Optional Employee Benefits

The University of Kansas provides the following optional employee benefits:

  • Charitable Contributions: You can setup automatic payroll deduction to support United Way, the KU Endowment Association and Community Health Charities. Please visit Charitable Contributions for more information.

  • Corporate VISA Credit Card: If you are interested in applying for a VISA credit card to use for work related expenses while traveling, please visit Personal Credit Card for more information.
  • Banking Benefits: Community America Credit Union offers discounts and premium rate services through Benefits Banking to KU employees. Please visit Community America Credit Union for more information.
  • 529 Education Savings Plan: If you are interested in planning and investing for higher education costs for your child, grandchild, friend, spouse or even yourself, please refer to LearningQuest for information about the 529 Education Savings Plan.
  • Employee Discounts: Discounts are available for state employees on various products and from various vendors. Please visit the STAR Employee Discount Program for more information.
  • KU Card: The KU Card provides access to university facilities, services, cash convenience and more. Please visit the KU Card Center  for more information.
  • KU Dining Services - Sign up for a 425 KU Dining plan through payroll deduction to easily dine across campus with your KU ID. Looking for a smaller plan? Sign up for a dining plan with cash or credit card with just $25.
  • State of Kansas Library: Provides library service to state employees including online databases, interlibrary loans, collections and resources, talking books and digital book e-lending.  Please visit State of Kansas Library for more information.