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Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) help you save money by allowing you to deduct tax-free dollars from your pay to cover certain health and dependent care expenses that you may incur throughout the year. Benefits eligible employees can participate in the following FSAs:

  • Standard Health Care FSA
  • Limited Purpose Health Care FSA - available to those enrolled in Plans C and N
  • Dependent Care FSA


All benefits eligible employees are eligible to participate in the FSA program.


You can enroll in the FSA program during the annual Open Enrollment Period in October of each year, when you are first hired, or when a qualifying life event occurs.

To enroll, please use the Member Administrative Portal (MAP) ».


See information on the State Employee Health Plan's website about the Dependent Care FSA and the Health Care and Limited Purpose Health Care FSA.

Twelve-month staff will have deductions from 24 checks (the first two checks each month).  When the month has a third paycheck no deduction will be taken. Academic year faculty and staff with positions designated as less than twelve-month will have FSA deductions taken from 16 checks (the first two checks each month from January through April and September through December).

FSA Plan Administrator

For information about NueSynergy, the third party administrator used for the FSA plan, as well as additional information including tools and calculators, FAQs, eligible expenses, reimbursement and more, please visit the SEHP's FSA webpage.

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