Organizational Assessments

An organizational assessment is a systematic review of an organization’s processes, work environment, and structure. It is a diagnostic tool that focuses on the organization as a whole rather than on any individual. An organizational assessment is not a quick, stopgap measure. Rather, it is an investment in the future health of the organization.

Organizational assessments can be especially useful when significant changes are about to take place or have recently been completed. For example:

  • new leadership 
  • restructure of roles or responsibilities
  • updated mission, goals, or values

A combination of confidential surveys and interviews is used to gather data related to productivity and climate, strategic goals and objectives, and roles, relationships, and responsibilities. Faculty members, staff employees, and unit leaders are all included in the data-gathering processes. Additional stakeholders may be included when appropriate.

The comprehensive nature of the process produces an in-depth view of a team’s current state. Upon completion of the data-analysis, a report is delivered to the individual who requested the assessment. The report maintains the confidentiality of all participants and describes the issues and trends currently affecting the organization. It includes recommendations to achieve the goals of a unit, department, or school and may also:

  • provide direction for a merger or re-organization.
  • identify opportunities for growth and development of people and services.
  • give insight regarding where to devote resources to improve a unit’s effectiveness.

KU HR staff members are available to assist the department with implementing the recommendations.


Initiating an Organizational Assessment

  • An assessment may be requested by a member of the organization’s leadership structure.

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