Basic Group Life Insurance

The University of Kansas provides eligible employees basic group life insurance equal to 150% of their annual salary. The program is administered by KPERS for all employees covered by the plan, including faculty and staff in the Kansas Board of Regents Mandatory Retirement Plan.


All benefits eligible faculty and staff who participate in KPERS or the KBOR mandatory retirement plan are eligible.


The cost of this benefit is covered by the University.


All eligible employees are automatically enrolled when they are hired.

Additional Information

The following information is applicable to faculty and staff who participate in the Kansas Board of Regents Mandatory Retirement Plan as well as staff who participate in KPERS.

Naming Beneficiaries

  • You can name different beneficiaries for your life insurance and retirement benefits.
  • See Naming Your Beneficiary » for more information.

Leaving the University

Upon termination of employment or retirement, you can continue this coverage as an individual policy. You have until 60 days after you end employment to submit your form to the Standard Insurance Company.  Please see Leaving Employment (under Life Insurance) for information about the process to continue coverage and to access required forms.  This information is applicable to employees covered under KPERS and the Kansas Board of Regents Mandatory Retirement Plan.