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Job Title: 
Program Dir/Assoc Teaching Professor
Job Description and Minimum Qualifications: 

Engages in course delivery and instruction; may contribute to course transformation efforts and assessment. Conducts and presents research on teaching and learning and/or typical disciplinary scholarship. Mentors and advises students and provides departmental service. Demonstrates excellence in the application of evidence-based teaching practices in the classroom. Associate Teaching Professor duties must be at a minimum of 30% for the overall appointment. Program Director provides oversight of a specific academic and/or service program for the unit at the main campus or other designated location. Provides strategic direction to lead envision, conceptualize and oversee the design, development and implementation of unit programs to foster engagement in relationship to their academic unit. May supervise staff. Collaborates with professionals, staff, faculty, and students to meet programming objectives. Responsible for programming budget, etc. Education, degrees and experience are equivalent to those of academic faculty at the associate rank. Minimum of three years of leadership experience in directing and managing large scale or complex programs. Not eligible for tenure or to exceed a three year period. Post promotion in rank review emphasizes quality of teaching and instruction techniques, course review, development and delivery along with review of performance for administrative duties. The Program Director portion of the position serves at the pleasure to the supervising administrator to which it reports.

Employee Classification: 
Salary Range: 

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