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Time Reporting Methods

Time Collection Methods are ways in which hourly employees report hours worked via Web Clock (via mobile or non-mobile) or Timeshee:

Hourly (non-exempt, overtime eligible) employee's have the responsibility to:

  • report actual time worked by the end of each workweek;
  • submit absence request by the end of each workweek.

Each employee is to record their own time as the individual’s Employee ID is stored along with the date and time stamp.  This ID is used for audit purposes and agreement to actual hours worked.

You can access the Web Clock and Timesheet from any device that can connect to the internet. You must have a KU Online ID registered with KU Information Technology in order to report your time and leave in the system. You must have a valid KU Online ID in order to report your time and absence in the system.  You must also initially sign in to the HR/Pay system to have your security and supervisor assigned to your time and absence reporting.

  • If you use a clock method for reporting, your clock in time is rounded.  Please refer to the Time Rounding Chart for examples and more information.
  •  Payable hours and Absence takes must be in .25 hour increments per the State of Kansas. 
    • For clock users an HR/Pay process is run which converts the clock time to .25 increments. (see Time Rounding Chart)  
    •  For timesheet reporters the employee must enter their own time in .25 increments.
  • Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), if you are a salaried employee and need to report time worked that is not used for pay, you can use the timesheet method.
    • Some non-benefits salaried employees may need to report hours worked on a timesheet for ACA; this time is not used for pay.
    • All remaining hourly employee will also use the Timesheet method.
    • For more information about the ACA, please visit ACA & KU Employees.
  • Hourly employees may be changed from a timesheet to a clock method by Human Resource Management.
  • Hourly employees may be changed from the general methods outlined above as approved by Human Resources.

What Time Collection Method Should You Use?

Your employment type determines the time collection method you are to use for reporting worked time:

Employee Type Type Time & Labor
Regular Staff (USS, UPS etc.) Hourly Timesheet
Regular Staff (USS, UPS) Premium Pay Hourly WebClock 
Temporary (USS, UPS, Students etc.) Hourly WebClock
Regular Staff (USS, UPS etc.) Salaried Timesheet required for ACA reporting (non benefits eligible)
Regular Faculty Salaried Timesheet required for ACA reporting (non benefits eligible)
Temporary Faculty Salaried Timesheet required for ACA reporting 
Temporary Students (GA, GTA, GRA) Salaried Timesheet required for ACA reporting (not applicable to Graduate Research Assistants and Residential Graduate Assistants) 

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