Diverse Advertising Options


American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyScienceNetworking, online job boardFree for members, $249/30 days
Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in ScienceScienceNetworking, online job board$309/30 days
American Society for Cell BiologyScienceNetworking, online job board$449/30 days for non-members
American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of BusinessBusinessNetworking, online job board$449/30 days for non-members
American Marketing AssociationBusinessOnline job boardFree basic ad or $599 enhanced
Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and AccountingBusinessNetworking, online job board$299/30 days
Consortium for Graduate Study in ManagementBusinessAlliance of graduate business schools, listservrequires membership or donation
National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. BusinessNetworking, online job board $285/30 days
National Black MBA AssociationBusinessNetworking, online job board$295/60 days
National Economic Association BusinessNetworking, online job board$150 for 200 words or less
The PhD ProjectBusinessNetworking, online job boardFree
American Association for Clinical ChemistryChemistryNetworking, online job board$249/30 days
American Chemical SocietyChemistryNetworking, online job board$525/30 days
National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical EngineersChemistryNetworking, online job board$300/30 days
American Association for Respiratory CareScience/MedicineNetworking, online job board$450/30 days for members, $680 for non-members
Institute for Diversity and Health EquityScience/MedicineNetworking, non-profit, online job board$224/30 days for members, $299 for non-members
National Association of Health Services ExecutivesScience/MedicineNetworking, non-profit, online job board$250/30 days for members, $350 for nonmembers
Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular ImagingScience/MedicineNetworking, online job board$400/30 days
Black Data Science Processing AssociatesComputer Science & ITNetworking, job board$250/60 days
Association for Women in ComputingComputer Science & ITNetworking, listservContact info@aqc.hq.org for listserv info
National Association of Blacks in Criminal JusticeCriminal JusticeNetworking, listservContact office@nabcj.org for listserv info 
American Indian Science and Engineering SocietyEngineeringNetworking, online job board$299/30 days
GEM ConsortiumEngineeringNetworkingRequires membership
National Action Council for Minorities in EngineeringEngineeringNetworking, online job board$249/30 days
National Society of Black EngineersEngineeringStudent-governed organization$499/30 days
Society of Women EngineersEngineeringNetworking, online job board$220/30 days
Society of Hispanic Professional EngineersEngineeringNetworking, online job board$299/30 days
African American Literature and Culture SocietyEnglishNetworking, listservContact waller-petersonb@moravian.edu for listerv info
Asian American Journalists AssociationJournalismNetworking, online job board$150/30 days
Association for Education and Mass CommunicationJournalismNetworking, online job board$400/60 days
Association of LGBTQ JournalistsJournalismLGBTQ organization, may have listservContact info@nlgja.org for listserv
Association of Teachers of Technical WritingEnglishNetworking, listservContact attworg@gmail.com for listserv
Association for Women in CommunicationsCommunications/MarketingNetworking, online job board$199/30 days for members, $249 for nonmembers
Journalism Education AssociationJournalismNetworking, online job boardFree
National Association of Hispanic JournalistsJournalismNetworking, online job board$150/30 days
National Association for Multi-ethnicity in CommunicationsCommunications/MarketingNetworking, online job boardFree
National Hispanic Media CoalitionJournalismNetworking, listservContact communications@nhmc.org for listserv
Native American Journalists AssociationJournalismNetworking, online job board$75/30 days
Society of Professional JournalistsJournalismNetworking, online job board$250/30 days for members, $350 for nonmembers
Arts Council of the African Studies AssociationFine ArtsNetworking, listservContact websiteeditor@acasaonline.org for listserv
Association for Latin American ArtFine ArtsNetworking, listservContact elaughlin@arts.ufl.edu for listserv
Association of Academic Museums and GalleriesFine ArtsNetworking, listservFree, send ad copy to aamg@groups.io
College Art AssociationFine ArtsNetworking, online job board$260/30 days for members, $485 for nonmembers
National Art Education AssociationFine ArtsNetworking, online job board$125/30 days

*Cost subject to change, last updated Nov. 2022