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Job Title Table

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Job Title Job Code Job Description and Minimum Qualifications Employee Classification Salary Grade Minimum Salary Maximum Salary Job Familysort descending Position Description EEO - Job Group
Program Dir/Assoc Teaching Professor 000752

Engages in course delivery and instruction; may contribute to course transformation efforts and assessment. Conducts and presents research on teaching and learning and/or typical disciplinary scholarship. Mentors and advises students and provides departmental service. Demonstrates excellence in the application of evidence-based teaching practices in the classroom. Associate Teaching Professor duties must be at a minimum of 30% for the overall appointment. Program Director provides oversight of a specific academic and/or service program for the unit at the main campus or other designated location. Provides strategic direction to lead envision, conceptualize and oversee the design, development and implementation of unit programs to foster engagement in relationship to their academic unit. May supervise staff. Collaborates with professionals, staff, faculty, and students to meet programming objectives. Responsible for programming budget, etc. Education, degrees and experience are equivalent to those of academic faculty at the associate rank. Minimum of three years of leadership experience in directing and managing large scale or complex programs. Not eligible for tenure or to exceed a three year period. Post promotion in rank review emphasizes quality of teaching and instruction techniques, course review, development and delivery along with review of performance for administrative duties. The Program Director portion of the position serves at the pleasure to the supervising administrator to which it reports.

F-Faculty $0 $0
Assistant Curator 025300

Engages in research, public service & teaching in units that support the academic mission. Education, degrees and experience are equivalent to those of academic faculty. Eligible for sabbatical if 100% commitment of state funding. Not eligible for tenure. Promotion emphasizes research & public service

A-Unclassified Academic Staff n/a $0 $0 2B-Academic Staff
Director/Associate Librarian 013102

Manager in charge of a department, unit or program that offers specialized services to limited constituents. Persons considered for appointment or promotion to this rank shall have at least four years successful experience as an assistant librarian or its equivalent. They shall have demonstrated professional competence and potential as evidenced by the ability to understand the needs of library users, to work independently, to make sound decisions to cooperate with colleagues and to assume increasing responsibility. In addition they shall have an appropriate record of research and service contributions. After achieving tenure it is possible to remain at this rank indefinitely. Promotion to Librarian does not normally occur before five years of service at this rank. Failure to achieve promotion to the rank of Librarian does not preclude a later consideration. This faculty rank is equivalent to associate professor.

F-Faculty n/a $0 $0 2A-Academic Faculty
Associate Dean/Professor 020100 F-Faculty n/a $0 $0 1C-Senior Administrative Officers
Senior Scientist/Associate Dir 018005

Serves in an administrative capacity to assist with the direction of operations of a research program while at the same time maintaining academic ranking and conducting research.

A-Unclassified Academic Staff n/a $0 $0 2B-Academic Staff
Prof of Practice/Sr Scientist 024416

Non-tenure track senior level faculty/faculty equivalent who possess the expertise and achievements to provide professional instruction in a manner that brings distinction to the appointing School/College and the University and serves in an administrative capacity to direct the operations of a research program and conducting research. Responsibilities include teaching, engaging in service both within and outside the university, maintaining professional credentials, research, and directing the operations of related research programs in addition to other duties as assigned by unit(s) hierarchy. Adheres to the faculty code of rights, responsibilities and conduct. Should hold the professional degree and licensing/certification in the field (if applicable), established research program and publication record with the additional requirement of significant experience and a distinguished record of achievement in the field. Fixed term of up to 3 years, subsequent limited term appointment of no more than five years may be offered. May serve at the pleasure for academic staff responsibilities and subject to simultaneous review.

F-Faculty n/a $0 $0 2C-Instructional Staff
Assistant Research Professor 022300

Designated as PI by University. Normally title is applicable for duration of grant/contract funding. Not eligible for sabbatical or tenure. Status reviewed annually for continued use of title. Funded by grants & contracts.

A-Unclassified Academic Staff n/a $0 $0 2B-Academic Staff
Director/Associate Professor 013100 F-Faculty n/a $0 $0 2A-Academic Faculty
Associate Director/Professor 016300 F-Faculty n/a $0 $0 2A-Academic Faculty
Senior Scientist/Director 018004

Serves in an administrative capacity to direct the operations of a research program while at the same time maintaining academic ranking and conducting research.

A-Unclassified Academic Staff n/a $0 $0 2B-Academic Staff


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