Performance Goal Alignment with Jayhawks Rising Objectives

Introduction to Jayhawks Rising

Our success as an AAU research-intensive institution requires strategic alignment across the organization, with each of us being focused on our role, collaborative in our interactions with each other, and purposeful in the activities we engage in to achieve our goals.  Jayhawks Rising is the University’s institutional strategic plan that is designed to provide research and academic programs that build on the latest advancements in knowledge and meet the needs of our state, our region, the nation, and the world. The framework is organized around three institutional priorities and thirteen supporting objectives that is designed to create a clear and ambitious direction to fulfill our mission as a university.

Jayhawks Rising Framework

Strategic alignment to how the work we do fulfills the University’s mission of educating leaders, building healthy communities, and making discoveries that change the world.     

Employee goals fit within department goal, which fit within Jayhawks rising and the university mission.

Professional and Position Goal Alignment with Jayhawks Rising Objectives

In thinking about goal setting, use this worksheet as a guide to have a structured conversation with the employees you supervise about how to set a measurable goal that aligns with one or more of the thirteen institutional objectives below. This can also be a resource for employees as they think about the goals for their own position, or to structure a conversation about goals with their supervisor. For additional help on goal setting, please refer to the Human Resources Goals and Objective Setting webpage.

Questions to consider when determining how a position's responsibilities align with Jayhawks Rising:

1. In thinking about the position, what are the main responsibilities?

2.  In thinking about the job responsibilities, why are they important?

3.  In thinking about the work performed in this position, how does it serve the University?

4.  In thinking about why the University needs this work performed, how does this work align with one of the objectives that help fulfill the University's mission?

Jayhawks Rising Institutional Priorities (3)Jayhawks Rising Objectives (13)
Student Success
  1. Increase Enrollment: Expand the reach of KU programming to connect to Jayhawks near and far, through on-campus courses and virtual formats.


  1. Assure Retention & Completion through Student Engagement & Satisfaction: Assess and monitor student engagement and satisfaction directly.


  1. Assure Quality of Academic Programs: Ensure KU has a competitive national ranking score and invests in institutional resources for our students and hiring and retaining faculty with terminal degrees.


  1. Support Student Long-Term Success by Improving Placement & Reducing Debt: Ensure student loan debt is low and improve higher placement rates for students into jobs with sustaining wages.
Healthy & Vibrant Communities
  1. Strengthen Service to Local & Global Communities: Provide a quality education to international students and provide educational opportunities to those across the state of Kansas that are not directly enrolled or employed at the university.


  1. Improve Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging: Create an environment of fairness, respect, and belonging so that all students, staff, and faculty have the greatest opportunities to meet their academic and professional goals.


  1. Increase Workplace Satisfaction: Ensure our market rates remain competitive with our peer institutions and that university staff and faculty have a feeling of worthiness, and experience employee growth and development.


  1. Ensure Stewardship of the Institution: Ensure the university has predictable revenue streams that includes the expansion of programs, physical improvement of campuses and student support.


  1. Improve Health & Wellness: In addition to physical health and wellness, provide an environment where students, staff and faculty are supported with adequate benefits and resources, are safe on campus, and have their basic needs met.
Research & Discovery
  1. Grow KU Research: Continue to grow KU research that allows us to solve problems, ask new questions, inform leaders and policy makers, and inspire others.


  1. Expand Impact of KU Research in KS & Beyond: Focus on research contributions in three key areas: academia; projects focused on core communities in our home state and beyond; and involvement of students in research and their training to become future researchers.


  1. Promote Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Continue to impact society with developing and promoting inventions, products and business startups that provide health, economic, education and other benefits to society.


  1. Recruit, Retain & Recognize Top Researchers: Through financial and administrative support, recruit, retain and recognize researchers working at the highest level, building a research enterprise that is impactful to the state, nation and beyond.