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Leave & Holidays

Learn about vacation leave, sick leave, paid holidays, family and medical leave, shared leave, and other leave programs offered to eligible employees.


Information about paid holidays, including the current holiday schedule and information about the Discretionary Day and Veterans' Day.

Vacation Leave

Information about the University's vacation policy, including accrual and payout information, and instructions for reviewing your vacation balance.

Sick Leave

Information about the University's sick leave policy, including accrual and payout information, and instructions for viewing your vacation balance.

Parental Leave

Information about Parental Leave.

Disaster Service Leave

Information about disaster service leave.

Donor Leave

Information about donor leave.

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

Information about taking family and medical leave.

Flex Time

Information about flex time.

Funeral Leave

Information about bereavement leave.

Jury Duty

Information about jury duty/court leave.

Leave Advancement

Information about leave advancement.

Military Leave

Information about taking paid military leave offered to eligible employees who are called upon to serve in the United States Armed Forces.

Modified Instructional Duties

Information about modified instructional duties.

Sabbatical Leave

Information about the sabbatical leave program for eligible faculty​.

Shared Leave

Information about participating in KU's Shared Leave program.

Voluntary Leave Without Pay with Benefits

Information about KU's Voluntary Leave Without Pay with benefits program.


Information about voting.

Winter Recess

Information about winter recess.

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