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Job Title: 
Academic Accommodations Advs
Job Description and Minimum Qualifications: 

Interprets complex psychological, medical, hearing, and psycho-educational evaluations from medical and psychological professionals. Consults with diagnosticians as necessary. Works with students to determine reasonable accommodations based on pertinent laws and regulations. Facilitates the accommodation process, working with students, their families, faculty and staff as necessary. Educates students, families, faculty and staff on appropriate services for and communications with student¿s disabilities. Maintains records of interactions; assesses effectiveness of accommodations and accommodation processes. Works with other administrative units as necessary. May supervise student staff. Bachelor¿s degree with three years relevant experience or Master¿s degree with one year relevant experience.

Salary Grade: 
Job Family: 
Advising, Career, & Student Services
Employee Classification: 
U-Unclassified Professional Staff
EEO - Job Group: 
3C-Professional Specialists
Salary Range: 

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