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Open Enrollment for PY 2020 is from October 1-31. Learn more about PY 2020 plan options, updates, and premium rates.

State Employee Health Plan Open Enrollment - Plan Year (PY) 2020

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Open Enrollment provides you the opportunity to make changes to your benefit elections, including medical, dental, vision as well as voluntary insurance products. It is also when the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) announces changes for the upcoming year.  

Enrollment for PY 2020 is an “active” enrollment.  If you are enrolled in a medical plan in 2019, you must complete Open Enrollment for PY 2020 (by saving and submitting your election in MAP even if you want to continue in same health plan), otherwise your coverage will be defaulted into medical Plan N, with your same insurance company, at the same coverage level, and with a Health Reimbursement Account. 

A few employee categories are exempt from Active Enrollment: ​

  • Employees who have waived coverage
  • Employees enrolled in Surency Vision and/or Delta Dental coverage only
  • Retirees and employees on leave who are enrolled in the SEHP Direct Bill/Retiree plan

Please remember that if you want to enroll in health care and/or dependent care Flexible Spending Accounts, or in HealthyKIDS, for 2020, annual enrollment is required and you must enroll during Open Enrollment.


Open Enrollment will start October 1st and will end October 31st. After that, you will not be able to make any changes to your plan elections until the following Open Enrollment period unless you have a qualifying life event.

What’s New for PY 2020? 

  • Plan C annual Coinsurance rate reduced to 10%.
  • Employee + Spouse, and Employee + Full Family premiums reduced.
  • Employee only and employee/child premiums are the same as 2019.
  • Slight increases to the Delta Dental premiums.
  • Plans C and N:  the deductible for Employee + Spouse, Employee + Children and Employee + Family coverage tiers will be $2,800 for an individual within the family.  However, the overall family deductible will remain at $5,500.  This change was required to keep Plans C and N in compliance with federal requirements.  (For Employee only coverage, the deductible will remain $2,750.)
  • The same 5 medical plans will be offered. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and Aetna will remain as medical plan insurance companies for all Plans.

Visit the Your SEHP Benefits page for detailed information about PY 2020 benefit options, overview tools, and premium rates.

Visit the Meetings and Webinars page for information about SEHP Open Enrollment Meetings, Webinars, and On-Demand Videos.



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