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Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHI)

The University of Kansas, in coordination with the Kansas Board of Regents, offers voluntary health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance for eligible graduate students through United Healthcare Student Resources.

Dental insurance and vision insurance are voluntary and not provided under this health insurance plan. The University of Kansas does not contribute towards dental and vision premiums for graduate students. For information about these options, please visit Individual Dental and Vision Insurance.


  • Students with F-1, F-2, or J-1 immigration status: If you are an international student with F-1, F-2, or J-1 immigration status, please read and follow the important information provided by KU's Office of International Support Services
  • Students with other immigration status: If you are a domestic student or an international student with other than F-1, F-2, or J-1 immigration status, you should follow the eligibility requirements and enrollment methods outlined on this page


Eligibility to purchase graduate student health insurance and receive the University’s contribution towards the health insurance premium is determined at the beginning of each semester (coverage period). The following requirements must be met each semester for you to be eligible for the graduate student health insurance coverage under KU’s plan:

  • Fall and spring semesters: You must have at least a 50% Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) and/or a Graduate Assistant (GA) appointment for a minimum of eight consecutive work weeks
  • Summer sessions: You must have at least a 50% GTA, GRA, or GA appointment for a minimum of four consecutive work weeks
  • Combined appointments: If you have a combination of GTA, GRA, and GA appointments, you are eligible for coverage if the combined appointments total at least 50% for the required number of weeks
Additional Options

If you do not meet the above eligibility requirements, or if you are a student who has a scholarship and/or fellowship, you may be eligible for the regular student health insurance plan. More information will be available soon.


If you meet the above eligibility requirements for GSHI, the table below provides a breakdown of GSHI semester premiums and University contributions for the various coverage options offered under the GSHI plan:


Coverage Option Fall, 2019 Spring, 2020 Summer, 2020
Student University Student University Student University
Student Only $185 $553 $185 $553 $74 $222
Student and Spouse $923 $553 $923 $553 $370     $222
Student and One Child $923 $553 $923 $553 $370 $222
Student and 2 or More Children $1,661 $553 $1,661 $553 $666 $222
Student, Spouse and One Child $1,661 $553 $1,661 $553 $666 $222
Student, Spouse and 2 or More Children $2,399 $553


$553 $962 $222


All eligible graduate students can enroll for GSHI coverage by reading the important information and following the steps More information available soon.

Please note, it is your responsibility to apply for and renew your health insurance each semester if you are eligible for coverage.

Effective Dates of Coverage

Coverage periods for each semester are illustrated in the table below:

Semester Coverage Period   Effective Date
Fall Aug. 1 - Dec. 31   Aug. 1
Spring Jan. 1 - May 31   Jan. 1
Summer June 1 - July 31   June 1

Additional Information

Health Plan Brochures

For detailed information about insurance options and rates, please download and review:

Summary Brochure  2019/2020 Brochure will be available soon

Certificate of Coverage  2019/2020 Certificate will be available soon

Preferred Providers

For more information, please visit the United Healthcare Provider website or contact United Healthcare Student Resources Customer Service: customerservice@uhcsr.com or 1-888-344-6104

Continuation Insurance

GTA/GRA/GAs who have had health insurance through the Graduate Student Health Insurance
(GSHI) plan through the most recent coverage period, may pay for continuing coverage for a maximum of up to 3 months due to loss of appointment. The GTA/GRA/GA has a right to choose to continue benefits as long as the Kansas Board of Regents maintains a plan with United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR). The insured GTA/GRA/GA must exercise this right within 60 days of termination of appointment.

The completed paper application form and premium payment should be mailed to UHCSR at the address given in the Payment Instructions box of the application form. Please keep in mind:

  1. Premium is subject to change each August 1st.​
  2. UHCSR will NOT send premium reminder notices.
  3. Once the first month of Continuation Insurance has been purchased, it is the student’s responsibility to send subsequent premium payment to UHCSR so that UHCSR receives the payment on or before the first of the month for which insurance is being purchased.
  4. Premium can be paid in advance. However, UHCSR will NOT refund unused premium should the student terminate insurance early.


Continuation Benefits Application Form - August 1, 2018 through July 31, 2019

Continuation Benefits Application Form - August 1, 2019 through July 31, 2020  Will be available soon.

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