Funeral Leave

Bereavement leave is considered paid leave that can be used to manage affairs related to the death of a close relative or a qualified adult. Eligible employees can utilize up to six days of bereavement leave per occurrence.  Factors of relationships and necessary travel time will be considered in determining the proper amount of time that will be granted.  Requests for bereavement leave will be acted upon the department head.


Faculty and staff members who are in regular positions are eligible for bereavement leave.  Temporary employees are not eligible for bereavement leave.  Bereavement leave for University Support Staff (USS) covered by a bargaining unit will be granted for close relatives as specified in the applicable Memorandum of Agreement.

Requesting Leave

After verbal approval from your supervisor or department head, enter your absence request in HR/Pay (

Additional Information

For more information and conditions regarding bereavement leave, please visit the Bereavement Leave Policy.