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The HR/Pay timesheet is used for hourly (non-exempt) employees to enter actual hours worked by day on a daily or weekly basis from their desktop computer or a compatible mobile device.  

Each employee is to record their own time as the individual’s Employee ID is stored along with the date and time stamp.  This ID is used for audit purposes and agreement to actual hours worked.

Please note that you must have a KU Online ID registered with KU Information Technology in order to report your time in the HR/Pay system.

Screenshot of an electronic time sheet used to report hours worked in HR/Pay

Electronic Time Sheet







Who Uses an Timesheet?

Regular hourly (non-exempt) employees who are not eligible for premium pay (shift differential, call-in/call-back, or stand-by), are required to use an timesheet to record their hours worked. Hours need to be entered at a minimum at the end of each work week.

Accessing the Timesheet

To access the timesheet:

  1. Log in to HR/Pay using your KU Online ID and password.
  2. Go to "Self Service".
  3. Go to "Report Time".
  4. Go to "Timesheet".

For instructions on how to enter your time in the time sheet, please download and review How to Enter Hours Worked into the Timesheet.

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