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Employee Health Insurance

The University of Kansas offers benefits eligible employees a comprehensive health insurance package that includes medical and prescription drug coverage, dental and vision coverage, an Voluntary Insurance Plans (Accident, Hospital Indemnity and Critical Illness). Complete information can be found at the State Employee Health Plan website.


All benefits eligible faculty and staff are eligible for employee health insurance.


KU contributes toward your semi-monthly health premiums. Your health insurance premiums are paid either pre-tax or post-tax and the total premium amount is determined based on the following:

  • Whether you are a full-time or part-time employee
  • The insurance plan(s) you select
  • The dependents that are covered
  • Any available credit under the HealthQuest Rewards Program

Plan Detail 

To view current plan and premium information, please refer to the 2022 Enrollment Guide.  Complete 2022 information can be found at the 2022 Enrollment Resourses on the State Employee Health Plan website 

Dependents Eligible To Be Covered 

  • Your lawful spouse, including common-law marriage
  • Any eligible dependent child(ren)

For additional information, as well as documentation requirements, please see the Active State Employee Guidebook located on the State Employee Health Plan website.

Effective Date of Coverage

For new employees hired on or after 01/03/2022, coverage begins on the date of hire.  Enrollment is required within the first 31 days after the hire date.  Enrolling as soon as possible will ensure your deductions to begin timely. 

Employees newly eligible for coverage, due to a change in employment status, coverage will begin the first of the month following the employement change. 

Employees are encourage to enroll as soon after hire as possible.  This will assist in getting insurance cards to the employee in a timely manner and premiums being deducted timely.


Your enrollment in the health plan is voluntary. 

To enroll in the State Employee Health Program, you will access the secure Membership Administration Portal (MAP).

  • Select your Regent University (University of Kansas) and you will be taken to your login screen.  To sign into MAP, you will use your KU online ID and password, the same credentials you use to log into your work computer.
  • Once in your Member Portal, go to "Enrollment & Events" tab and click in "Launch Enrollment".
  • If you can't login, open link with a different browser (Copy and paste link: https://sso.cobraguard.net/seer_login.php ). If you are still experiencing issue, visit assistance section below. 

If you experience issues logging into MAP

We strongly recommend you use a KU workstation or campus computer lab to enroll during Initial Enrollment to ensure you are using a compatible browser that is properly configured. If you experience issues logging in, first try opening link with different browser (Copy and paste link: https://sso.cobraguard.net/seer_login.php ). If this does not work, clear your browser’s cache.

Clearing cache and cookies 

Please note: for all PC browsers, just hold Ctrl+Shift+Del.  On a Mac, it's Shift+Command+Delete. After going through the process of clearing cache and cookies, you may need to restart your browser for the changes to take effect.




Internet Explorer

If you need additional help or have questions, contact your IT support staff, or the KU IT Customer Service Center at 785-864-8080 or itcsc@ku.edu. In-person support is available at the Price Computing Center located at 1001 Sunnyside Ave. Go to rockcha.lk/ITCSChours for support hours. 

Additional Information

  • Please visit Prepaid Summer Benefits and Coverage for Faculty and Staff to learn how summer benefit deductions will be taken for academic year faculty/academic staff who hold full academic year or spring semester regular appointments and who have an ongoing commitment for the upcoming fall semester.
  • Benefits Affected by Out of Area Leaves and Sabbatical - Faculty and staff who leave the area for an extended period of time—on sabbatical, leave without pay, working overseas for the summer or other reasons—and who have concerns about their benefits should contact the Benefits Office at (785) 864-7402 or benefits@ku.edu
  • To take any of the following actions, you will need to log in to MAP and access the necessary Forms under "Account Overview" and the "Forms" tab.  If you have questions or need assistance, contact Benefits at (785) 864-7402 or benefits@ku.edu.
    • The advance purchase of prescription drugs is authorized in certain circumstances and the RX State Advance Purchase Form must be completed and faxed back to Benefits at least 20 calendar days before the employee’s departure outside of the U.S.
    • Employees and covered spouses who turn age 65 will need to complete the “TEFRA” Form in MAP to indicate the election to either i) remain in the SEHP or ii) to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B and drop the SEHP.
    • To request consideration of covering a common-law spouse as a dependent (husband or wife) on your health insurance plan, you will need to complete the Common Law Marriage Form  and upload supporting documentation in MAP.
  • To communicate concerns, suggestions or requests concerning the SEHP, log into MAP and, under Account Overview, Mid-Year Benefits Changes Tab, click on Start a New Request and select the Communication Form.
  • Note: Employees who are newly eligible for benefit plans offered by the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP), or who make changes in coverage because of life events, may see a delay from the time they enroll or initiate a change in MAP to when the premium is deduced from their paychecks.  Premium changes will be reflected on paychecks after the SEHP processes the enrollment or change and sends that information to KU.  
    • As employees generally have 30 days in which to initially enroll or to request a change because of a life event, the premium change could be retroactive and result in multiple premiums deducted from a paycheck. 
    • If the retroactive premium adjustment will be greater than $500, the Benefits Office will send an email to inform you. 
    • To minimize retroactive premium deductions, you are encouraged to enroll or make mid-year changes as early in the 30 day period as possible.

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