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Conducting an Interview

Each search committee will screen all applicants and conduct interviews with their top candidates. Below are a few important requirements to keep in mind:

  • For all Faculty (not including Lecturers) and Academic Staff job postings, the search committee must follow the Hiring for Excellence Search Guidelines.
  • For all other positions, the search committee must consist of a minimum of two people.
  • KU encourages and promotes diversity and a consistent and equitable interviewing process for all candidates.
  • Candidates selected for interview must meet all required qualifications as posted in the position announcement.

During the interview process, it is recommended that the search committee:

  • Interview a number of candidates to ensure a fair comparison.
  • Ask only job related questions and be consistent in what questions are asked among all candidates.
  • Schedule, and plan to spend the same amount of interview time with all candidates.

If you require supplemental activities during the interview process, contact your designated SSC or HR Recruiter for review and approval.

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