Charitable Contributions

KU employees have the opportunity to make charitable contributions through payroll deductions to support the United Way and the KU Endowment. Below is a brief description provided by the organizations about how your contributions are utilized.

The United Way

The United Way of Douglas County was launched in Lawrence, Kansas on the KU campus as a brainchild of our own Coach Forrest “Phog” Allen in the Fall of 1940. With a letter to campus, over $7,000 was raised that first year, for what was originally called the Community Chest. The guiding principals have not changed, no pressure will be exerted, give only as your conscience and pocketbook dictate.

Today, the mission of the local United Way is – Fighting poverty and improving lives by uniting Douglas County.

 Your donations will support

  • Programs that provide Basic Needs (food, rent, utilities, childcare & transportation) to individuals and families in need
  • Anti-poverty Impact Initiatives focusing on early childhood education in step with the Douglas County Community Health Plan’s Anti-Poverty Strategic Plan
  • Racial equity through organizations and programs that address racial injustice and work to reduce disparities in health care, access to nutritious food, education, income, housing and safety within the Black, Indigenous, and Latin community.

95% of every dollar donated stays in Douglas County to accomplish this mission. More information is available at  the United Way website. You may donate directly or via payroll deduction. You may also contact the United Way.

United Way
1307 Massachusetts St
Lawrence, KS 66044

KU Endowment

Since state financing covers less than 20% of KU's total operating expenses, the support donors provide is essential to achieving the university's mission and aspirations.  Your philanthropic gifts are a powerful endorsement of the university from its faculty and staff.  With reductions in state support, your continued contributions are essential to helping KU accomplish its goals.

Please visit KU Endowment for more information and to download a payroll deduction form. Once completed, return it to the KU Endowment at the address provided at the bottom of the form.