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Employees are responsible for reporting their work time accurately and within the deadlines using the HR/Pay system. Those who report via clock times are responsible for clocking in and out accurately. If a clock time is missed or in error, the employee is to contact their supervisor immediately. Those who report worked hours on timesheets (elapsed time) are responsible for submitting hours no later than the end of each work week in quarter hour increments. 

The reported hours you have submitted are processed via the Time Administration process generally twice a day. Time Administration rounds each clock time or for elapsed timesheet hours reported time to quarter hour increments, processes programmed rules for validation, and creates payable time. The payable time is then made available for your supervisor (manager) to approve. Your supervisor may have a small timeframe for approval so it is very important that you submit timely and accurately. 

A delegate may be assigned to approve time worked in the absence of a supervisor. Authorized reviewers can make corrections to time reporting errors.

Time Reporting Methods

Please refer to Time Reporting Methods for more information about Webclock and Timesheet. 

Access Time Management

Click on a link below to access a specific task under Time Management:

Training Materials

Please refer to Training Materials for Employees for detailed instructions. 

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