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Job Title Job Code Job Description and Minimum Qualifications Employee Classification Salary Grade Minimum Salary Maximum Salary Job Family Position Description EEO - Job Groupsort descending
Assistant Provost/Professor 018900 F-Faculty n/a $0 $0 1B-Executive and Academic Officer
Assoc Dean/Assoc Professor 020400 F-Faculty n/a $0 $0 1C-Senior Administrative Officers
Assoc Dean/Asst Professor 020600 F-Faculty n/a $0 $0 1C-Senior Administrative Officers
Chief Audit Executive 000648

Independently reviews and evaluates the adequacy of the system of University financial accounting and controls, prepares an annual audit plan based on an assessment of the various risks associated with University operations, makes appropriate recommendations to management, and develops a plan to improve controls based on system testing and control analysis. Manages staff and participates in complex financial, operational, IT, and compliance audits of institutional risk, governance and control processes in accordance with professional internal auditing standards and practices for all university campuses. Oversees work to accomplish investigations. Advises management and leadership concerning the work and to convey results. Oversees all administrative aspects of the Office, including fiscal budgeting, financial transactions, and personnel.  Supervises staff and/or students. #Master¿s degree in business or related area from an accredited college/university.  Current professional certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and at least 20 semester hours (or equivalent) of accounting.  At least ten years of progressive internal and/or external audit experience in a variety of complex activities.  At least three years of audit supervisory experience.

U-Unclassified Professional Staff A16 $120,015 $192,025 Administrative / Management 1C-Senior Administrative Officers
Assist. Vice Provost/Librarian 0A9456

Serves at the behest of a vice provost to assist the chief executive officer of an academic, research or administrative function of a university campus. Covers a more defined perspective than the Associate level. Persons being considered for appointment or promotion to this rank shall have at least five years of successful academic library experience at the Associate Librarian or its equivalent. They shall have demonstrated superior professional performance in a successful and developing career. In addition, they shall have a record of research and service demonstrating significant achievement in the field. Tenure is normally recommended if initial appointment is made at this rank. The faculty rank is equivalent to full professor.

F-Faculty n/a $0 $0 1C-Senior Administrative Officers
Chief Financial Officer 000649

Accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the multiple sites for the University, to include the development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve assets and report accurate financial results. Supervises staff. #Master¿s degree and 10 years of related experience.

U-Unclassified Professional Staff A18 $176,627 $291,434 Administrative / Management 1C-Senior Administrative Officers
AsstViceChanc/AssocProfessor 0A9491

Senior administrator and faculty member in a university setting who is responsible for managing a campus wide program(s) that affect faculty, staff and/or students. Generally reports to an Associate Vice Chancellor or Vice Chancellor and performs instruction, research and service in an institution of higher education. Intermediate level faculty position. May be eligible for tenure track through the promotion and tenure process and sabbatical leave for the academic portion (professor) non administrative duties. Ph.D. is required or equivalent terminal degree.

F-Faculty n/a $0 $0 1C-Senior Administrative Officers
Director Major Division/School 000658

Provides strategic direction, leadership, and overall management of a major academic, support, administrative or student services department with campus-wide and/or statewide scope for its programs, projects, functions, and/or processes. Conceptualizes and develops unit strategies, policies and procedures. Assures unit effectiveness and accountability. Responsible for departmental allocation of fiscal and human resources. Scope of authority and decisions may have broad institutional impact. Interacts with the public and/or legislative constituents to represent the unit/organization. May work with donors to develop funding resources and programs that have broad outreach to public constituents and Kansas residents. May have capital project oversight or responsibility. Supervises two or more full-time staff or equivalent. #Master¿s degree and 5 years of related experience or Bachelor¿s degree and 7 years of related experience in the field. Five years of progressive leadership responsibility. Seven years supervisory experience.

U-Unclassified Professional Staff A15 $100,013 $160,021 Administrative / Management 1C-Senior Administrative Officers
Director of IOA/Title IX Coord 000660

Responsible for directing the institution's compliance with federal and state discrimination and sexual harassment laws. Responsibilities may include providing educational programs regarding discrimination and sexual harassment prevention; responding to, investigating and seeking resolution to allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment; selecting and overseeing sexual harassment advisors who serve as additional information resources on issues of sexual harassment; training student peer educators to facilitate discussions with other students on sexual harassment. Supervises students and/or staff. May write grants. Participates as a leader on campuses committees. Creates and disseminates outreach programs and throughout campus through various media sources. #Master¿s degree or a JD in a related field and 5 years related experience. 7 years of supervisory experience and 5 years of progressive leadership responsibilities.

U-Unclassified Professional Staff A15 $100,013 $160,021 Administrative / Management 1C-Senior Administrative Officers
Assistant Vice Chancellor 000588

Develops and implements strategic direction and provides leadership and overall administration of a major area(s) of responsibility, campus-wide or state-wide scope for its programs, projects, functions, programs, and/or processes. Assures unit effectiveness and accountability. May collaborate with industry contacts to foster university programs. May be responsible for allocation of fiscal and human resources for an Area of Responsibility (ARSP). Supervises staff. #Master¿s degree and five years of related experience OR a PhD and three years of related experience.

U-Unclassified Professional Staff A15 $100,013 $160,021 Administrative / Management 1C-Senior Administrative Officers


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