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Organizational Assessments

Human Resource Management performs organizational assessments for departments and schools. An assessment can help you identify key issues and opportunities that can improve your organization's overall effectiveness. We utilize a variety of tools to conduct our evaluations, including interviews and surveys.

What is an organizational assessment?

This is a planned systematic review of an organization’s processes, work environment, and organizational structure. The organizational assessment process guides the development of recommendations and action plans to support achievement of organizational objectives.

How is the assessment accomplished?

The scope and purpose of the assessment will help define how it is accomplished. The team will explore the organization's outcome by reviewing productivity and climate, strategic plans, goals and objectives, organizational charts, and operating procedures. Interviews with employees may also be conducted, as necessary.

What are the results of an assessment?

At the conclusion of an assessment, a report with a set of recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the organization, is provided to the individual who requested the assessment.

Initiating an Assessment

To learn more about our organizational assessment services, please contact us by email at hrdept@ku.edu or by phone at 785-864-4946.

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