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Employee Relations

  • Ergonomics — This website includes a helpful video and a self-assessment to assist you in properly adjusting chairs, desks, and computer equipment. If you are interested in a workspace ergonomic assessment, contact for a virtual meeting.
  • Goals, feedback and performance management
    • Because employee work designations are changing and teams may not all be in the same location, HR recommends that employee and team goals be modified to reflect expectations about communication, priorities and project progress. A consultation on modifying goals and expectations, can be accommodated by contacting to work with a member of the Employee Relations team.
    • If an employee or supervisor has questions or concerns about expectations, communication and priorities related to work location, please contact to talk with a member of Employee Relations team.

EAP – Remote Work Resources

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers many resources addressing a variety of topics. There is a special toolkit with videos, articles, and checklists for all aspects of remote work, including communication, mental health, work-life balance, internet security, and tax implications.

KU Information Technology


What You Need to Know to Manage Virtual Teams – Karlyn Borysenko

Karlyn presented this webinar at the beginning of the pandemic, and the recorded content is still relevant. It includes great information about the importance of communication when working remotely. It is aimed at supervisors, but much of the content is relevant for remote workers as well.


Gallup – Workplace Insights

In addition to studying leadership, employee engagement, and strengths (CliftonStrenghts), the Gallup organization has been researching remote work for decades. They regularly publish their insights in free, easy-to-read articles that contain practical tips for both supervisors and employees.

Suggested articles:

Remote Leadership Institute

The Remote Leadership Institute provides resources to help organizations and individual leaders create human connections and achieve great results no matter where their teams are located. Many of the resources are free, including whitepapers, podcasts, newsletters, and the RLI Blog. Remote workers may also find helpful information here, especially in the RLI Blog. They have several free videos available on their YouTube Channel.

Suggested articles:

Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review publishes articles on a wide range of topics. You can read a few articles for free on their website, and you can access others through KU Libraries.

Suggested articles: