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HealthQuest Rewards Program

The State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) offers the HealthQuest rewards program. If you are enrolled in the medical portion of the SEHP, you can earn credits by participating in HealthQuest wellness activities.  If you are enrolled in any SEHP medical plan you (and your spouse if covered under the health plan) must earn 40 credits to recieve a $480 discount to your medical plan premiums in the next plan year.  If you are enrolled in Plan C, J, N, or Q, you and/or your covered spouse also can earn additional employer contributions to your HRA/HSA.

HealthQuest is an optional program; you are not required to participate in order to be covered under the SEHP.

Information about Plan Year 2020 (January 1 - December 31)

HealthQuest Minimum Requirements and Rewards for 2020 - On Tuesday, June 16, the Health Care Commission (HCC) voted to reduce the number of HealthQuest credits required for eligible members enrolled in the State Employee Health Plan to receive the 2021 premium incentive discount. The credit requirement was reduced from 40 points to 20 points, due to the exceptional circumstances created by COVID-19. More information can be found on the HealthQuest website.

HealthQuest has a new portal for the 2020 plan year.  All members, even if you had an old account, will need to sign up for the new portal to earn credits for 2020.  An email was sent by the SEHP on 1/2/2020 to the email used for the previous HealthQuest portal.  A copy of that email with enrollment instructions can be found here.

HealthQuest Rewards Overview Video (4:23)  2019 video, but no changes for 2020 rewards. 

Employees and spouses in the above health plans who complete the required Health Assessment and earn credits by participating in wellness activities throughout the year can earn a premium reduction in 2021. If enrolled in Plans C, N, J or Q, they can also earn HRA/HSA dollars to be awarded throughout 2020. The employee must have an active paycheck to receive HealthQuest dollars deposited in thier HRA/HSA.

Employee and Employee/Children Coverage: Employees must earn 40 credits to receive the premium reduction of $480 for 2020. For those enrolled in Plans C, N, J & Q, they will also earn $10 in their HRA/HSA for each credit earned, up to 50 credits, or $500.

Employee/Spouse and Employee/Family: Employees and Spouses must EACH earn 40 credits to receive the premium reduction of $480 for 2020. If only one individual completes the requirements, the premium incentive discount will be $240. For those enrolled in Plans C, N, J or Q, employees and spouses will also earn $10 in their HRA/HSA for every credit earned, up to 50 credits, or $500 each. 

Learn More

See page 21 in the 2020 Enrollment Book

SEHP HealthQuest Page 

2020 Plan A Incentive Guide

2020 Plans C, J, N, and Q Incentive Guide

New Member Information

HealthQuest Support

Phone: 1-888-275-1205 Option 3 (available 24/7)

Email: HealthQuest@Cerner.com

To submit feedback about HealthQuest or if you have questions about pending credits, please email kdhe.healthquest@ks.gov  

You will be notified via email of credits posted into your portal.

Biometric Health Screening Information

Three ways to obtain biometric numbers – attend a free screening event on campus, order an at-home screening kit, or submit biometric results verified by your physician.

Sign up for a biometric screening appointment at your HealthQuest Rewards account (Log In and click on “Biometric Screenings” in the left hand navigation) or call 1-888-275-1205, option 3, available 24/7.

Statewide Biometric Screening Schedule

The Biometric screening check in form requires “Member Number” or State of Kansas Identification number (SOKS ID) plus EE for employee or SP for spouse. SOKS ID is available on your paystub (directions to view stub here).  If you need further assistance with HealthQuest, please call 1-888-275-1205 option 3, available 24/7.








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