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Human Resource Management (HRM) is responsible for providing a comprehensive range of services that improve the lives of those who work, learn, and visit the University of Kansas. Our department's mission is to empower a community of excellence. The department is an administrative unit under the Office of the Provost.

HRM is led by Mike Rounds, Vice Provost for Operations, and is comprised of the following units:

ADA Resources Center for Equity and Accessibility

The ADA Resources Center for Equity and Accessibility is responsible for promoting an accessible and inclusive campus. Responsibilities include providing accessibility-related training and technical assistance to campus units, collaborating with KU units to provide accommodations for faculty and staff, coordinating accessibility compliance functions, fostering student advocacy for campus-wide accessibility, and creating opportunities to learn more about KU’s disability demographic profiles. 

Business Analysis Support

Business Analysis Support provides analytical support and guidance to HRM leadership and University partners and offers comprehensive and authoritative information for strategic planning and decision making.     

Help Desk

The HRM Help Desk provides first line support to the thousands of employees who work for the University. They manage HRM's customer service responsibilities and ensure customer inquiries are addressed efficiently and effectively. The unit also provides administrative support to HRM for a number of programs, e.g. the tuition assistance program. 

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for supporting programs that enhance the personal and professional lives of KU faculty, staff, and student employees. The office is made up of three units: Benefits, Employment, and Employee Relations.


The Benefits team is dedicated to assisting employees in making informed benefits decisions related to plans and programs offered by the University. Responsibility areas include retirement planning, employee and graduate student health insurance, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, disability insurance, and long term care insurance.


The Employment team supports staffing and position management needs for the KU community. Responsibility areas include job title administration, recruiting and onboarding, and appointment processing.

Employee Relations

The Employee Relations team works to partner with employees and managers to ensure that the University offers everyone a positive, constructive, and efficient work environment. Responsibility areas include labor relations, grievance resolution, workplace violence matters, counseling and disciplinary action, exit interviews, and performance management.

HR Information Systems

HR Information Systems is responsible for supporting the overall operation of HR systems (other than HR/Pay), including implementation, security, reporting, training, development, end-user support, and overall administration. 

HR/Pay Administration

The HR/Pay team is responsible for supporting the overall operation of the HR/Pay system, including security, reporting, training, development, end-user support, and overall administration.

Institutional Opportunity and Access (IOA)

The Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access (IOA) has an institutional responsibility to enhance and strengthen diversity and inclusion at the University. The office provides training for employees on anti-discrimination laws and policies, investigates discrimination and harassment complaints, and has the responsibility of approving the direct hire process and waiver of searches for University employees.

Learning and Development

The Office of Learning and Development provides training and professional development programs for university employees, including coordinating and providing training and development courses, supporting organizational development needs, facilitating teambuilding activities, and delivering leadership and performance coaching programs.

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