Plan Ahead for Winter Break - HRM & HR-SSC Reminder

KU will be closed December 26 – January 1 and most employees will have paid leave that week. Human Resources Management (HRM) and the HR Shared Service Center (HR-SSC) will be closed along with most other campus services. In preparation, please note the deadlines below. 

Even though KU will be closed, HR/Pay approvals and pay will still need to be processed. Employees and their supervisors must submit and approve hours worked and absences by the posted deadlines, or paychecks will be delayed or incorrect.

Time and Leave for Hourly Employees & Supervisors:

  • Employees must submit time and absences by Saturday, Dec. 23.
  • Supervisors must approve time and absences by noon on Tuesday, Dec. 26.
  • The Shared Service Center will not provide Tuesday approval reminders.
  • If either deadline is missed, there will be a minimum two-week delay in pay. No supplemental or adjustment “off-cycles” will be processed.
  • The Payroll Office also cannot request paycheck loans for employees during this period, as the KU Endowment will have reduced hours.
  • Full calendar and deadline information is available on the HRM website.
  • Hourly employees approved to take the Winter Break paid leave week during the alternate week (Dec. 17 – 23) must enter their Winter Break hours by Saturday, Dec. 23. (Supervisors will need to do the entry for clock reporters.)
  • Additional guidelines and reporting information for the Winter Break period are available on the HRM website.
  • 2023 Discretionary Day leave for eligible employees will expire if not used by Saturday, Dec. 23, 2023.

Employment Submission Deadlines:

  • Job Postings:  All requisitions must be sent to HRM Employment no later than 5 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 21 for posting prior to the closure. 
  • Recruitment Exceptions:  Personnel Actions or Direct Hire requests with a start date of Dec. 24 through Jan. 5 must be sent to HRM no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 14 for review and processing.
  • Appointment Changes:  Forms (ePAFs, PAFs, and Onboarding Appointment Summaries) to facilitate an employment status change(i.e., New/Rehire, FTE, Salary, Funding, Supervisor, or Termination) are due no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 20 for actions occurring on or before Dec. 23.

Onboarding Hours:

The HR-SSC will continue to hold onboarding appointments for new hires through Friday, Dec. 22, and will resume onboarding activities on Tuesday, Jan. 2.  Processing of new hire documents will be prioritized based on effective date and the Appointment Change deadline noted above.

We wish everyone a week of rest and reflection as we look back at 2023 and ahead to a new year.