Jury Duty

Regular employees are provided with paid leave if they are summoned for jury duty or required to appear before a court of law, the Kansas Commission on Civil Rights, or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Leave with pay will not normally be granted if an employee is serving as a plaintiff or respondent in a court case which involves personal legal concerns.

Requesting Leave

An employee must request jury duty/court leave through their immediate supervisor. An employee that is summoned or subpoenaed, should notify their immediate supervisor as far in advance as possible of the date the employee is required to appear, but no later than the next working day after the employee receives the summons or subpoena.

Eligible employees are to record the use of leave in HR/Pay by submitting an Absence ( hr.ku.edu >Time and Absence> Request Absence) and selecting the leave type of Jury Duty. The absence is required to be reported by the end of each work week.

Additional Information

Please review the Jury/Witness Service Policy for additional information regarding jury duty and court leave.