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Job Title: 
Construction Manager
Job Description and Minimum Qualifications: 

Provides oversight and performs construction operationsmanagement for DCM. Reviews construction blueprints and initiatespre¿construction meetings with all constituents. Schedules andmaintains project timelines to meet specified goals of eachindividual project. Reviews, coordinates and manages budgets ofeach project. Coordinates and/or schedules suspension of utilitiesto affected building(s). Assists with relocation of affected buildingoccupants as needed during project duration. Schedules site andcode inspections as needed meeting with specified University, stateand federal requirements. Prepares paperwork to include changeorders, certificates of completion, etc. Bachelor¿s degree in Construction Management, Engineering or a related field with ten years related experience, OR an equivalent combination of education andexperience.

Salary Grade: 
Job Family: 
Facilities Planning, Design & Operations
Employee Classification: 
U-Unclassified Professional Staff
EEO - Job Group: 
3C-Professional Specialists
Salary Range: 

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