2023 Employee Recognition Ceremony

Recognition Ceremony Audiance

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The Chancellor and Provost presented service pins to recognized employees in appreciation for their dedicated service to the University.
Brad Richard receiving award

Employee of the Year - Brad Richard

Sarah Domingos receiving award

Employee of the Year - Sarah Domingos

Deb Griswald receiving award

Team of the Year - Autism Spectrum Disorder Team

2023 Employee of the Year Nominees

Jennifer Sanders Kellogg (General Counsel)-  April 2022

Will Allen (Facilities Maintenance Services)- April 2022

Daniel DePardo (Institute For Information Sciences)- May 2022

Jessica Little-Greenberg  (Academic Support Center)- May 2022

Derrik Munoz (Custodial Services)- June 2022

Teresa Aldrich (Health, Sport, and Exercise Science)- June 2022

Allison Schultz (Sorority and Fraternity Life)- July 2022

Sarah Domingos (Speech-Language-Hearing)- July 2022

Lisa Mann (Special Education)- August 2022

Marianne Reed (Libraries)- August 2022

Gary Mohr (Facilities Planning & Development)- September 2022

Whitney Jones (Facilities Planning & Development)- September 2022

Brad Richard (Facilities Maintenance Services)- October 2022

Ronald Wallace (Facilities Maintenance Services)- October 2022

Jack Campbell Jr. (KU Police Department)- November 2022

Stacy Ash (Music Administration)- November 2022

Meseret Guremu (Edwards Custodial Services)- December 2022

Tina Todd (Custodial Services)- December 2022

Blair Whaley (KU Police Department)- January 2023

Josh Wheeler (Facilities Maintenance Services)- January 2023

JD Warnock (Information Technology)- February 2023

Willie Justus (Facilities Maintenance Services)- February 2023

Lori Hasselman (Academic Support Center)- March 2023

Amanda Contreras (History)- March 2023

Team of the Year Nominees

Army Tuition Assistance Crisis Management Team

From March 2021 to early Spring 2023, during what became an externally induced crisis the goal of this team was to minimize potential negative   impacts on the students they served so they could continue taking courses, graduate, and receive diplomas, provide students using Army tuition assistance (TA) with a single point of contact so they only had to reach out to one person/office with their questions, concerns, issues, keep affected students informed of protections the university has put in place, ensure KU remained in compliance with the Army's reporting requirements for TA, and track TA requests to ensure the university would be paid by the Army when they could begin paying invoices again. This was a massive undertaking, but the team’s dedication to finding creative solutions allowed for all of these transitions to go as smoothly as possible.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Team

This team set out to design a game-based learning experience integrated across multiple courses in KU’s Special Education/Autism Spectrum Disorder graduate program called Gaming Through ASD Identification and Service Delivery, in which graduate students would roleplay teachers, parents, administrators, therapists, and other members of a special education team involved in the education of a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder. By immersing students in an exploration of varied roles on a special education team, they can experience the human elements involved in educational decision-making for an individual with a disability and gain new insights into educational responsibilities and challenges that they can share with their school districts. This team worked tirelessly to improve their instructional practices and the overall KU student experience.   

Center for Research to Transform Systems for Family Community & Social Justice

The team’s goals relate to Jayhawk Rising, closely aligning with the research goal of expanding the Impact of KU Research in Kansas and Beyond. They are a community engaged with the goal of transforming systems to realize positive and equitable outcomes for children and families by applying an anti-oppressive and anti-racist approach to their research and evaluation work. This team has accomplished enormous dissemination efforts in the last year.

Jayhawks Give a Flock Volunteer Team

The Jayhawks Give a Flock volunteer team is a team of 150 individuals from 20 different units across campus that came together with the shared goal of successfully facilitating one of the largest, evidence-based bystander trainings in higher education. To attain this goal, the team attended several “train the trainer” sessions throughout the year themselves, working tirelessly up to the dates of the official trainings to ensure success. On both 8/14/22 and 8/20/22, this dedicated team gave their time and energy to provide a total of 122 two-hour sessions to 3,813 first-year students.

Jayhawk Welcome Center Project Team

The goal of this team was to design a Welcome Center using the latest digital technology to create an experience emphasizing both storytelling and large spaces for collaboration and celebration, positively influence the campus visitation experience of prospective students and their families, and create an inviting space that could be customized to student interests in order to captivate future Jayhawks and alumni of all ages. This was a tall order, but not only did this team pull it off, they also surpassed all expectations.

KU Recreation Services Custodial Staff

The KU Recreation Services Custodial Staff is an incredibly committed group that maintained high standards of work despite a lack of staff throughout the year even though their supervisors had lowered the amount of work required. The pride this team had in their work and the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center would not allow them to compromise. The facility is 150,000 sq feet and KU Recreation Services averages roughly 1,000+ people per day and it takes extraordinary effort to keep this building clean, aesthetically presentable, and safe for everyone that visits.

Transfer and Recruitment Team-Edwards Campus

This team is responsible for visiting local community colleges to make visible KU’s programs of study. They provide pamphlets and scholarship materials for students, advise about majors and minors, and emphasize that students can easily transfer from community colleges into KU’s bachelor programs. The team is also largely responsible for DEI efforts on the KUEC campus since many of the transfer students are first-generation and/or students of color. They are one of the most enthusiastic groups on the KUEC campus, bringing a high level of energy to their recruitment efforts in order to ensure potential students feel welcomed.

Volunteer Fire Officer Program Development Team

The mission of the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute is to provide accessible, comprehensive training and credentialing for fire and emergency response personnel to promote health and safety in Kansas communities. There are currently severe recruitment and retention challenges in the nation's volunteer fire service, including Kansas, and research has indicated one of the factors for this challenge relates to poor training in the volunteer fire service environment. The Volunteer Fire Officer Program Development Team met at least once a week to address such an important issue and their dedication to understanding this project in relation to a larger system and in alignment with Jayhawk Rising strategic planning has been inspiring.

Employee Recognition Committee

Tanya Childers (Campus Operations)- Chair

Richelle Chaney (Enrollment Management)- Vice Chair, Team Lead

Keah Cunningham (Academic Resource Center)- Team Lead

Emily Eichler (Operations Business Office)- Team Lead

Jenny Laird (Memorial Union)- Team Lead

Kimberly Grosse (Human Resource Management)- Advisor

Kari Balthazor (Applied English Center)

Chris Bohling (Libraries)

Jessica Brown (Custodial Services)

Amanda Burghart (CLAS)

Carrie Caine (Institute for Policy and Social Research)

Heather Campbell (Procurement)

Mary Dykman (Edwards)

Heidi Garcia (Health Education Resource)

Kim Glass (AAI)

Kristina Glick (Business and Financial Planning)

Stephanie Hull (Human Resource Management)

John Mathews (Office of Research)

Dave Moore (Parking and Transit)

Phil Neuman (Student Housing)

Carol Rudolph (Information Technology)

2023 Honorees

NameDepartment NameConfirmed Years
Thorup, Ryan JamesSpencer Museum of Art5
Khan, Muhammad HarisInformation Technology5
Scheetz, Betty JOffice of Research5
Haase, Alyssa JOffice of Research5
Brown, Cody JamesHuman Resource Management5
Hatfield, Gretchen BelleInformation Technology5
Chaney, Richelle KEnrollment Mgmt Services5
Mercader, Felix FInformation Technology5
Vanatta, Alicia KOffice of Research5
Tavio, Eddy LuisArchitecture Design5
McElroy, Lilly BethanyDesign5
Chen, Natalie NordbyBureau of Child Research5
Ross, Kendal SigurdBusiness5
Bracciano, Loren DanielleLibraries-General5
Myer, Diane GraceAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Pablo, Noelle Beatriz TuazonAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Eltschinger, London Kay PearlAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Gamboa, Alexandria MarieAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Deselms, Jessica LeeAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Kim, Eun MiAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Mayo, Eliza FrederikkeAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Zeedan, RamiJewish Studies5
Woodke, Courtney AnnAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Thies, Penny MichelleJayhawk Academic Advising5
Barnhart, Betsy RebeccaDesign5
Clifford, Ryan DavidDesign5
Park, HyunaDesign5
Cici, GjergjiBusiness5
Li, ShaoboBusiness5
Min, LaurenBusiness5
Pisciotta, Kevin JBusiness5
Rosenfeld Cici, Claire MBusiness5
Ghosh, ArpitaEducational Psychology5
Zimmerman, Kathleen NicoleSpecial Education5
Hansen, Amy ThereseCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering5
Husic, AdminCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering5
Hutchison, Justin MCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering5
Colwell, David AaronMusic5
Finneman, Teri AJournalism5
Gaston, Patricia EJournalism5
Masterson, Araceli AlgarAmerican Studies5
Isenberg, Andrew ChristianHistory5
Touyz, Paul MarkClassics5
White, Georgina FrancesClassics5
Lascano Raibley, Marcy PatricePhilosophy5
Raibley, Jason RPhilosophy5
Indika, Kodithuwakku ArachchigeMathematics5
Wang, YuanqiMathematics5
Fehr, Anthony RMolecular Biosciences5
Kirkpatrick, Allison MichellePhysics and Astronomy5
Peelaers, HartwinPhysics and Astronomy5
Gluckman, John DanielLinguistics5
Pleskac, Timothy JPsychology5
Yi, RichardPsychology5
Mendez, JoelSchool of Public Affairs&Admin5
Piercy, Cameron WadeCommunication Studies5
Davidson, Meghan MatthewsSpeech-Language-Hearing5
Hunter, Cynthia RSpeech-Language-Hearing5
Potter, Markus RTheatre and Dance5
Jen, Sarah Rebecca KaemingkSocial Welfare5
Setter, Blair FrancesAnimal Care Unit5
Bowman, Sarah BrynneStu Involve & Leaders Ctr-SILC5
Gross, Daniel ChristopherInformation Technology5
Velasco, Daniel AlejandroMusic5
Burley, William JPhysics and Astronomy5
Roundy, JanetteLaw School5
Yang, Huei-ChiControllers Office5
White, Brian AlanGeneral Counsel5
Chambers, Christopher NealeAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Davidson, Andrew JosephElectrical Engr & Comp Science5
Wang, Jui-ShengSchool of Pharmacy5
Bloom, Steven PMedicinal Chemistry5
Boskovic, Zarko VladislavMedicinal Chemistry5
Ridgway, Bryce GotthardKU Police Department5
Glore, Christy RheaAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Hall, Brittany KathleenBureau of Child Research5
Heger, Elise ShalomBureau of Child Research5
Waters, Anya AdellStrong Hall SSC5
Carpenter, Haley Anna HummelsBusiness5
Lee, Jun HoBusiness5
Foste, Zachary HEd Leadership & Policy Studies5
McVicar, Michael JInformation Technology5
Tonnies, Robert CInformation Technology5
Rodriguez-Mendez, VeronicaEdwards Campus5
Bagwell-Gray, Meredith EliseSocial Welfare5
Myers, Suzanne ElizabethBureau of Child Research5
Flessing, Jill AnnCounseling/Psych Svcs5
Alexander, Travis JInformation Technology5
Walsh, Mary TheresaProvost Office5
Velte, Kyle CLaw School5
Sushinsky, Jonathan GSocial Welfare5
Young, Shannon LynnEaton Hall SSC5
Ortega, Katlyn Evalea MarInformation Technology5
Suppes, Sharon ReneeEcology & Evolutionary Biology5
Cole, Taylor DianeStudy Abroad and Global Engmt5
Indlamuri, Naga SaiAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Youngren, Leah JaeAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Craig, Jacqueline ReneeOLeary SSC5
McKeever, Brandon Robert EarlCustodial Services5
Dumpert, Jennifer Lauren BrewerOffice of Research5
Lancaster, Jessica AnneAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Rowe, Neil AAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Lowell, Samantha GBiodiversity Institute5
Mohammadi Dehcheshmehi, SaharKansas Geological Survey5
Mallonee, Bradley EugeneFS Maintenance Services5
Plott, Charles MichaelInformation Technology5
Rana, Vikram JeetCarruth SSC5
Owusu, Monica AkosuaCustodial Services5
Ly, Lindsay DawnFilm and Media Studies5
Pelzer, Seth DaleInformation Technology5
Pahr, Michael GregoryJayhawk Academic Advising5
Novak, Nathaniel RaymondGeology5
Manuel, Ryan AlanCustodial Services5
Bohnstedt, Chelsea ElizabethAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Cobb, Kyle DouglasFS Maintenance Services5
Devkota, SujanMedicinal Chemistry5
Durkin, Jennifer LynnMarketing5
Barton, Elizabeth AnneJayhawk Academic Advising5
Parr, Jennifer LeeJayhawk Academic Advising5
Baker, Ashley MarieInformation Technology5
Thornburg, Laura LAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Weissman, NathalieSpecial Education5
Wang, JinanComputational Biology5
Magill, Kellie KristenAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Cisler, Bryan DanielBureau of Child Research5
Richard, Annise DenelleUniversity Academic Support Ct5
Skolaut, Mark TEducation Administration5
Buerman, Shelly MarieAfrican/African Amer Studies5
Cranberry, Xoe KristinGeography & Atmo Science5
Cole III, AlsonAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Haynes, Lacy CCustodial Services5
Bell, RayVon JeromeCustodial Services5
Stewart, Steven DuaneCustodial Services5
Gordon, Kristina AnneHealth Sport &Exercise Science5
Newman, Jessica NicholeCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5
Song, ShuangCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5
Linder, Stephen JosephBusiness Administration5
Mars, Christine IBureau of Child Research5
Orem, Mary ChristineAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Newell, Bradley JPharmacy Practice5
Shaver, Chad MatthewSocial Welfare5
Torkelson, David AlvinFS Maintenance Services5
Kerich, SuzyOffice of Research5
McWard, Christine CynthiaLibraries-General5
Gentrup, PatriciaSchool of Public Affairs&Admin5
Williams, Roger WOffice of Research5
Christensen, Kimberly JoMarketing5
Bonner, Wesley WilsonInformation Technology5
Williams, Scott MorrisInformation Technology5
Saline, Clinton SEnvironment Health & Safety5
Sadler, Bradley WOffice of Admissions5
Monaghan, Erin KayFinancial Services5
Stipetich IV, John RyanKU Police Department5
Cowart, Timothy AustinCustodial Services5
Randol, Sarah DawnAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Hoover, Jeremy SLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5
Fortner, Nathan AEngineering Administration5
Kim-Crespi, Kristina EunbokEd Leadership & Policy Studies5
Cardiff, Jeromy AustinInformation Technology5
Wrigley, Lindsay ErinUndergraduate Biology Program5
Wiggins, Roger ACustodial Services5
Edwinson, Angela LouiseTransportation Services5
Baranski, John AInformation Technology5
Traul, James HFS Maintenance Services5
Ward, Lynn MicheleBiodiversity Institute5
Weiler, Elizabeth LynnFinancial Aid & Scholarships5
Ronan, SeleneHuman Resource Management5
Lewis, Stacie DawnBureau of Child Research5
Akin, Randall DavidFS Maintenance Services5
Bremby, Jevan OliverAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Ostrander, Elizabeth MarieLied Center5
Falk, Michael WBusiness5
McKinney, Kristy LouiseOffice of Research5
Morgan, Amanda LeighAcademic/Professional Programs5
Hopper, Zachary RAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Frank, Amanda EInst for Policy & Social Res5
Gonzales, Carl Anthony BalandraKansas Geological Survey5
Corbitt, Austin BryceInformation Technology5
Annas, Amanda ClaireEnrollment Mgmt Services5
Battiston, Matthew MarioGlobal Operations5
Wegley, Kayla ElizabethPhysics and Astronomy5
Keenan, Kathryn MaureenHousing Office Administration5
Liming, Kiley WalkerSocial Welfare5
Sims, Megan ElayneBiodiversity Institute5
Hoover, Jeffrey CAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Hamil, Oliver QuinnPhysics and Astronomy5
Peterson, Daniel JonJayhawk Academic Advising5
Tyler-Milholland, Brittney NicoleCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5
Ortiz, Kelsey RBureau of Child Research5
Raybern, Tia CheyenneVisual Art5
Naemi Jimenez, PegahSocial Welfare5
Chaney, Lauren KayCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5
Nygren, Kathryn LouiseSchool of Public Affairs&Admin5
Yilmaz, Ahmet AliInformation Technology5
Zhu, HongdaCtr Enviro Benefical Catalysis5
Bruursema, Rachel ElizabethAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Mease, Kristina MarieBusiness5
Kamm, Kristin DEngineering Administration5
Auten, Rachel BethStudent Affairs5
Denning, Kathryn AnnHiguchi Biosciences Center5
Halliburton, Colin PepperAudio Reader Program5
Hanna-Peterson, Taylor DanielleSuccess Initiatives5
Snyder, John RobertOffice of Research5
Wallisch, Anna MarieBureau of Child Research5
Cheong, SunyoungVisual Art5
Sampson, Kirk JGlobal Operations5
Wilson Merriman, Sarah JuneUniversity Academic Support Ct5
Krishnan, BhargaviUniversity Academic Support Ct5
Lohrenz, Whitney LAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Dhaliwal, Saminder KaurAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Keegan-Harris, Addison SierraDiversity Equity Inclus Belong5
Mullinix, Kevin JPolitical Science5
Martinson, James KAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Lantz, Jonathan TimothyBureau of Child Research5
Reed, Mary JoInternal Audit5
McAlister, Suzanne WoodAcademic Success5
Guo, LanHiguchi Biosciences Center5
Gregersen, Sabrina CAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Long, Aaron MEnglish5
Marshall, MarissaAudit, Risk & Compliance5
Dowd Kelne, Patricia EileenAudio Reader Program5
Haro Calderon, IndalecioCustodial Services5
Mitchell II, Reginald LewayneFinancial Services5
Stacy, Sarah LynnDole Institute of Politics5
Turner, Lacie ReneeOffice of Research5
Coble-Krings, Lisa MarieTheatre and Dance5
Boone, Kyle WMechanical Engineering5
Lafond, Ashley KayAchievement & Assessment Inst5
Brown, Shay MFinancial Services5
Enclarde, Marina TonishaAcademic/Professional Programs5
Lill, Jeremy BBusiness5
Lubin, Terra KatchinaEcology & Evolutionary Biology5
Sampson, ErinHuman Resource Management5
Neeley, Catherine JaneInternal Audit10
Stewart, Melissa FayeControllers Office10
Mansfield, Adam CharlesLegal Services for Students10
Tapia Takaki, Jesus DanielPhysics and Astronomy10
Troutman, John RobertCounseling/Psych Svcs10
Tamerler Behar, CandanOffice of Research10
Maeng, AhreumBusiness10
Leonard, Kevin CharlesChemical & Petroleum Engr10
Lepage, AndresCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering10
Lequesne, Remy DCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering10
Li, JianCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering10
Tran, Dai QuangCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering10
Yun, HeechulElectrical Engr & Comp Science10
Liu, LinMechanical Engineering10
Osborn, Bradley ThomasMusic10
Chen, Yi ChunJournalism10
Tosta, Antonio LucianoCtr Global & Internatl Studies10
Stiller, Maya Kerstin HyunHistory of Art10
Nutting, Eileen SPhilosophy10
Robins, Sarah KathleenPhilosophy10
Chernetsky, Vitaly ASlavic, German, Eurasian Stdie10
Linden, Ariel SSlavic, German, Eurasian Stdie10
Sikes, Benjamin AlanEcology & Evolutionary Biology10
Jiang, YunfengMathematics10
Rivers, Trevor JUndergraduate Biology Program10
Cai, ZongwuEconomics10
Avdan, NazliPolitical Science10
Miller, Patrick RyanPolitical Science10
Lyles, Lindsey WardSchool of Public Affairs&Admin10
Zhao, LiqinPharmacology & Toxicology10
Sanders, Precious DCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci10
Temple, Amanda MarieCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci10
Shin, Tiffany RPharmacy Practice10
Krause, Rachel MSchool of Public Affairs&Admin10
Lane, Bradley WSchool of Public Affairs&Admin10
Chao, HaiyangAerospace Engineering10
Melton, Brittany LPharmacy Practice10
Nelson, Amy ChristineOffice of Admissions10
Woodring, Dane RussellInformation Technology10
Walters, James RichmondEcology & Evolutionary Biology10
Price, Shaunna MaeSpecial Education10
Kurth, Jennifer ASpecial Education10
Branicky, Michael SElectrical Engr & Comp Science10
Glor, Richard ElliottEcology & Evolutionary Biology10
Anderson, Penny KayOLeary SSC10
Dean, Justin LAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Marker, Andrew TInformation Technology10
Rasmussen, Neil MartinInformation Technology10
Spavin, Kelly ChristineApplied Behavioral Science10
Varner, Kathleen DaleHuman Resource Management10
Funke, Jodi LOperations Business Office10
Ruhter, Lindsay ChristineAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Anderson, Jennifer Nicole GalliIntegrity & Compliance10
Abernathy, Heather MishellEngineering Administration10
Peterson, Leland RogerBureau of Child Research10
Ashworth, Lewis RCustodial Services10
Strange, April M BlackmonMilitary-Affiliated Student Ct10
Mango, Susan ElaineLied Center10
Dye, Kent SCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering10
Wilson, Michelle DeniseAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Ross, Craig AFS Maintenance Services10
Rush, Rodney JoeFS Maintenance Services10
Coles, Ashley Jeanette HarrisOffice of Research10
Steinle, Sean DavidAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes10
Vassar, John BarrettFS Maintenance Services10
Carver, AaronInformation Technology10
Chamberlain, Stephanie JoChemistry10
Levenson, Steven JEnvironment Health & Safety10
Cox, Logan QuinnFS Maintenance Services10
Iniguez-Urrutia, PatriciaAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Barnhardt, Zachary WilliamFS Maintenance Services10
Hunt, Annie MaeAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Wood, Amber ReneeDole Institute of Politics10
McKenna, JacquelineHousing Office Administration10
Johnson, Aletra AAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Karvonen, Meagan RheaAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Barton, Elizabeth MaySocial Welfare10
Fowler, Joan AnnetteTransportation Services10
Thompson, Ryan NathanielEnvironment Health & Safety10
Edwards III, Robert AAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Evans, Ann PrattOsher10
Richardson, David WayneCustodial Services10
Nelson, Keeli NHuman Resource Management10
Reeder, Eliott MHall Center for the Humanities10
Whitecotton, Ramia MichelleProcurement Services10
Lauer, Cameron JamesCustodial Services10
Mattes, Pamela KayAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Colistra, Joseph JArchitecture Design10
Chan, Wai-LunPhysics and Astronomy10
Curran, John ArthurAudit, Risk & Compliance10
Klepper, Caitlin Rose DonnellyLibraries-General10
Karim, Farhan SArchitecture Design10
Duke, Amy ElizabethSpencer Museum of Art10
Glatter, Leonard DCustodial Services10
Benton, Krista NoelleOffice of Research10
Brentano, Paul SInformation Technology10
Bracciano, Diane LynnOLeary SSC10
Grammer, Dylan ScottRecreation Services10
Bergman, Patricia SEconomic Development10
Ebeling, Steven EugeneInformation Technology10
Woody, David GayleCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering10
Swinburne Romine, Russell EvanAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Wettlaufer, Shawn WInternational Support Services10
Gaumer, Rex Glenn BlakelyChemical & Petroleum Engr10
Buller, Jennifer WelchAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Redeker, Jean MProvost Office10
Boley, Lucas KOLeary SSC10
White, Laurie EilanOffice of Research10
Gates, Aaron EAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Severin, Loretta RossillonAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Tidwell, Matthew ReedJournalism10
Jones, Cynthia AOffice of Admissions10
Walker, Cynthia RaeOffice of Research10
Butcher, Cal JJournalism10
Spencer, Timothy AOffice of Research10
Tallchief, Dawn PorterUndergraduate Research10
Coulter, Seth LCustodial Services10
Goetz, Lee ChristopherLaw Enforcement Training Ctr10
Stephen, Lisa MonteithAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Vakilbahrami, NiloufarArchitecture Design10
Mitchiner, Melinda SBureau of Child Research10
Raney, Jennifer AnnKansas Geological Survey10
Stone, Sydney MarieOffice of Admissions10
Stewart, Joy AshleyCarruth SSC10
Gutsch, Lori KFinancial Services10
Rose, Janet SteinJournalism10
Parks, Stephanie LSpecial Education10
Brown, Anthony MFS Maintenance Services10
Alfers, Brian WithamCustodial Services10
Cloar, Elizabeth TPublic Affairs10
Trefry IV, John HaroldArchitecture Design10
Leyerzapf, Amy B.Inst for Leadership Studies10
Reiter, Teresa MCarruth SSC10
Vaughn Jr, Phillip AFS Maintenance Services10
Maly, Amanda KayAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Warnock, Jon DInformation Technology10
Kamatuka, Himeezembi TjavarivaJournalism10
Gharst, Jeremy AaronInformation Technology10
Collins, Jana LChancellor's Office10
Chappel, JuliaBusiness10
Bass, Jordan RobertHealth Sport &Exercise Science10
Sprague-Jones, JessicaAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Herynk, James WAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Mignacca, Jill MariettaCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci10
Powell, Brian DoddInformation Technology10
Mantyla, Daniel JKansas Public Radio10
Coleman-Tempel, Lauren ElizabethAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Deboer, Joshua DeanCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci10
Vartia, Anthony ACenter for Teaching Excellence10
Grosse, Aaron LeeFS Maintenance Services10
Quijas, Matthew RobertOffice of Research10
Kohler, Breana MicheleInformation Technology10
Jones, Michael EdwardFS Maintenance Services10
Murray, Julie NumrichChancellor's Office10
Carlson, Juliana MarieSocial Welfare10
Smith, William LEcology & Evolutionary Biology10
Mackey, MarSue AnnBusiness Administration10
Stringer, Jessica LynnJayhawk Academic Advising10
Babalola, Nicole YCurriculum & Teaching10
Havens, Eric ShawnInformation Technology10
Runge, Justin DavidCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci10
Quick, Joshua KRecycling Services10
Holland, Anna ChristineInst for Policy & Social Res10
Taylor, Charlie ClayCustodial Services10
Herda, Ashley AnnHealth Sport &Exercise Science10
Hancock, Lynn ErnestMolecular Biosciences10
Abdullayev, Amy Kajsa ClarkAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Bricker, Brett JCommunication Studies10
Gibbons, John WElectrical Engr & Comp Science10
Murphy, Sheila MEnglish10
Brox, Alison MEnvironmental Studies Program10
Patton, Tom EBusiness10
Hanson Abromeit, Deanna MarieMusic10
Galindau, Daniel RalphBusiness10
Scott, Johanna ElizabethAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Cox, Owen BAchievement & Assessment Inst10
Moore, Craig CFS Maintenance Services10
Smith, Jon JayKansas Geological Survey15
Bradley, Boone C.Business15
Akin, Rebecca AnnSocial Welfare15
Walker, J RichardOffice of Research15
Rissien, Shelley MarleneJewish Studies15
Harry, Michael JAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes15
Bryant, Kathy DeganAchievement & Assessment Inst15
Bigelow, Kathryn M.Bureau of Child Research15
McKee, Jenny ElizabethHealth Education Resource15
McCaffrey, Michael LVisual Art15
Paget, Mindie ReneeOffice of Research15
Hall, Jeffrey ACommunication Studies15
Glover, Kim AngelinaCtr for Online & Distance Lrn15
Thompson, Jomella JameseApplied Behavioral Science15
Sprecker, ArikaUniversity Academic Support Ct15
Kundrotas, PetrasComputational Biology15
Johnson, Jody SJayhawk Academic Advising15
Balthazor, Kari FrancesApplied English Center15
Anderson, Heather AnnCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci15
Grigsby, Ryan JMolecular Structures Group15
Spencer, Kimberly ElizabethLied Center15
Adee, Lee AnnHall Center for the Humanities15
Hackathorn, Jaclyn LucretiaFinancial Services15
Jackson, Allan BennettInformation Technology15
Roe, Lindsey JoChemistry15
Cole, Kathleen MInformation Technology15
McAfee, Nora IInternational Support Services15
Allen, Peony LorraineCtr for Research on Learning15
Denton, Mishelle NikayStudent Information Systems15
Foat, Courtney DyanLibraries-General15
Leatherman, Sharon LCareer & Experiential Learning15
Best, Mark RBusiness15
Compton-Munoz, Michelle LSelf Graduate Programs15
Peterie, Shelby LynnKansas Geological Survey15
Eltschinger, Michel JosephAchievement & Assessment Inst15
Floyd, Russell KeithCounseling/Psych Svcs15
Lemma, Mulubrhan EvangelineAchievement & Assessment Inst15
Arensberg, Deanne GayleChancellor's Office15
McCluskey, John MerrillFilm and Media Studies15
Shadrick, Jacob AshleyMechanical Engineering15
Jelks, Randal MauriceAmerican Studies15
Hensley, Kristen NoelEducational Psychology15
Moriarty, Laura EugeniaEnglish15
Sauciuc, LisaMarieSociology15
Johnson, Jay T.Geography & Atmo Science15
Nuckolls, Kathleen ReneeEnvironmental Studies Program15
Keim, Joseph LCustodial Services15
Cordell, Stacy KristaAcademic/Professional Programs15
Short, Andrew E ZEcology & Evolutionary Biology15
Barker, Sean MInformation Technology15
Hadley, Sean DEnvironment Health & Safety15
Oakley, Christine EHiguchi Biosciences Center15
McDonald, Peter RyanHiguchi Biosciences Center15
Wintoki, Modupe BabajideBusiness15
Reynolds, Matthew REducational Psychology15
Luo, BoElectrical Engr & Comp Science15
Yang, XinmaiMechanical Engineering15
Schieberle, MistyEnglish15
Perelmutter, ReneeJewish Studies15
Li, YanEast Asian Languages&Cultures15
Blumenstiel, Justin PEcology & Evolutionary Biology15
Warf, Barney LouisGeography & Atmo Science15
Marshall, Craig PatrickGeology15
Rankey, Eugene CGeology15
Dao, Hai LongMathematics15
Oakley, Berl RayMolecular Biosciences15
Rudnick, Gregory HPhysics and Astronomy15
Sabarwal, TarunEconomics15
Collier, PattyHilltop Child Development Center15
Hotvedt, ChrisHilltop Child Development Center15
Neidert, Pamela LynnApplied Behavioral Science15
Molina, Ludwin EPsychology15
Woszidlo, Alesia DianeInst for Leadership Studies15
Davis, Richard MarkFinancial Services15
Aureli, Bonny BAchievement & Assessment Inst15
Hunter-Skidmore, Jenna MargaretStudy Abroad and Global Engmt15
Kim, ChanghwanSociology15
Mallik, SumanBusiness15
Johnson, Letha ELibraries-General15
Ostlund, Jeffrey JohnLaw Enforcement Training Ctr15
Paradis, Anna JMusic Administration15
Reinardy, Scott RobertJournalism15
Lewis, Adrian RHistory15
Rohrschneider, Robert JPolitical Science15
Dorsey, Dale EPhilosophy15
Latta, KristineCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci15
Morris, Sara ElizabethLibraries-General15
Barnett, Joel StuartFS Maintenance Services15
Childers, Riley WFS Maintenance Services15
Cook, Terry LCustodial Services15
Brayton, Bethany LynneTransportation Services15
Ellison, Linda LorraineCustodial Services15
Hua, David CChemistry15
Escalante, Christopher DanielInformation Technology15
Broadwell, MichaelLibraries-General15
Fincham, Tennille AInformation Technology15
Monroe-Gulick, Amalia LouiseLibraries-General15
Misra, AnilCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering15
Depcik, Christopher DMechanical Engineering15
Moeller, AndreasGeology15
Olcott Marshall, Alison NikolaGeology15
Bridges, Peter MichaelFS Maintenance Services15
Forth, Christopher EdwardHistory15
Richey, Mary AnnBudget Office15
Bennett, Marl LynnCustodial Services15
Contreras, Amanda NicoleHistory15
Johnson, Jammie AnnetteJournalism Administration15
Caton, Christen AnneLibraries-General15
Sudbeck, Kelly DeneLibraries-General15
Ercums, Kris ISpencer Museum of Art15
Phares, Meredith ElaineLibraries-General15
Bodle, Lauralyn KFrench, Francophone & Italian20
Byrd-Stadler, Gina MOffice of Admissions20
Emmett, Laura AdaUniversity Ombuds20
Brown, Michael DeanFS Maintenance Services20
Daniels, Luke G.FS Maintenance Services20
Campaneris, CarmenLibraries-General20
Kumin, Mary Margaret HeimovicsMarketing20
Racy, Robert EugeneCarruth SSC20
Sanchez, Tacie LCustodial Services20
Baker, Whitney SLibraries-General20
Tompkins, Holly OruthMusic20
Larzalere, William CLegal Services for Students20
Applegarth, Andrew WInformation Technology20
Heil, Vivian JeanCtr for Research on Learning20
Six, Irina AnatolyevnaSlavic, German, Eurasian Stdie20
Buffalomeat, Ray DeanInformation Technology20
Nunez, Sophia Y.Custodial Services20
Wilbur, Candi CaeOffice of Research20
Li, XingongGeography & Atmo Science20
Neufeld, Kristi LMolecular Biosciences20
Rolf, Daniel EArchitecture Design20
Cooper, Joel RLibraries-General20
Druen, James HKU Police Department20
Hardy, Saralyn ReeceSpencer Museum of Art20
Miller, Brent E.Kansas Geological Survey20
Arellano, Travis EugeneBusiness Administration20
Hasvold, Carl LCustodial Services20
Payne, Leslie AnnCustodial Services20
Shoemaker, Andrew JUniversity Academic Support Ct20
Zogry, Michael JReligious Studies20
Yoakum, Katrina MarieControllers Office20
Lewis, Melinda KaySocial Welfare20
Metz, Brent ELatin Amer & Caribbean Studies20
Tsoflias, Georgios PGeology20
Seibel, Lana MSpecial Education20
Shoemaker, Wendy SueCareer & Experiential Learning20
Ostreko, Amanda LynnEnrollment Mgmt Services20
Pokphanh, Roberta J.International Affairs Admin20
Ware, Stephen JordanLaw School20
Schultz, Kurt StephenRussian E Euro & Eurasian Std20
Zhang, JieLinguistics20
Garstka, Teri AnnAchievement & Assessment Inst20
Bhala, Rakesh KLaw School20
Pfannenstiel, Erin LeaLibraries-General20
Yeakly, Steven LCED-Marketing & Communications20
Casavant, Michele MEducation Administration20
L'Heureux, Marie-AliceArchitecture Design20
Gehrke, Stevin HenryChemical & Petroleum Engr20
Leisring, Stephen WeilandMusic20
Dickey, Stephen McCartneySlavic, German, Eurasian Stdie20
Billings, Sharon AleneEcology & Evolutionary Biology20
Kennedy, John JamesPolitical Science20
Zhang, Yan BingCommunication Studies20
Desnoyers, Adam O'NeilEnglish20
Bergeron, Lisa JeanBusiness20
Noonan, Patricia MercedesCtr for Research on Learning20
Rowland, Amber LynnCtr for Research on Learning20
Falin, Zachary H.Biodiversity Institute20
Pence, RayAmerican Studies20
Smith, Ann ElizabethOffice of Research20
Terry, Leesa DPsychology20
Gibson, Christopher MInformation Technology20
McEathron, Scott RLibraries-General20
Roderick Jr, Thomas NInformation Technology20
Doll, Michael PInformation Technology20
Murray, Michael JosephPhysics and Astronomy20
Suchy, Nicole GonthierHiguchi Biosciences Center20
Steffan, Patricia SSchool of Pharmacy25
Lamer, Geri ReneeInternational Short Programs25
Lovett, JimKS Biological Survey25
Sexton, Cynthia JoyPsychology25
Hatton, Douglas JLibraries-General25
Morgison, Ronda KayCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering25
Glauner, Jonathan DInformation Technology25
Berardo, Marcellino A.Applied English Center25
Durham, Tammara LStudent Affairs25
Otter, Erin LeighUniversity Registrar25
Zerngast, Derrick JohnKansas Unions-Campus Dining25
de Vries, MargrettaTransportation Services25
Gagnon, Glennon FrancisKansas Geological Survey25
Scott, DonnellChemistry25
Levy, Michelle MarieSocial Welfare25
Atwood, David L.FS Maintenance Services25
Jernberg, Christopher WilliamOperations Business Office25
Herries, Gregory KeithCustodial Services25
Ginavan Hayes, Michelle LynnEaton Hall SSC25
Krone, Jason MRecreation Services25
Stewart, Aimee MarianBiodiversity Institute25
Jakubauskas, Mark EdwardEnvironmental Studies Program25
DeVillier, Stephen DonaldTransportation Services25
Perkins, Mary LCarruth SSC25
Mazza, Stephen W.Law Administration25
Hulet, Michael S.Institute Information Sciences25
Loats, William AlbertInformation Technology25
Chambers, Teri MichelleBiodiversity Institute25
Hale, Richard DAerospace Engineering25
Marco, Margaret RoseMusic Administration25
Orosco, Joe ELibraries-General25
Komp, Edward EugeneInstitute Information Sciences25
Medina, Mario AntonioEngineering Administration25
Parsons, Robert LeeCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering25
Anatol, Giselle LEnglish25
Welch, Tara S.Classics25
Kelly, John KEcology & Evolutionary Biology25
Lieberman, Bruce SEcology & Evolutionary Biology25
Bangere, Purnaprajna Panduranga RaoMathematics25
Vicente, Marta ValentinHistory25
Hout, Jennifer LynnOffice of Admissions25
Burnham, DavidBiodiversity Institute25
Ogle, Mark RichardCustodial Services25
Cunningham, Zeke M.KU Police Department25
Delisle, Jennifer MarieKS Biological Survey25
Shaw, Lisa L.Music Administration30
Klayder, Mary AEnglish30
Nace, Mark S.Information Technology30
DePardo, Daniel LouisInstitute Information Sciences30
Weinberg, Jennifer J.Information Technology30
Royer, ShannonLibraries-General30
Huettenmueller, Richard LeeStrong Hall SSC30
Kaser, AaronFS Maintenance Services30
MacNally, Susan E.Office of Research30
Davis, Larry T.FS Maintenance Services30
Wallace, Christopher E.Operations Business Office30
Smith, Celeste M.Counseling/Psych Svcs30
Schiefelbusch, Jean M.Bureau of Child Research30
Lasnier, Mark RLibraries-General30
Tharp, Amelia AnnOffice of Admissions30
Hall, Karen AnnPharmaceutical Chemistry30
Peterson, Andrew TownsendEcology & Evolutionary Biology30
Rossillon, Jon M.Environment Health & Safety30
Fitzgerald, Barry T.Design30
Joseph, KissanBusiness30
Benson Jr, David RichardChemistry30
Herlihy, Peter HarryGeography & Atmo Science30
Bean, Alice LouisePhysics and Astronomy30
Besson, David ZekePhysics and Astronomy30
Wu, Judy ZhihongPhysics and Astronomy30
Vernberg, Eric MorrisonApplied Behavioral Science30
McAllister, Stephen R.Law School30
Rule, Martin CliffordAchievement & Assessment Inst30
LaFever, Kimberly AnneAcademic Success30
Naughtin, Paula WJayhawk Academic Advising30
Robbins, Mark BlairBiodiversity Institute30
Christilles, Dennis P.Theatre and Dance30
Underwood, Janet GailFinancial Services35
Riner, Mary FrancesFinancial Services35
Reed, Marianne AletheLibraries-General35
Lindeman, David P.Bureau of Child Research35
Ermey, Randall VanceInformation Technology35
Grady, Tony L.Bureau of Child Research35
Hicks, Pamela JaneAcademic/Professional Programs35
Vannaman, Madi T.Human Resource Management35
Bayer, Margaret M.Mathematics35
Jordan, Luke SamuelVisual Art35
Bulgren, Janis AnnCtr for Research on Learning35
Riley, Rita K.Music Administration35
Kinder, Steven C.Information Technology35
Orth-Alfie, Carmen ELibraries-General35
Hartzell, Jimmy DeanHousing Office Administration35
Bays, Gailyn C.Information Technology35
Freeman, Craig CarlKS Biological Survey35
Weston, Alexander L.Theatre and Dance35
Bohling, Geoffrey C.Kansas Geological Survey35
Baker, Nancy K.Information Technology35
Brown, Debbie L.Transportation Services35
Chauvin, KeithBusiness35
Gordon, PamelaClassics35
Muehlenhard, Charlene L.Women Gender & Sexuality Stds35
Mandal, SatyagopalMathematics35
Cravens, Thomas EdwardPhysics and Astronomy35
Spreckelmeyer, Antha C.College of Liberal Arts & Sci35
Saunders, Kathryn J.Bureau of Child Research35
Hough, James MichaelFS Maintenance Services35
Gehrke, Shelley L.Bureau of Child Research35
Ledom, Karen J.College of Liberal Arts & Sci35
Fay, Douglas PatrickCarruth SSC40
Carter, Debra L.Carruth SSC40
Sinclair, Michael R.Recreation Services40
Robinson, Suzanne MarieSpecial Education40
Miller, Richard D.Kansas Geological Survey40
Padget, StevenArchitecture Design45
Rice, Mabel LyddonSpeech-Language-Hearing45
Shenoy, Prakash P.Business45
Acker, David W.Intercollegiate Athletics45
Gaddie, Timothy NeilKU Memorial Unions5
Liu, FangKU Memorial Unions5
Willis, Paige AnnKU Memorial Unions5
Cruz Reyes, Issa GisselKU Memorial Unions5
Peterson, John PatrickKU Memorial Unions5
Jorgensen, Christopher WayneKU Memorial Unions5
Perala, Martha LouiseKU Memorial Unions5
Lee, Justin DavidKU Memorial Unions5
Richardson, Scott JamesKU Memorial Unions5
Lane, Brian KeithKU Memorial Unions10
Leland, Alex PaigeKU Memorial Unions10
Long, Jarrod WayneKU Memorial Unions10
Herod, Travis DanielKU Memorial Unions10
See, Michael CharlesKU Memorial Unions10
Pittman, Seth T.KU Memorial Unions10
Wilkinson, Anthony JeromeKU Memorial Unions10
Chavez, Michael HumbertoKU Memorial Unions10
Seele, Janet KayKU Memorial Unions10
Turner, Susan MarieKU Memorial Unions10
Camastro, Anthony ChristopherKU Memorial Unions10
Adamson, Bobby JoeKU Memorial Unions35
Rourke, James T.KU Memorial Unions15
Coleman, Jason AlanKU Memorial Unions15
Ptacek, Brian C.KU Memorial Unions15
Barnes, Rachel LKU Memorial Unions15
Catoe-Jess, Patricia NeilKU Memorial Unions15
Phares, Vicki LynnKU Memorial Unions25
Powell, Damian E.KU Memorial Unions25
Whetstone, Jeremy JKU Memorial Unions25
Maranell, MarkKU Memorial Unions40
Peterson, William HeathAlumni Association20
Nachtigal, Jodi DAlumni Association15
Riffey-Storey, AngieAlumni Association15
Lacle, KristiAlumni Association5
Graham, HowardAlumni Association15
Ianello, RobertKansas Athletics5
Quartlebaum Jr.,Fred RKansas Athletics10
Chapman,Charles ToddKansas Athletics10
Reed II,David GlennKansas Athletics10
Krauz,Sara ReneeKansas Athletics15
Lester,Sean RKansas Athletics20
Betz,Jennifer AnneKansas Athletics20
Self,Bill EKansas Athletics20
Hayes,Brad G.Kansas Athletics20
Dooley,JosephKansas Athletics20
Robinson,MichelleKansas Athletics25
Bechard,Raymond BKansas Athletics25
Berquist,Jennifer KayeKansas Athletics25
Vander Tuig,Paul RKansas Athletics30
Buskirk,PaulKansas Athletics35
Stephens,Joan P.Kansas Athletics40
Quick, Glenn E.Kansas Athletics20
Hershiser, CraigKansas Athletics5
Thornton, Paul W.Kansas Athletics5
Leslie, James "Andy"Kansas Athletics5
Ward, ScottKansas Ahtletics25