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Retirement Benefits

The information below provides an overview of retirement benefits. For more details, please contact the numbers provided below, or the Benefits Office by email at benefits@ku.edu or by phone at 785-864-7402.  It is recommended that you contact the Benefits Office at least three months prior to your retirement date to ensure that individualized information can provided so that you can consider your options and take timely action if required.

When Can I Retire?

Retirement Notification

  • Faculty & Academic Staff should submit a letter to their supervisor with their retirement date as soon as the date is finalized.  (Please see KU's policy on resignation and retirement dates for academic year faculty.)
  • Unclassified professional staff and university support staff should submit a letter to their supervisor with their retirement date as soon as the date is finalized.

Health Insurance

Your active employee health insurance coverage will end the last day of your retirement month, if your KU retirement date is the 2nd day of the month or later.  When you retire from KU, you have the right to remain in the state's group health insurance program by paying the premium. Your spouse and qualified dependents can also remain on the health insurance plan.  If you are Medicare-eligible, the Benefits Office will provide you with documentation to enroll in Medicare without penalty, as your primary health plan, if you have been covered under the KU/state of Kansas health plan. Because enrollment in Medicare is time sensitive, it is important that you contact the Benefits Office at least three months before your finalized retirement date.  For information about the health plans availalbe for retirees, please see the SEHP's webpage.

If you return to work at KU, in any capacity, depending on your rehire date and FTE, you may be eligible to rejoin the active employee health plan for a period of time, thus saving yourself hundreds of dollars in premiums.  The Benefits Office will work with you to determine your eligibility.  If you are eligible for the active employee health plan, the SEHP’s rules are that you cannot continue in the retiree direct bill plan with a Medicare-supplemental plan as that would violate Medicare’s Secondary Payer rules. 

Death Benefit

If you receive KPERS retirement benefits, you may be qualified to a $4,000 death benefit that will be paid to your named beneficiary.

Accumulated Vacation and/or Sick Leave

When you retire, a lump sum payment will be made for your accumulated vacation and/or sick leave hours.

Vacation Leave - 

Vacation leave of up to 176 hours will be paid at termination of employment and up to 240 hours at retirement or, if you are retirement eligible, upon termination of employment.

Sick Leave - Faculty, Unclassified and University Support Staff

Sick leave will be paid only at retirement or, if you are retirement eligible, upon termination of employment, based upon years of service and accumulation as follows:

Years of Service Hours (Days Accumulated Hours (Days Paid)
8 years 800 hours (100 days) up to 240 hours (30 days)
15 years 1000 hours (125 days) up to 360 hours (45 days)
25 years 1200 hours (150 days) up to 480 hours (60 days)

You can learn more about vacation and sick leave accruals, payouts, and conditions by reviewing the Vacation Leave Policy » and Sick Leave Policy ».

Emeritus/Emerita Status

To learn about emeritus/emerita conditions and procedures, please refer to the Emeritus Status Policy ».  

Working At KU After Retirement

The University has a policy regarding reemployment of KU Retirees based on IRS Guidelines and the Retiree Rehire Policy ».  There are also special Working After Retirement rules that impact KPERS retirees, regardless of the entity from which the KPERS retiree retired (e.g., school district, city, county, state of Kansas agency).  For more information see the Working at KU After Retirement information on this webpage:  http://humanresources.ku.edu/mandatory-kpers

Additional Information

Other Benefits

Benefit Source Additional Information
Retiree Identification Card KU Card Services The retiree ID card is used to access other benefits below and is only available once your retirement status has been entered in the HR/Pay database.  Call 785-864-5845 for more information.  
Parking Pass

Parking Services

Take KU Retiree ID card to Parking Services: two parking permit options available: one is free and one has a fee (for rates, please visit Parking »). Retiree is defined as “any faculty or staff person who has retired from KU who has not returned to active employment on campus equal or greater than .5 FTE.”  For more information, please call 785-864-PARK.

Lied Center Tickets Lied Center Box Office Contact the Lied Center for information about tickets and discounts at 785-864-2787
Kansas Athletics Allen Field House Retirees can purchase faculty/staff tickets. Call 785-864-3141 for more information.
Recreational Facilities Robinson Gymnasium Recreation Center Present ID for use of facilities and locker. Call 785-864-3546 for more information.
Library usage University Libraries Full library privileges. Call 785-864-8983 for more information.
Sprague Apartments KU Endowment Association Retiree apartments available for lease. Call 785-832-7400 for more information.
KU Retirees Club Endacott Society Organization for retired faculty, staff and spouses. Call 785-864-4760 for more information.
KU Email IT Account Management Your KU E-mail account can be maintained as a retiree.
University Directories University Relations Retirees with emeritus status are automatically included if living in Kansas and the KC metro area; other retirees who live in Kansas and the KC metro area are included upon request. Call 785-864-7100 for more information.
KU Today e-Newsletter Office of News and Media Relations Retirees will receive the newsletter » via email. Call 785-864-7100 for more information.
Theatre & Dance Tickets University Theatre Box Office 785-864-3982 Contact the Department of Theatre and Dance for information about tickets and Discounts by calling or visiting the Box Office in Murphy Hall, noon-5pm,.


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