10
Environmental Studies ProgramO'Lear, Shannon20
Facilities Planning & DvlpmntKitchen, Burke A10
Facilities Planning & DvlpmntJones, Whitney10
Facilities Planning & DvlpmntReiske, Mark L.35
Film and Media StudiesSwanson, Carl Joseph5
Film and Media StudiesBaskett, Michael20
Film and Media StudiesJacobson, Matthew25
Finance AdministrationSharp, Rhonda Lee25
Finance AdministrationSomers, Missy Ann5
Finance AdministrationGrubbs, Tanner10
Finance AdministrationJacobson, Cindy10
Finance AdministrationHaney, Kaci Leigh10
Financial Aid & ScholarshipsFoster, Kevin Michael5
Financial Aid & ScholarshipsRoecker, Janet W30
Financial ServicesHamm, Jessie5
Financial ServicesWilliams, Michelle L5
Financial ServicesAlexander, Craig Franklin5
Financial ServicesBell, Mischa10
Financial ServicesKilburn, Dawn10
Financial ServicesReese, Wendy Eran15
Financial ServicesHaire, Nolan C10
Financial ServicesBissey, Melissa10
French, Francophone & ItalianBourgeois, Christine Valerie10
French, Francophone & ItalianCeccagnoli, Patrizio10
French, Francophone & ItalianScott, Paul A20
French, Francophone & ItalianKelly, Van35
FS Maintenance ServicesPrewit, Michael Allan5
FS Maintenance ServicesStephens, Jim5
FS Maintenance ServicesHeins, Jacob Daniel5
FS Maintenance ServicesAlvarez, David John10
FS Maintenance ServicesBrungardt, Benjamen Joseph10
FS Maintenance ServicesElms, Matthew Steven10
FS Maintenance ServicesBehzadi, Mike15
FS Maintenance ServicesAlfrey, Dalton James5
FS Maintenance ServicesHay, Kevin5
FS Maintenance ServicesDiBello, Matthew Paul10
FS Maintenance ServicesLa Tour, Josh10
FS Maintenance ServicesHenricks, Dave15
FS Maintenance ServicesWaymire, Dennis Earl15
FS Maintenance ServicesJohnston, Clint20
FS Maintenance ServicesElmer II, William Mathew20
FS Maintenance ServicesPeterson, Adam J20
FS Maintenance ServicesThompson Jr, Larry G20
FS Maintenance ServicesBagwell, William20
FS Maintenance ServicesMannell, Christopher C.25
General CounselRedel, Parker Thomas Har10
General CounselKellogg, Jennifer Sanders5
General CounselAufdengarten, Eric J.5
General CounselAllton, Steve15
Geography & Atmo ScienceJin, Qinjian5
Geography & Atmo SciencePu, Bing5
Geography & Atmo ScienceBrunsell, Nathaniel A.20
GeologyHolman, Pike Lee5
GeologyZipper, Sam5
GeologyMcLean, Noah10
GeologyBlum, Michael D10
GeologyStearns, Leigh A15
GeologySuarez, Marina Bianca5
GeologyHill, Mary C10
GeologyFranseen, Evan Karl35
Graduate AdmissionsCarlyle, Bailey Renee5
Graduate StudiesWilliams, Trent5
Hall Center for the HumanitiesBias, Brett D5
Health Sport &Exercise ScienceHarvey, Susan15
Health Sport &Exercise ScienceGallagher, Philip Michael20
HilltopCho, Sooah5
HilltopFite, Jeremy10
HilltopWeeth, Annie25
HilltopWhitebread, Aaron5
HilltopYoung, April20
HistorySeyer, Sean H10
HistorySchwaller, Rachel Elise Cordelia5
HistoryOchwada, Hannington10
HistoryRath, Eric25
HistoryCorteguera, Luis R.30
Housing Office AdministrationJohnson, Garrett Dane10
Housing Office AdministrationBuffington, Lowell J.10
Human ResourcesSinisgalli, Matthew P5
Human ResourcesPhillips, Susan5
Human ResourcesHull, Stephanie J5
Human ResourcesMcMackin, Allison K10
Human ResourcesHunter, Diane5
Human ResourcesFannin, Carley5
Human ResourcesEshelman, Amber5
Human ResourcesCaylor, Angie10
Human ResourcesMiller, Matt10
Human ResourcesSmith, Dallas W10
Human ResourcesTucker, Beth10
Human ResourcesCasto, Regina10
Human ResourcesGunter, Tommy Lee15
Human ResourcesWhiteford, Kimberly15
Human ResourcesGarcia, Debbie20
Indigenous StudiesBrewer II, Joseph Paul10
Information TechnologyMcIntosh, Ryan A5
Information TechnologyHenault, Tom Ryan5
Information TechnologyManley, Jason David5
Information TechnologyHarris, Beau5
Information TechnologyJefferson, Wayne10
Information TechnologyLett, Adam James10
Information TechnologyOrth Jr, Bill15
Information TechnologyAllmon, Don15
Information TechnologyKozlowski, Vickye15
Information TechnologyWilson, Leland J15
Information TechnologyBateson, Theresa40
Information TechnologyRochelle, Mary10
Information TechnologyWehner, Mat Jared10
Information TechnologySawyer, Stefan D10
Information TechnologyHabiger, Jason D15
Information TechnologyShorock, Thomas A15
Information TechnologyWashington, Brandon P20
Information TechnologySummers, Gordon Scott20
Information TechnologyPepper, Teresa D20
Information TechnologyFunk, John L.25
Information TechnologyBracciano, Cindy Ann25
Information TechnologyOlenberger, Jason Sean25
Information TechnologyVernon, Gary D.30
Information TechnologyFeltz, Alan J.30
Information TechnologyAmmel, Charles L.35
Inst for Leadership StudiesVietti, Emily Hedges5
Inst for Policy & Social ResGunter, Jena Lee10
Inst for Policy & Social ResWedel, Xanthippe25
Institute Information SciencesFarr, Pam35
Internal AuditKastning, Jarod5
Internal AuditFinan, Joe20
International Affairs AdminMetz Howard, Christine Marie10
International Short ProgramsSmith, Erin Greer5
International Support ServicesJardon, Ginger15
International Support ServicesSherrill, Regina15
International Support ServicesThomas, Joanna5
Jayhawk Academic AdvisingSheeley, Mikhayla Bryn5
Jayhawk Academic AdvisingCooper, Grace Lillian5
Jayhawk Academic AdvisingAlves, Nigyar Dzhafarova5
Jayhawk Academic AdvisingGerminder, Alyson5
Jayhawk Academic AdvisingAnguiano, Joey5
Jayhawk Academic AdvisingWinslow, Jamie Lynne5
Jayhawk Global AdminZentner, Emily B15
Jayhawk Global AdminHawley, Valerie15
Jewish StudiesKalman, Tyra5
JournalismBelmas, Genelle I10
JournalismThomas, Eric D10
JournalismWolgast, Stephen5
JournalismLoewen, Lisa20
JournalismWard, Douglas B20
Kansas African Studies CenterKukundakwe, Charlotte5
Kansas Geological SurveyBorisov, Dmitry5
Kansas Geological SurveyOrtega-Ariza, Diana Lorena5
Kansas Geological SurveyAndrzejewski, Kolbe5
Kansas Geological SurveyOborny, Stephan C5
Kansas Geological SurveySchneck, Marlon Roy5
Kansas Geological SurveyPeterson, Alan Edward5
Kansas Geological SurveyIqbal, Asif20
Kansas Geological SurveyStewart, Debora20
Kansas Geological SurveyDunham, John W.25
Kansas Geological SurveyDelaney, Annette M.35
Kansas Geological SurveyDawber, Karen Lehner45
Kansas Public RadioDeMarchi, Emily5
Kansas Public RadioRoush, Victoria Lynne5
Kansas Public RadioFewins, Joanna B20
Kansas Public RadioMcWilliams, Robert C.30
Kansas Unions-Campus DiningOsborn Jr, Richard Westley25
KS Biological SurveyWeickert, Nathaniel5
KS Biological SurveyBaer, Sara Genevieve5
KS Biological SurveyBaer, Sara Genevieve5
KS Biological SurveyKastens, Jude H.25
KS Biological SurveyPeterson, Dana25
KS Biological SurveyJohanning, Bruce A.35
KU News ServiceBarcomb-Peterson, Erinn10
KU Police DepartmentButler, Patricia Marie5
KU Police DepartmentBujan, Scott5
KU Police DepartmentFasching, Craig Allen5
KU Police DepartmentHodge, Eli David5
KU Police DepartmentLubega, Janae Elisabeth5
KU Police DepartmentBunde, Ridge Harold10
KU Police DepartmentShattuck, Daniel L10
KU Police DepartmentChilders, John5
Law AdministrationBlakeman, Stacey L5
Law AdministrationBrown, Jessica Alayne10
Law AdministrationClayton, Rebecca P15
Law AdministrationKelley-Garrison, Erin5
Law AdministrationFrancisco, Julie10
Law Enforcement Training CtrSmith, Mike5
Law Enforcement Training CtrMangels, Lane5
Law Enforcement Training CtrCarey, Bryan William5
Law Enforcement Training CtrBuettgenbach, James W5
Law Enforcement Training CtrEbmeier, Zach5
Law Enforcement Training CtrMetzger, Taylor10
Law Enforcement Training CtrSatterlee, Mike5
Law Enforcement Training CtrTurenne, Michael James5
Law Enforcement Training CtrBaney, James Gene5
Law Enforcement Training CtrOsburn, Amy Robin5
Law Enforcement Training CtrBecker, Chris5
Law LibraryDoebele, Melissa A10
Law LibrarySteadham, Christopher20
Law SchoolJewell, Glenn A5
Law SchoolCollins, Lindsey Leanne10
Law SchoolSix, Betsy Brand20
Law SchoolKeller, Pamela Von Essen25
Law SchoolCateforis, Elizabeth Seale25
Law SchoolHoeflich, Michael H.30
Law SchoolDrahozal, Christopher R.30
Legal Services for StudentsPresley, Kate5
Legal Services for StudentsHardesty, Jo40
Libraries-GeneralValentine, Greta Naomi10
Libraries-GeneralMendoza, Nico S5
Libraries-GeneralBrooks-Kieffer, Jamene10
Libraries-GeneralHolmgren, Sonja K15
Libraries-GeneralHawkins, Nishon J.20
Libraries-GeneralDrury, Eleonora20
Libraries-GeneralSkarka, Laura H20
Libraries-GeneralCurttright, Michelle Emma20
Libraries-GeneralIto, Michiko25
Libraries-GeneralRichardson, John C.35
Libraries-GeneralFroese, Verna40
Libraries-GeneralThornton, Terri45
Lied CenterDickson, Reece10
Lied CenterKwan, Derek S10
Lied CenterLorenz, Kate10
LinguisticsMinai, Utako15
LinguisticsJongman, Allard25
LinguisticsSereno, Joan A.25
MarketingWright, Laci5
MarketingSeley, Tim10
MarketingGiroux, Patrick Joseph10
MarketingThuro, Misti D10
MarketingErickson, Lauren15
MarketingSierra, Lois W.30
MathematicsBrowne, Sarah Louise5
MathematicsKang, Xiuli10
MathematicsSprings, Lori15
MathematicsLiu, Weishi25
MathematicsHuang, Weizhang30
MathematicsPasik-Duncan, Bozenna40
MathematicsKatz, Daniel L.40
MathematicsDuncan, Tyrone E.50
Mechanical EngineeringVincent, William5
Mechanical EngineeringFang, Huazhen10
Mechanical EngineeringMaisch, Kate10
Mechanical EngineeringSorem, Robert M30
Mechanical EngineeringGabel, Charles E.35
Mechanical EngineeringSurana, Karan S.40
Medicinal ChemistrySathyamoorthi, Shyam5
Medicinal ChemistryNagarajan, Vaishnavi5
Military-Affiliated Student CtHorner, Tamara L15
Military-Affiliated Student CtBeets, Drew5
Molecular BiosciencesCordova, Andres5
Molecular BiosciencesHolmstrom, Erik Dylan5
Molecular BiosciencesSlusky, Joanna10
Molecular BiosciencesChandler, Josephine R10
Molecular BiosciencesAzuma, Mizuki15
Molecular BiosciencesLovell, Scott W15
Molecular BiosciencesSeibold, Steve Allan10
Molecular BiosciencesEgan, Susan M.30
Molecular BiosciencesSchwarting, Nancy40
Molecular Structures GroupDouglas, Justin Trigalet15
MusicRoust, Colin T10
MusicKirkendoll, Michael10
MusicMcCorkill, Laura15
MusicDraper, Brandon15
MusicSmith, Scott McBride15
MusicLaird, Paul30
Music AdministrationMorris, Terri15
Office Civil Rights &Title IXMoreland, Molly Kay10
Office of AdmissionsWatson, Christal Dominique5
Office of AdmissionsShaw, Brandon Matthew5
Office of AdmissionsSwanson, Lacey LeAnn5
Office of AdmissionsTricks, John Thomas5
Office of AdmissionsCherry, Sandra20
Office of AdmissionsYaluk, Celeste Morgan20
Office of AdmissionsKress, Lisa Pinamonti25
Office of Faculty AffairsMendenhall, Amy N15
Office of ResearchNehrbass, Gabriel5
Office of ResearchNguyen, Leonie5
Office of ResearchStrickland, Sarah Elizabeth5
Office of ResearchBarney, Robynn5
Office of ResearchKlamet, Stephen Michael5
Office of ResearchPhan, Stephanie T5
Office of ResearchSeaton, Derrick Greg5
Office of ResearchIrick, Laura J5
Office of ResearchFehr, Rachel Ann5
Office of ResearchConard, Kim10
Office of ResearchWilliams, Joyce Leah10
Office of ResearchMontrose, Bruce Kenneth10
Office of ResearchEdmonds, Seamus15
Office of ResearchSemyonova-Smith, Elena Y.25
Office of ResearchUnderwood, Jordan Lynn5
Office of ResearchBanks, Brad5
Office of ResearchKelly, Mandy10
Office of ResearchStevens, Matthew David10
Office of ResearchFaucher, Andre10
Office of ResearchHolladay, Jennifer15
Office of ResearchJohnson Webb, Jessica15
Office of ResearchRajaei, Annie20
Office of ResearchStinnett, Jenni20
Office of ResearchWaldron, Elise25
Office of ResearchByers, Douglas E25
Open Language Resource CenterPerkins, Jonathan25
Operations Business OfficeHall, David R5
Pharmaceutical ChemistryDykes, Emily10
Pharmaceutical ChemistryKrise, Jeffrey P.20
Pharmacology & ToxicologyNiraula, Suraj5
Pharmacology & ToxicologyShi, Honglian15
Pharmacology & ToxicologyMoskovitz, Jackob20
Pharmacology & ToxicologyStice, Sheila G.35
Pharmacy PracticeReynolds, Andrea L5
Pharmacy PracticeCrowl, Ashley N10
Pharmacy PracticeBackes, James M20
Pharmacy PracticeDavidow, Lawrence W30
Pharmacy PracticeBarta, Tammy35
PhilosophySchulz, Armin W10
Physics and AstronomyKrintiras, Georgios Konstantinos5
Physics and AstronomyDelgado, Jennifer A10
Physics and AstronomyFischer, Christopher J20
Physics and AstronomyWorth, Jeffrey Scott20
Physics and AstronomyRalston, John Peter40
Political ScienceZhang, Jack5
Political ScienceCrawford, Tom5
Provost OfficeBichelmeyer, Barbara Anne5
PsychologyBias, Lauren E10
PsychologyForbush, Kelsie Terese10
PsychologyMcCartney, Marsha J10
PsychologyIngram, Rick20
PsychologyMarshall, Susan S.15
PsychologyWatts, Amber15
PsychologyHamilton, Nancy Ann20
Recreation ServicesBorton, Quincy Ray20
Religious StudiesBrody, Samuel Hayim10
School of PharmacyDutta, Apurba25
School of PharmacyHolcomb, Cheryl25
School of PharmacyEmerson, Robert L.30
School of Professional StudiesHorn-Marsh, Petra Martha5
School of Professional StudiesMcIntosh-Lily, Stacey5
School of Professional StudiesSaeedipour, Rassul15
School of Professional StudiesBowlin, Tom H25
School of Public Affairs&AdminAllen, Thomas J5
School of Public Affairs&AdminErmey, Ann30
Self Graduate ProgramsBranwen-Williams, Tirzah Brienne10
Sexual Assault & Prevention CtHunter, Kelsey E5
Slavic, German, Eurasian StdieMeyertholen, Andrea Noel10
Social WelfareSandoval, Rebeca J5
Social WelfareMcGeough, Briana Leigh5
Social WelfareRiquino, Michael R5
Social WelfareCarr, Kortney Angela5
Social WelfareHair, Margaret Elizabeth5
Social WelfareChandler, Amea S10
Social WelfareNasrazadani, Ariana5
Social WelfareGrube, Whitney Ann5
Social WelfareBoyd, Christina Dianne10
Social WelfareJones, Kelly Ann15
Social WelfareRamirez, Laura L20
Social WelfareMignot, Vicki25
Social Welfare AdministrationKeling, Vicki Seratte5
Social Welfare AdministrationCrangle, Elenor15
SociologyChong, Kelly Haesung20
Sorority and Fraternity LifeEngel, Allison5
Space ManagementLavendusky, Karen L5
Spanish & PortugueseAlbujar Escuredo, Miguel Angel5
Spanish & PortugueseAcosta, Rafael10
Spanish & PortugueseRossomondo, Amy E20
Spanish & PortugueseVersteeg, Margot AW20
Spanish & PortugueseBayliss, Robert20
Spanish & PortugueseSommerville, Adriana R.20
Spanish & PortugueseSimoes, Antonio R.35
Special EducationMann, Lisa Barrett10
Special EducationSmith, Sean Joseph25
Special EducationWehmeyer, Michael L.25
Special EducationLaPierre, Linda D25
Speech-Language-HearingLeitch, Janel5
Speech-Language-HearingGreen, Krysta D10
Speech-Language-HearingPedersen, Kris25
Speech-Language-HearingBrady, Nancy C.35
Spencer Museum of ArtFalvey, Matthew Stephen5
Spencer Museum of ArtMcKee, Jeffrey Stephen10
Spencer Museum of ArtBanks, Kelly Louise5
Spencer Museum of ArtMeyer, Kate20
SSC FinanceZhang, Xuejun5
SSC FinanceStone, Katie5
SSC FinanceLogan, Tracy5
SSC FinanceBell, Chris10
SSC FinanceFalkenstien, Matthew D10
SSC FinancePreston, Stephanie Denise25
SSC FinanceSubelka, Laurence5
SSC FinanceVrbas, Carole Lindsay25
SSC FinanceSalber, Jama35
SSC FinanceArchinal, Carol40
Stdnt Conduct & Community StndNewby, Zach5
Student AffairsGales, Mataia5
Student AffairsTreadwell, Katie L10
Student Lifecycle TechnologyNickol, David15
Student Lifecycle TechnologySommerville, Felix5
Study Abroad and Global EngmtGarcia Unzueta, Victoria5
Study Abroad and Global EngmtWiley, David M.25
Study Abroad and Global EngmtFrias, Renee25
Study Abroad and Global EngmtHanson, Jennifer30
Success InitiativesPatrick, Elise20
Theatre and DanceBarnette, Jane Stewart10
Theatre and DanceRovit, Rebecca Laughlin15
Theatre and DanceVogel, Kelly Lynn10
Theatre and DanceTrottier, Gail K.25
Transportation Research CenterLowder, Ann15
Undergraduate Biology ProgramChrisco, Kennedy Alaia5
Undergraduate Biology ProgramRozzi, Laura5
Undergraduate Biology ProgramLansdon, Patrick Arthur5
Undergraduate Biology ProgramSpain-Eddington, Lauren5
Undergraduate Biology ProgramMeyers, Melissa10
Undergraduate Biology ProgramGonzalez, Victor Hugo10
Undergraduate Biology ProgramMarriage, Tara Nicole15
University Academic Support CtWasser, Brianna Lichtenauer10
University Press of KansasNicholson, Erica Joan5
University Press of KansasChrisman Jacques, Kelly15
University Press of KansasJanssen, Karl25
University Press of KansasGalle, Suzanne M.35
University RegistrarStowers, Carley Baker5
University RegistrarBray, Isabella Marie5
University RegistrarSmith, Liz5
University RegistrarWallace, Casey Loretta10
University RegistrarHearson, Mike Lee5
Visual ArtAkers, Norman15
Visual ArtMorales Scholz, Erick Rodolfo5
Visual ArtMaude, Marshall15
Visual ArtWestergard, Gina Christy30
Visual ArtMitchell, Cotter40
Women Gender & Sexuality StdsBatza, Katie10
Kansas Athletics IncStephens, Joan P.40
Kansas Athletics IncRobinson, Michelle M.25
Kansas Athletics IncLickert, Michael J.25
Kansas Athletics IncQuick, Glenn E.25
Kansas Athletics IncBetz, Jennifer A.20
Kansas Athletics IncCook, Casey C.20
Kansas Athletics IncWard Ph.D., Darrin20
Kansas Athletics IncTownsend, Kurtis M.20
Kansas Athletics IncSwank, Jill E.20
Kansas Athletics IncGallagher, Carie A.15
Kansas Athletics IncMorgison, Joseph W.15
Kansas Athletics IncMcKamie, Vincent A.15
Kansas Athletics IncKrauz, Sara R.15
Kansas Athletics IncCorcoran Pippin, Nicole15
Kansas Athletics IncRichmond, Rose M.10
Kansas Athletics IncQuartlebaum Jr., Fred R.10
Kansas Athletics IncHershiser, Craig5
Kansas Athletics IncThornton, Paul W.5
Kansas Athletics IncLorenz, Curtis5
Kansas Athletics IncMcFalls, Jennifer Y.5
Kansas Athletics IncVena, Anthony5
Kansas Athletics IncVollmar, Michael J.5
Kansas Athletics IncBurch, Andrew5
Kansas Athletics IncHovis, Madison L.5
Kansas Athletics IncCarpenter, Brian P.5
Kansas Athletics IncCannon III, Harold J.5
Kansas Athletics IncAnguiano, Nicholas J.5
Kansas Athletics IncNielsen, Kaitlin S.5
Kansas Athletics IncStephens, Richard5
KU Memorial UnionsLeader, Mikayla5
KU Memorial UnionsKirby, Amanda5
KU Memorial UnionsPrice, Stephanie5
KU Memorial UnionsLaird, Jenny5
KU Memorial UnionsFranks, Sally5
KU Memorial UnionsBonsignore, Kimberly5
KU Memorial UnionsRobinson, Lindsay5
KU Memorial UnionsWedge, George5
KU Memorial UnionsDermyer, Katie10
KU Memorial UnionsSiebenaler, William10
KU Memorial UnionsJorgensen, Christopher10
KU Memorial UnionsAnderson, Thomas10
KU Memorial UnionsBoyle, Jessica10
KU Memorial UnionsNguyan, Thuy Thi10
KU Memorial UnionsOdom, Jeffrey10
KU Memorial UnionsDick, Matthew10
KU Memorial UnionsSmith, Ada10
KU Memorial UnionsRichardson, Scott10
KU Memorial UnionsLeland, Alex10
KU Memorial UnionsRourke, James15
KU Memorial UnionsMedlen, Stacy20
KU Memorial UnionsMucci, David25
KU Memorial UnionsMitchell, Olga25
KU Memorial UnionsPhares, Vicki25
KU Memorial UnionsPowell, Damian25
KU Memorial UnionsPentlin, Judith30
Alumni AssociationSanner, Jennifer40
Alumni AssociationParman, Dwight25
Alumni AssociationHandshy, Brian5