Employee Recognition Ceremony and Service Awards

2021 Employee Recognition Ceremony

Chancellor Douglas Girod remarks on employee work for the 2021 online recognition ceremony.

2021 Employees of the Year

Samantha Morgan, General Manager with KU Dining

Owen Mallonee, HVAC Technician Senior

2021 Team of the Year

Study Abroad and Global Engagement

NameDepartment NameConfirmed Years
Klusmeier, Susan MarieAcademic Success5 Years
Krambeer, Nicole MAcademic Success10 years
Dibben, Nora JaneAchievement & Assessment Inst5 Years
Gray, Erika EAchievement & Assessment Inst5 Years
Thompson, William JacobAchievement & Assessment Inst5 Years
Chavez, MarilynnAchievement & Assessment Inst5 Years
Ford, Jawan Michael VincentAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Hernandez, Sarah AAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Combs, Cara BethAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Martin, Susan DresslerAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Wagner, Caitlin BrianneAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Feryok, Sasha AnnAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Gopisetty, PitchaiahAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Reida, Christa AnneAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Droge, Shaundra LeahAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Guo, TaoAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
McDaniel, Ryan DierkAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Rhorer, Kirk HensleyAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Jarrett, Drew LouisAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
O'Keeffe, Sara EAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
McCarter, Howard LeeAchievement & Assessment Inst5 years
Jaimez, Amy RachelleAchievement & Assessment Inst20 years
Counts, Jacqueline MAchievement & Assessment Inst15 years
Kardash, NadzeyaAchievement & Assessment Inst15 years
Berendsen, Michele AminaAchievement & Assessment Inst10 years
Coburn, Joseph BertieAchievement & Assessment Inst10 years
Thomas, Susan KAchievement & Assessment Inst10 years
Orion, Lindsay ElaineAchievement & Assessment Inst10 years
Spacek, Tanya LynnAchievement & Assessment Inst10 years
Weeks, Lisa FayAchievement & Assessment Inst10 years
Palermo, Mary EllenAchievement & Assessment Inst10 years
Taghavi, Ray RahmatAerospace Engineering30 years
Pennington, Dorthy L.African/African Amer Studies50 years
Kelley, Margaret SueAmerican Studies5 years
Tucker, Sherrie JeanAmerican Studies20 years
Vancil, Brian DavidAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes5 Years
Bannon, Corinne MarieAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes5 years
Sands, Leigh MicheleAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes5 years
Bohling, Gwendolyn G.Analytics Inst Res & Effectnes30 years
Koepp, Jason ToddAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes15 years
Nossaman, Cara ShannonAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes10 years
Smith, Jeanette AlexandraAnalytics Inst Res & Effectnes10 years
Clark, Kendra KayAnimal Care Unit5 years
Tackney, Justin CharlesAnthropology5 years
Norman, Lauren Edith YoungAnthropology5 years
O'Rourke, Dennis HAnthropology5 years
Dwyer, Arienne MaureenAnthropology20 years
Hannoum, AbdelMajidAnthropology15 years
Gudino, Omar GApplied Behavioral Science5 Years
Zane, Thomas LApplied Behavioral Science5 years
Hall, Jean PApplied Behavioral Science25 years
Francisco, Vincent ThomasApplied Behavioral Science15 years
Pea Fite, Paula JoannApplied Behavioral Science10 years
Manicki, Jacquelyn SusanneApplied English Center5 years
Haverkate-Ens, Dawn M.Applied English Center30 years
Hirata Edds, Tracy EmikoApplied English Center15 years
Peixoto, Summer LeeApplied English Center15 years
Kern, Sarah JApplied English Center15 years
Gould, Elizabeth JApplied English Center10 years
Brown, BenjaminArchitecture Design5 years
Spreckelmeyer, Kent F.Architecture Design40 years
Criss, Shannon ReneeArchitecture Design20 years
Gore, Nils RobertArchitecture Design20 years
McKenzie, Beth AnnAudio Reader Program5 years
Carswell, NickAudio Reader Program5 years
Kincaid, H. SteveAudio Reader Program35 years
Mohr, Laura JulianneBiodiversity Institute5 years
Noble Jr, Timothy G.Biodiversity Institute25 years
Vieglais, David AndrewBiodiversity Institute25 years
Schlenker, Lori BrynBiodiversity Institute20 years
Mayse, DeniseBiodiversity Institute20 years
Bentley, Andrew CharlesBiodiversity Institute20 years
Grady, Charles JBiodiversity Institute15 years
Thomas, Jennifer C.Biodiversity Institute15 years
Black, Elizabeth DBiodiversity Institute10 years
Anhalt, Benjamin JBiodiversity Institute10 years
Thapa Chetri, Prem SinghBiomedical Services Labs10 years
Heine, Lanaea LBiopharm Innov & Optim Center25 years
McGuinness, WilliamBiopharm Innov & Optim Center20 years
Holmes, Sarah JoAnnBureau of Child Research5 years
Kramer, Barbara JBureau of Child Research5 years
Keller, Stephanie HockersmithBureau of Child Research5 years
McCorkle, Tanisha LynnBureau of Child Research5 years
Newton, Janet RaeBureau of Child Research5 years
Wallin, Tamara LynnBureau of Child Research5 years
Salsbury, Melanie LynnBureau of Child Research5 years
Hildebrandt, Lisa MichelleBureau of Child Research5 years
Lewis, SuzanneBureau of Child Research5 years
Thompson, James RichardBureau of Child Research5 years
Lauer, Margo AnnBureau of Child Research5 years
Henley, Ryan CourtlandBureau of Child Research5 years
Schultz, Jerry A.Bureau of Child Research35 years
Skill, Diana M.Bureau of Child Research30 years
Higgins, Susan LynnBureau of Child Research20 years
McCart, Amy Lois-BeersBureau of Child Research20 years
Muehe, Christine EarleneBureau of Child Research20 years
Nary, Dorothy E.Bureau of Child Research15 years
Patty, Amy LynnBureau of Child Research15 years
Cheung, Fu Yeung RaymondBureau of Child Research15 years
Choi, Jeong HoonBureau of Child Research10 years
Loewenstein, Michelle RBureau of Child Research10 years
Dean, Evan EdwardBureau of Child Research10 years
Millin, Jacqueline LeeBureau of Child Research10 years
Green, Rachel AnnBusiness5 Years
Ward, Kenneth HoustonBusiness5 Years
Arpin, Joshua DBusiness5 Years
Sherwood, Benjamin SBusiness5 years
Ellingson, Jill EvelynBusiness5 years
Jones, Keith LamarBusiness5 years
Merrill, Leaa MarieBusiness5 years
Castle, Amii NoelleBusiness5 years
Wolff, Donna LynnBusiness40 years
Welch, Kelly DBusiness20 years
Hall II, Arthur PBusiness15 years
Chen, AndrewBusiness15 years
Katz, William IBusiness15 years
Fitchett, JanaleeBusiness10 years
Murray, Angela KinneyBusiness10 years
Arikan, MazharBusiness10 years
Masli, AdiBusiness10 years
Tritch, Charlotte ReneeBusiness10 years
Spellman, Kristen NicholeBusiness & Financial Planning10 years
Richards, Jaclyn AnnBusiness Administration5 years
Brock II, Michael EugeneBusiness Administration5 years
Steinle, Deann GerdesBusiness Administration25 years
McKenzie, Jessica MarieBusiness Administration15 years
Hamilton, Anne EliseBusiness Administration10 years
Palmer, Anne Elise WalkerCareer & Experiential Learning5 Years
Lind, Ellen CatherineCareer & Experiential Learning5 years
Beeler, Kimberly MadsenCareer & Experiential Learning10 years
Steinborn, Natasha MCarruth SSC5 years
Gillaspie, Angela ChristineCarruth SSC25 years
Young, Carla SueCarruth SSC20 years
Vigna, Rachelle AnnCarruth SSC10 years
Gillahan, Sara JCarruth SSC10 years
Billquist, Mark JCED-KS Fire & Rescue Training5 years
Green, Benjamin JamesCED-KS Fire & Rescue Training5 years
Thomas, Mark RodCED-KS Fire & Rescue Training5 years
Eddy, Judith AnnCenter for Teaching Excellence30 years
Bia, Debra AnnChancellor's Office20 years
Rinnert, Stacey LynChancellor's Office10 years
Negahban, ShahinChemical & Petroleum Engr5 years
Shiflett, Mark BrandonChemical & Petroleum Engr5 years
Kalantari Dahaghi, AmirmasoudChemical & Petroleum Engr5 years
Tsau, Jyun SyungChemical & Petroleum Engr20 years
Ramskill, James SChemical & Petroleum Engr15 years
Sun, ShuaiChemistry5 years
Sharpe Elles, Lisa MarieChemistry5 years
Soper, Steven AChemistry5 years
Witek, Malgorzata AnnaChemistry5 years
Blakemore, James DavidChemistry5 years
Michael, Danny L.Chemistry40 years
Hanson, Paul RChemistry25 years
Barybin, Mikhail ViktorvichChemistry20 years
Berrie, Cindy LineaChemistry20 years
Thompson, Ward HChemistry20 years
Malinakova, Helena CChemistry20 years
Witte, Travis MChemistry10 years
Raza, Muhammad HashimChild Language Program5 years
McVey, Molly AnnCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering5 Years
Kirkham, William JohnCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering5 years
Lane, Dennis DelCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering45 years
Solwa, Reta M.Civil/Environ/Arch Engineering30 years
Schrock, Steven DCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering15 years
Bennett, Caroline RoseCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering15 years
Peltier, Edward FCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering15 years
O'Reilly, Matthew ErwinCivil/Environ/Arch Engineering10 years
McCollum, Skyla MarieCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5 Years
Schwien, Rachel CCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5 Years
Evans, Nicole MarieCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5 Years
Baker, Cornelius U-JeanCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5 Years
Folsom, Alex WarrenCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5 years
Dubinsky, Adam HCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci5 years
Bradley, Bridget A.College of Liberal Arts & Sci20 years
Storkel, Holly LynnCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci20 years
Brou, Toni FrancineCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci15 years
Kelly, Darla LoreneCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci15 years
Gomez Montoya, MauricioCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci10 years
Swartzlander, Morgan ElizabethCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci10 years
Obadare, Oluwakemi AderonkeCollege of Liberal Arts & Sci10 years
Coleman, Wendi D.College of Liberal Arts & Sci35 years
Velasquez Perilla, Alcides AlbertoCommunication Studies5 Years
Mapes, Margarethe JCommunication Studies5 years
Harris, Scott L.Communication Studies30 years
Grachek, Suzanne MCommunication Studies25 years
Childers, Jay PaulCommunication Studies15 years
Corpstein, Ruth AlexandraCompliance5 Years
Singh, AmarComputational Biology5 years
Knispel, John RContinuing Education Admin5 years
Stuart, Lee CharlesContinuing Education Admin5 years
Evans, Merrill LouiseCounseling/Psych Svcs5 Years
Keeler, Linda L.Counseling/Psych Svcs45 years
Espinosa, Nancy JCounseling/Psych Svcs20 years
Bode, Claudia JanelleCtr Enviro Benefical Catalysis20 years
Johns, Jane ECtr Enviro Benefical Catalysis15 years
Chen, E-LuCtr for Online & Distance Lrn5 Years
Urata, ToshiyukiCtr for Online & Distance Lrn20 years
Reed, Nathan JamesCtr for Online & Distance Lrn10 years
Nguyen, Nhan ThuyCtr for Research on Learning5 years
Brou, Toni FrancineCtr for Research on Learning15 years
Gaumer Erickson, Amy SueCtr for Research on Learning15 years
Freeman, Paige MariaCtr Orientation Transition Prg5 years
Hall, Jessica MCtr Orientation Transition Prg5 years
Li, JiluCtr Remote Sensing Ice Sheets10 years
Rocha, Lonna Sue SummersCurriculum & Teaching5 Years
Prestwich, Dian TeerCurriculum & Teaching5 years
Gay, Aleda S.Curriculum & Teaching30 years
Cho, Hye SunCurriculum & Teaching10 years
Brown, Alexander MichaelCustodial Services5 Years
Baumgart III, Raymond MaxCustodial Services5 years
Wiseman, Robert BurnsCustodial Services5 years
Shinn, Tyler OdellCustodial Services5 years
Patton, Brian K.Custodial Services30 years
Simmons, Janice ECustodial Services30 years
Flory, Michelle LynnCustodial Services25 years
Long III, WalterCustodial Services20 years
Cain, Cindy LynnCustodial Services20 years
Dean, Luz AngelicaCustodial Services15 years
Brown, Jessica JanelCustodial Services15 years
Martinez, Michael AngeloCustodial Services10 years
Rathmel, Christopher JohnCustodial Services10 years
Bowman, Daniel JoeCustodial Services10 years
Priest, Karen SueCustodial Services10 years
Godinez, Brian LouisCustodial Services10 years
Dehaven, Michael RDepartment of German Studies5 Years
Kirk, Elise Amber PfannenstielDesign5 years
Shellhorn, Jeremy ScottDesign15 years
Hossler, Timothy JDesign10 years
McBride, Anne EDiversity Equity Inclus Belong5 Years
Lee, Ji-YeonEast Asian Languages&Cultures10 years
Naito, YukaEast Asian Languages&Cultures10 years
Unruh, IsleyEaton Hall SSC5 Years
Cole, Nicholas StevenEaton Hall SSC5 Years
Young, Melissa DEaton Hall SSC5 years
Hurtado, Terri JaneEaton Hall SSC5 years
Agusto, Folashade BenetteEcology & Evolutionary Biology5 years
Smith, Deborah Ruth RoanEcology & Evolutionary Biology30 years
Cregg, Scott A.Ecology & Evolutionary Biology20 years
Mort, Mark EEcology & Evolutionary Biology20 years
Thorp III, James HEcology & Evolutionary Biology20 years
Moyle, Robert GlenEcology & Evolutionary Biology15 years
Zhang, JianboEconomics30 years
Zhao, YongEd Leadership & Policy Studies5 years
Reynolds, Belinda SEducation Administration25 years
Rain, Adam JamesEducation Administration10 years
Klise, Kimberly SEducational Psychology5 years
Wills, Howard PEducational Psychology20 years
Lowe, Patricia AEducational Psychology20 years
Kingston, Neal MartinEducational Psychology15 years
Duan, ChangmingEducational Psychology10 years
Sullivan, Jessica LaneEdwards Campus5 Years
Gregory, Chris LEdwards Campus5 Years
Wilburn, Nicole DEdwards Campus5 Years
Terwilliger, Alex EdwardEdwards Campus5 years
Hansen, Brian LeeEdwards Campus5 years
Wade, Lori LynnEdwards Campus25 years
Mozaffar, ParveenEdwards Campus20 years
Trana, Paul DEdwards Campus15 years
Browning, Lisa MarieEdwards Campus15 years
Dykmann, Mary EEdwards Campus10 years
Johnson, David OrvilleElectrical Engr & Comp Science5 years
Zhong, CuncongElectrical Engr & Comp Science5 years
Berner, JoAnn E.Electrical Engr & Comp Science35 years
Stiles, James MarionElectrical Engr & Comp Science25 years
Leuschen, Carlton JosephElectrical Engr & Comp Science15 years
Li, FengjunElectrical Engr & Comp Science10 years
Williams, Megan EEmily Taylor Center5 Years
Grove, Heidie NicholeEngineering Administration15 years
Miller, Linda EileenEngineering and Project Mgmt25 years
Warrior, Robert AllenEnglish5 years
Daldorph, Brian J.English30 years
Elliott, Dorice WEnglish25 years
Neill, Anna Linda JaneEnglish25 years
Rowland, Ann WierdaEnglish15 years
Johnson, Kij BergdisEnglish10 years
Lamb, Jonathan PEnglish10 years
Outka, Paul HaroldEnglish10 years
Moore, Jasmine DominiqueEnrollment Mgmt Services5 Years
Keeton, Veronica ChristinaEnrollment Mgmt Services5 years
Shriner, Holly MelissaEnrollment Mgmt Services10 years
Loeb, Stanford LeonardEnvironment Health & Safety30 years
Woodburn, Terri LeeEnvironmental Studies Program5 Years
Burgin, Amy JoEnvironmental Studies Program5 years
Loecke, Terrance DEnvironmental Studies Program5 years
Hurst, Robert RFilm and Media Studies15 years
Halegoua, Germain RFilm and Media Studies10 years
Nicholson, Leah KathrynFinancial Aid & Scholarships5 Years
Parrish Jr, Michael GregoryFinancial Aid & Scholarships5 years
Wiesner, Roxie RFinancial Aid & Scholarships20 years
Wilkinson, Cathleen LynnFinancial Aid & Scholarships20 years
Kramps, Christine EllenFinancial Analysis & Reporting10 years
Gillespie, Colette RFinancial Analysis & Reporting10 years
Druen, Kristine MicheleFinancial Services10 years
Bowen III, Edward MFrench, Francophone & Italian5 years
Schablitsky, Danielle MarieFrench, Francophone & Italian5 years
Hayes, Elden BFrench, Francophone & Italian20 years
Ghezzo, PaolaFrench, Francophone & Italian10 years
Ferrara, MassimoFrench, Francophone & Italian10 years
Torkelson, Todd MitchellFS Maintenance Services5 years
Jackson, Benjamin WayneFS Maintenance Services5 years
Brien, Michael GFS Maintenance Services5 years
Baker, Randall JohnFS Maintenance Services5 years
Wanna, Dalton MarshallFS Maintenance Services5 years
Haug, Thane L.FS Maintenance Services20 years
Mole, Johnnie LeroyFS Maintenance Services20 years
Tabor, David JFS Maintenance Services20 years
White, Rory LeeFS Maintenance Services20 years
Wheeler, Joshua J.FS Maintenance Services20 years
Lister, Ryan K.FS Maintenance Services20 years
Gonering, Andrew DavidFS Maintenance Services15 years
Bignall, Alan WayneFS Maintenance Services15 years
Busch, Daniel CharlesFS Maintenance Services15 years
Gilges, Brian RFS Maintenance Services15 years
Harding, Shawn MFS Maintenance Services10 years
Beall, Raymond DoyleFS Maintenance Services10 years
Volk Jr, Conrad WFS Maintenance Services10 years
Rule, Marshall RayFS Maintenance Services10 years
Wallace, Ronald DewayneFS Maintenance Services10 years
Harris, Duglas JayFS Maintenance Services10 years
Coleman, Michael DFS Maintenance Services10 years
Pearson, Russell PFS Maintenance Services10 years
Mills, Robert LeroyFS Maintenance Services10 years
Walawender, Megan KateGeneral Counsel5 years
Arbuthnot, Jennifer NicholeGeneral Counsel5 years
McMillen, Toni RaeGeneral Counsel15 years
Grunewald, Kimberly MicheleGeneral Counsel10 years
Leitch, Michael CGeneral Counsel10 years
Shi, DiGeography & Atmo Science5 years
Stachnik, Justin PGeography & Atmo Science5 years
Vanderveen, Cornelis JGeography & Atmo Science15 years
Barnett, Bruce AlanGeology5 years
Kamola, Diane LisaGeology25 years
Hasiotis, Stephen TomGeology20 years
Devlin, John FrederickGeology20 years
Fowle, David AllanGeology15 years
Ash, Jason MichaelGeology15 years
Willis, Sheree W.Global Education Academy20 years
Taylor Jr, Carl EdwardGlobal Operations5 years
Roberts, Jennifer AnnGraduate Studies20 years
Denning, G MikeGraduate Studies10 years
Herda, Trent JHealth Sport &Exercise Science10 years
Kinmonth-Schultz, Hannah AbigailHiguchi Biosciences Center5 years
Sandberg, Shelley KayHiguchi Biosciences Center25 years
Burruss, Donna MarieHiguchi Biosciences Center15 years
Bush, Cady AHiguchi Biosciences Center15 years
Hackett, Jennifer LeighHiguchi Biosciences Center10 years
Loch, Angela MHiguchi Biosciences Center10 years
Lan, LanHiguchi Biosciences Center10 years
Gillispie, Michaela CoppedgeHiguchi Biosciences Center10 years
Kuznesof, Elizabeth AnneHistory45 years
Schwaller, Robert ClemensHistory10 years
Shrader, Keesa TylynHousing Office Administration5 Years
Watson, Aramis LamaeHousing Office Administration5 years
Crowe, Lana ChristineHousing Office Administration5 years
Roe, Staci JillHousing Office Administration15 years
Johnson, Catherine ElizabethHuman Resource Management5 Years
Gosser, Jennifer KayHuman Resource Management5 Years
Sanchez, Brittany NicoleHuman Resource Management5 years
Osborn, Terri J.Human Resource Management40 years
Harrison, Laurie Lee AnnHuman Resource Management10 years
Boley, Lisa A.Human Resource Management30 years
Wilson, Aimee ArmandeHumanities5 years
Mason, Wesley EInfo & Telecom Tech Center15 years
Sanders, Ashley BethInformation Technology5 Years
Willard, Jeremy LeeInformation Technology5 Years
Steiner, Tyler HInformation Technology5 Years
Carlson, Gregory FrancisInformation Technology5 Years
Jalali, Anthony FarshodInformation Technology5 years
Miller, Timothy James JohnathonInformation Technology5 years
Chapes, Joseph Daniel LambethInformation Technology5 years
Qualls, Colby BInformation Technology5 years
Deakyne, Matthew FrancisInformation Technology5 years
Smith, Brian DavidInformation Technology5 years
Antoine Sr, Louis JohnInformation Technology5 years
Donly, Stephen MInformation Technology5 years
Umscheid, Sheryl A.Information Technology40 years
Rupprecht, James RInformation Technology30 years
Graham, Mary AnnInformation Technology30 years
Ferguson, Daniel CInformation Technology20 years
Cherry, Douglas ReedInformation Technology20 years
Hageman, David R.Information Technology20 years
Sanchez, Nancy BethInformation Technology20 years
Spuzello, Scott StevenInformation Technology20 years
Yang, YangInformation Technology20 years
Day, Jeffery A.Information Technology20 years
Bice, Leslie RayInformation Technology15 years
Clune, Johnathon MInformation Technology15 years
Eis Barton, Jo AnnInformation Technology15 years
Kitchen, Todd BarryInformation Technology15 years
DeBoard, Jeremy AllenInformation Technology15 years
Wilmington, James AInformation Technology15 years
Bauer, Aloysius AInformation Technology10 years
Braun, Adam DavidInformation Technology10 years
Schott, Matthew RInformation Technology10 years
Bouck, James CInformation Technology10 years
Johannes, Suzanna BridgitteInformation Technology10 years
Dover, Kristoffer LInformation Technology10 years
Yu, XiongfeiInformation Technology10 years
Jeter, Christopher WInformation Technology10 years
Rankin, Bradley SInformation Technology10 years
Oslund, Patricia C.Inst for Policy & Social Res35 years
Myers, Nancy CaytonInst for Policy & Social Res20 years
Onasch, Whitney KatherineInst for Policy & Social Res10 years
Hansen, Glen E.Intercollegiate Athletics20 years
Doty, Mitchell BIntercollegiate Athletics15 years
Helms, Jamie LynnIntercollegiate Athletics10 years
Song, YingqiaoInternal Audit5 Years
Holtkamp, Kari AnnInternal Audit5 Years
Brooks, Seth MichaelInternational Admissions5 Years
Booth, Kimberly GayeInternational Affairs Admin30 years
Potts, Joe DInternational Affairs Admin20 years
Van House, Melinda KInternational Short Programs5 years
Kichiyev, OrazmuhammetInternational Support Services5 years
Vanahill, Susan LenoreInternational Support Services25 years
Berendzen, Gerri LJournalism5 years
Hendershot, AngelaJournalism5 years
Cruickshank, Cade O.Journalism25 years
Geana, Mugur ValentinJournalism15 years
Whaley, Paul AnthonyJournalism10 years
Bobkowski, Piotr SzymonJournalism10 years
Seo, HyunjinJournalism10 years
Ross, Rachel LeighJournalism Administration5 years
McCarthy, Daniel McGarrJournalism Administration15 years
Adam, Julie AnneJournalism Administration10 years
MacGonagle, Elizabeth LeeKansas African Studies Center20 years
Gonzales, Julio BuckKansas Geological Survey5 Years
DeBruin, Kelly MarieKansas Geological Survey5 years
Sheldon, Kathleen A.Kansas Geological Survey45 years
Butler Jr, James JohnsonKansas Geological Survey35 years
Neighbors, Michael KarlKansas Geological Survey30 years
Battles, Eileen ReneeKansas Geological Survey25 years
Killion, Michael J.Kansas Geological Survey20 years
Liu, GaishengKansas Geological Survey15 years
Saving, Shawn CKansas Geological Survey15 years
Stevens, Jonelle DesireeKansas Geological Survey10 years
Jacobson, Thomas GregoryKansas Public Radio5 years
Skinner, Daniel EugeneKansas Public Radio5 years
Smith, Jeffrey EugeneKansas Public Radio20 years
Banman, Nicole MKansas Public Radio15 years
Koziol, Elizabeth KatherineKS Biological Survey5 years
Bennett, Lee AnnKS Biological Survey20 years
Szuwalski, Paula AKS Biological Survey20 years
Ryan, Ann EKS Biological Survey15 years
Krings, Michael JKU News Service15 years
Muci, Aron DaneLatin Amer & Caribbean Studies5 Years
Wiggins, Meredith JoanLaw Administration5 Years
Morland DaVee, Juliann ClaytonLaw Administration5 Years
Mai, Crystal MarieLaw Administration25 years
Freedman, Steven BruceLaw Administration10 years
Outka, Uma SackettLaw Administration10 years
Watts, Thomas AveryLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5 Years
McLemore, Pamela AnneLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5 Years
Baker, Darren RLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5 years
McCorkill, Steve RLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5 years
Flax, Gregory EugeneLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5 years
Caywood, Jennifer KaleneLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5 years
Nolde, Don LLaw Enforcement Training Ctr5 years
Gould, Ronald KennethLaw Enforcement Training Ctr25 years
Beck, Darin LLaw Enforcement Training Ctr20 years
Fulks, IanLaw Enforcement Training Ctr15 years
White, Joshua LLaw Enforcement Training Ctr10 years
Buller, Heather AnnLaw Enforcement Training Ctr10 years
Brownrigg, Scot DLaw Enforcement Training Ctr10 years
Montgomery, William JeffreyLaw Library40 years
Schmidt, Jennifer Gay ShawLaw School5 Years
Stacy, Thomas G.Law School35 years
Phillips, Jean Kathryn GillesLaw School25 years
Rosenberg, Joyce RebeccaLaw School15 years
Huggins, Yolanda LLaw School10 years
Haines, Sarah ELibraries-General55  years
Huggard, Marcella DianeLibraries-General5 Years
Allen, Andrew GLibraries-General5 Years
Williams, Danielle SaavakLibraries-General5 Years
Beran, Emily AnneLibraries-General5 Years
Thomas, Paul AnthonyLibraries-General5 Years
Smith, Kevin LLibraries-General5 years
Gandhi, SunitaLibraries-General5 years
Younger, Karna LorraineLibraries-General5 years
Pirch, Nikkole KayleneLibraries-General5 years
Leon, Lars ELibraries-General35 years
Dandridge, Deborah LouiseLibraries-General35 years
Richey, James MichaelLibraries-General30 years
Thiel, Sarah Webb GoodwinLibraries-General20 years
Swartz, Ryan DLibraries-General20 years
Albin, Tami ALibraries-General20 years
Riley, Sharon MaryLibraries-General20 years
Devlin, Frances AnneLibraries-General20 years
Horkman, Jeromy W.Libraries-General15 years
Dickey, Erika LouiseLibraries-General15 years
Rosenblum, Brian LeeLibraries-General15 years
Bishop, Samantha AugustaLibraries-General10 years
Healey, Elspeth ELibraries-General10 years
Back, AndreaLibraries-General10 years
Schulte, Rebecca ALibraries-General40 years
Glynn, Jeri EidsonLied Center30 years
Coughlin, Caitlin ELinguistics5 Years
Fiorentino Jr, Robert DominicLinguistics15 years
Toplikar, David CMarketing Communications5 Years
Shaw, Phillip StephanMarketing Communications5 Years
White, Andrew OwenMarketing Communications5 Years
Graber, Debra R.Marketing Communications35 years
Lee, Andrew RMarketing Communications10 years
Porter, Jack R.Mathematics55 years
Chen, GengMathematics5 years
Miedlar, Agnieszka KatarzynaMathematics5 years
Dougherty, Mary TMathematics5 years
Hernandez, Daniel JesusMathematics5 years
Prothe, Gloria J.Mathematics40 years
Feng, JinMathematics15 years
Wang, MingMathematics10 years
Niknejad, JilaMathematics10 years
Johnson, Mathew AMathematics10 years
Shao, ShuanglinMathematics10 years
Armstrong, Ann ElizabethMechanical Engineering5 Years
Kwon, GibumMechanical Engineering5 years
Luchies, Carl W.Mechanical Engineering25 years
Friis, Elizabeth A.Mechanical Engineering20 years
Wilson, Sara EMechanical Engineering20 years
Unckless, Robert LMolecular Biosciences5 years
Hefty, Phillip ScottMolecular Biosciences15 years
Macdonald, Stuart JohnMolecular Biosciences15 years
Cowan, CynthiaMolecular Biosciences10 years
Neuenswander, Sarah AnnMolecular Structures Group20 years
Matney, William BMusic5 Years
Grady, Melissa LMusic5 Years
Collins, Hannah EMusic5 years
Nedbal, MartinMusic5 years
Gumbel, Roberta MMusic5 years
Watson, Scott C.Music40 years
Stephens, John A.Music40 years
Elmer, Lois L.Music35 years
Murphy, Scott BrandonMusic20 years
Schwartz, Roberta FreundMusic20 years
Haaheim, Bryan KMusic20 years
Castle, Joyce MalickyMusic20 years
Mendez Jr, GenaroMusic20 years
Pierce, Forrest DMusic15 years
Wong-Cruz, Ketty AlexandraMusic15 years
Smith, Matthew OMusic10 years
Dakon, Jacob MichaelMusic10 years
Bridges, Wendy MarieOffice Event Mgmt & Protocol15 years
Koelzer, Kimberly TOffice of Admissions5 Years
Palermo, Brian MichaelOffice of Admissions5 Years
Bass, Angela HayleyOffice of Admissions5 Years
Rendall, Dee Anna LOffice of Admissions5 years
Weber, Fawn MaeOffice of Research5 Years
Heaton, Michael JohnOffice of Research5 years
Beard, Aletha LynnOffice of Research5 years
Bobb, Lilly AnnOffice of Research5 years
Schaller, Karen MarieOffice of Research25 years
Jeffress, William ScottOffice of Research20 years
Watkins, TracieOffice of Research20 years
Fincher, Maile SOffice of Research15 years
Teel, Kevin LOffice of Research15 years
Lewis, Heidi ElaineOffice of Research10 years
Hawkins, Dawn MichelleOffice of Research10 years
Thapa, JhunuOffice of Research10 years
Blocker, Michael TOffice of Research10 years
Walker,  CynthiaOffice of Research10 years
Rossman, Lisa JOLeary SSC5 years
Murphy, Shayla MarieOLeary SSC5 years
Goble, DanaOLeary SSC40 years
Rachlin, RoxanneOLeary SSC25 years
Smith, Melissa DawnOperations Business Office5 years
Albertson, Michelle MarieOperations Business Office20 years
Gupta, VineetPharmaceutical Chemistry5 Years
Kaur, KawaljitPharmaceutical Chemistry5 Years
Pullagurla, Swathi ReddyPharmaceutical Chemistry5 years
Dietz, Zackary KendallPharmaceutical Chemistry5 years
Siahaan, Teruna J.Pharmaceutical Chemistry30 years
Whaley, Rebecca SharonPharmaceutical Chemistry20 years
Brooks, Nicole AnnettePharmaceutical Chemistry20 years
Hickey, John MichaelPharmaceutical Chemistry10 years
Wang, ZhuoPharmaceutical Chemistry10 years
Tolbert, Thomas JamesPharmaceutical Chemistry10 years
Kumru, Ozan SPharmaceutical Chemistry10 years
Audus, Kenneth L.Pharmaceutical Chemistry35 years
Smith, Adam SPharmacology & Toxicology5 years
Torres Vazquez, Irma IrisPharmacology & Toxicology5 years
Du, HengPharmacology & Toxicology10 years
Nguyen, Cambrey Bao-PhuongPharmacy Practice5 years
Brown, Kimberly AnnPharmacy Practice10 years
Cokelet, Bradford RoyPhilosophy5 years
Tuozzo, Thomas M.Philosophy30 years
Lewis, Ian MichaelPhysics and Astronomy5 Years
Stockham, Mark LPhysics and Astronomy5 Years
Sauerwein, JoelPhysics and Astronomy5 years
Royon, ChristophePhysics and Astronomy5 years
Shi, JicongPhysics and Astronomy25 years
Rennells, Kristin MichellePhysics and Astronomy20 years
Wilson, Graham WallacePhysics and Astronomy20 years
Brichoux, David WaynePolitical Science15 years
Rabe, Hunter BlairProcurement Services5 years
Brown, Shay MProcurement Services20 years
Thompson, David SProcurement Services15 years
Bellucci, Julie EProcurement Services10 years
Thompson, Maria S.Provost Office35 years
Luckey, Linda LorraineProvost Office25 years
Hummels, Jill A.Provost Office20 years
Melvin, Matthew AProvost Office10 years
Hitt, Smana CatherinePsychology5 Years
Williams, Alexander JPsychology5 Years
Adams, Glenn EPsychology20 years
Vitevitch, Michael SPsychology20 years
Gillath, Omri YosefPsychology15 years
Monaco, Joseph FPublic Affairs10 years
Howard, Steven MarkPublic Safety Office5 years
Love, William RandolphPublic Safety Office5 years
Freeman, Kendall JamesPublic Safety Office5 years
Dietz, John WPublic Safety Office20 years
Tucker, Damon MauricePublic Safety Office20 years
Felbush, Jason LPublic Safety Office20 years
Campbell Jr, Jack MartinPublic Safety Office15 years
Blevins, Robert JeffreyPublic Safety Office15 years
Lorentz, Joel PaulPublic Safety Office15 years
McCall, Brenton TPublic Safety Office15 years
Tomasich, Andrew MPublic Safety Office15 years
Schuyler, Blair ERecreation Services5 years
Urkoski, Jill ARecreation Services20 years
Fellers, Brittany JSchool of Pharmacy5 years
Ragan, Ronald E.School of Pharmacy15 years
McCaffrey, Patricia LSchool of Pharmacy10 years
Logan, Randall LSchool of Professional Studies5 Years
Treml, John FSchool of Professional Studies5 years
Merriman, Benjamin GSchool of Public Affairs&Admin5 years
Zacharias, Johann ASchool of Public Affairs&Admin5 years
Moody, Steven M.School of Public Affairs&Admin40 years
Epp, Charles RSchool of Public Affairs&Admin25 years
Goodyear, MariluSchool of Public Affairs&Admin25 years
Koslowsky, Diana RSchool of Public Affairs&Admin20 years
Daley, Dorothy MarieSchool of Public Affairs&Admin20 years
Johnson, Bonnie JSchool of Public Affairs&Admin15 years
Rasor, Noel MarieSchool of Public Affairs&Admin15 years
Doan, Alesha ESchool of Public Affairs&Admin15 years
Brockman, Jennifer MarieSexual Assault & Prevention Ct5 years
Heath, Sonja Racquel RodrigueSexual Assault & Prevention Ct10 years
Predolac, EsraSlavic & Eurasian Langs & Lit5 Years
Vassileva-Karagyozova, Svetlana PetkovaSlavic & Eurasian Langs & Lit15 years
Kokobobo, AniSlavic & Eurasian Langs & Lit10 years
Hart, Laurie KollmeyerSocial Welfare10 years
Adams, Deborah DoreneSocial Welfare25 years
Davis, Sharah ASocial Welfare20 years
Spear, Georgiana DonohueSocial Welfare15 years
Barton, Jared LSocial Welfare10 years
Nelson, Robin DeniseSocial Welfare10 years
Trendel, Kristin AdkinsonSocial Welfare Administration25 years
Scanlon, Edward ThomasSocial Welfare Administration20 years
Antonio, Robert J.Sociology50 years
McCannon, Gerald KSociology5 Years
Hoffman, Darlene ElizabethSociology5 years
Donovan, Brian L.Sociology20 years
LaPierre, Tracey AnneSociology15 years
Obadare, Ebenezer BabatundeSociology15 years
Wittner, Melissa AnnSociology10 years
Foster, Jennifer M AbercrombieSpanish & Portuguese5 Years
Gabriele, Jennifer LSpanish & Portuguese5 Years
Nye, Rebecca GraceSpanish & Portuguese5 years
Mayhew, Jonathan ESpanish & Portuguese25 years
Manning, Patricia WSpanish & Portuguese20 years
Kohart, Marie ReneeSpecial Education5 Years
Mckeithan, Glennda KashnerSpecial Education5 years
Mruczek, Cynthia LSpecial Education5 years
Basham, James DSpecial Education10 years
Cheatham, Gregory ASpecial Education10 years
Skrtic, Thomas M.Special Education45 years
Rong, PanyingSpeech-Language-Hearing5 years
Mumy, Ana Paula GuedesSpeech-Language-Hearing5 years
Gatts, Julie Janell HansonSpeech-Language-Hearing25 years
Schroeder, Sarah CSpencer Museum of Art5 Years
Nanney, Brittany GlennSpencer Museum of Art5 years
Earle, Susan E.Spencer Museum of Art25 years
Bergstrom, Douglas LeeSpencer Museum of Art15 years
Waggoner, Ryan ColeSpencer Museum of Art10 years
Thuro, Anne ChristineStrong Hall SSC5 Years
Lee, Eun JeeStrong Hall SSC5 Years
Fitch, Deanna MarieStrong Hall SSC5 years
Benfield, Elizabeth Rose KnapikStrong Hall SSC25 years
Thompson, Kristi LuannStrong Hall SSC20 years
Anderson, Stacy LStrong Hall SSC10 years
Victoriano, Beverly MichelleStudent Information Systems20 years
Rudolph, Carol MStudent Information Systems15 years
Cook, Karen DulaneyStudent Information Systems10 years
Ugalde, Zaida M.Study Abroad and Global Engmt25 years
Perryman, Angela MarieStudy Abroad and Global Engmt15 years
Keyser, Mari LynnStudy Abroad and Global Engmt10 years
Stitt, Andrea LeaTheatre and Dance5 Years
Wanner, David WTheatre and Dance25 years
Bohmann, Kimberly ATheatre and Dance20 years
Hayes, Michelle HeffnerTheatre and Dance15 years
Dick, James LawrenceTheatre and Dance10 years
Koch, Lisa SueTransportation Research Center5 Years
Dunn, Angela ReneeTransportation Services5 years
Miller, Terry ETransportation Services5 years
Hultine, Donna RachelTransportation Services40 years
Godinez, Rosana GraceUndergraduate Advising Ctr5 years
Crosby, Paul JeffersonUndergraduate Advising Ctr25 years
Malin, Emily ElizabethUndergraduate Advising Ctr20 years
Hartley, Dannah JUndergraduate Advising Ctr10 years
Swartzlander, Denny RayUndergraduate Biology Program5 Years
Hotze, Eileen MaryUndergraduate Biology Program5 years
Krueger, Patricia AnneUndergraduate Biology Program20 years
Archibald, Jenny KUndergraduate Biology Program15 years
Mattingly, Brendan CUndergraduate Biology Program10 years
Morgan, Dyan ElisabethUndergraduate Biology Program10 years
Brandt-Nuckols, Jordan AjaUniversity Academic Support Ct5 Years
Eshnaur, Ashley AnnUniversity Academic Support Ct5 years
Hyslop, Brianna ElizabethUniversity Academic Support Ct5 years
Reed, Katherine JoUniversity Governance25 years
Laws, Andrea KatherineUniversity Press of Kansas5 Years
Helms, Derek DUniversity Press of Kansas5 Years
Harrison, Joyce ElaineUniversity Press of Kansas5 years
Roberts, Jeffrie StevenUniversity Registrar10 years
Harvey, Cynthia MarieUniversity Registrar10 years
O'Bryon, Kimberley J.University Registrar40 years
Thomas, SarahVisual Art5 years
Jordan, Mary A.Visual Art35 years
Nam, YoonmiVisual Art20 years
Meinecke, Joseph EVisual Art10 years
Brown, Garrett CVisual Art10 years
Guinn, Tamara AWatkins Health Services20 years
Haar, Linda SWatkins Health Services10 years