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Optional Employee Benefits

The University of Kansas provides the following optional employee benefits:

  • Charitable Contributions: You can setup automatic payroll deduction to support United Way, the KU Endowment Association and Community Health Charities. Please visit Charitable Contributions for more information.
  • Corporate VISA Credit Card: If you are interested in applying for a VISA credit card to use for work related expenses while traveling, please visit Personal Credit Card » for more information.
  • Banking Benefits: Commerce Bank offers discounts and premium rate services through Benefits Banking to KU employees. Please visit Commerce Bank » for more information.
  • 529 Education Savings Plan: If you are interested in planning and investing for higher education costs for your child, grandchild, friend, spouse or even yourself, please refer to LearningQuest » for information about the 529 Education Savings Plan.
  • Employee Discounts: Discounts are available for state employees on various products and from various vendors. Please visit the STAR Employee Discount Program » for more information.
  • KU Card: The KU Card provides access to university facilities, services, cash convenience and more. Please visit the KU Card Center » for more information.
  • KU Dining Services - You can sign up for a 15% discount on Campus Food and Beverage purchases with a benefit provided by KU Dining Services for faculty and staff.  Sign up for a 425 KU Dining plan through payroll deduction and save 15% on food and beverage services acorss campus.  Or, if you want the discount but need a smaller plan, you can sign up for a plan with cash or credit card by filling out this form and adding funds starting at just $25.
  • State of Kansas Library: Provides library service to state employees including online databases, interlibrary loans, collections and resources, talking books and digital book e-lending.  Please visit State of Kansas Library » for more information.

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