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Job Title: 
Construction Supervisor
Job Description and Minimum Qualifications: 

Develops and implements project execution plans, materialprocurement and schedules for remodeling and renovation projects.Collaborates with clients to develop and implement project plansand schedules for general construction to include the followingtrades: carpentry, painting, electrical, mechanical, plumbing,heating, ventilation, air conditioning, concrete, and fire protection.Ensures that all work is done in compliance with State and Federalrequirements. High School diploma or GED equivalency. Five years ofexperience in construction estimating, planning, scheduling, and/or supervising construction and renovation projects. Associate¿s degree orvocational school certification may be substituted for one year of the required experience.

Salary Grade: 
Job Family: 
Facilities Planning, Design & Operations
Employee Classification: 
U-Unclassified Professional Staff
EEO - Job Group: 
3C-Professional Specialists
Salary Range: 

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