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2018 University Support Staff and Unclassified Professional Staff Retirement Luncheon

Name Department Years
Accurso, Cathy Social Welfare 7
Albers-Smith, Susan Campus Operations 35
Altman, Maureen University Governance 8
Alvarez, Esteban Facilities Services 14
Anthony, Sharon Office of Research 17
Avila, Vince Facilities Services 23
Brooke, James Facilities Planning & Development 4
Brooks, Linda Information Technology 20
Bunch, Stephen Continuing Education Administration 38
Burg, J. Undergraduate Biology Program 22
Burg, Mary Chancellor's Office 22
Burkhardt, Rex Office of Research  20
Byrn, Stephen International Student Services 7
Catloth, Robert Athletics 22
Coblentz, Kay Housing Office Administration 15
Conlin, Paula Office of Research 41
Cooper, Carol Campus Operations 31
Crawford, Linda Office of Research 16
Creason, Donald Facilities Services 27
Cromwell, Patricia University Daily Kansan 26
Davis, Gloria Facilities Services 36
Delaorra, Norma Engineering and Project Management 6
Douglas, Diane Athletics 16
Farmer, Lori Law School 27
Flory, Patricia CED-KS Fire & Rescue Training 33
Gillespie, Joe Watkins Health Services 13
Gingerich, Robin Bureau of Child Research 29
Givechi, Mehrdad Transportation Research Center 27
Graham, Mariann Bureau of Child Research 22
Gronbeck-Tedesco, Susan International Programs 38
Gutknecht IV, Frederic Information Technology 27
Hansen III, George Business 2
Hathaway, Wayne Facilities Services 30
Hatton, Carol Center for Research on Learning 19
Henry, Karen Bureau of Child Research 23
Heppert, Kathleen Biotechnical Innovation & Optimization Center 20
Hoyt, Jane Libraries - General 31
Kaiser, Danny Parking & Transit 32
Kennedy, Dennis Athletics 27
Kerr, Linda Office of Research 31
Kroeger, Melvin Information Technology 26
LaBlanc-Willis, Lisa Office of Research 10
Landis, Tracy KU Memorial Union 20
LaPointe, Charles Information Technology 12
Larson, Eileen School of Language, Literatures & Cultures 6
Maigaard, Brenda Financial Aid & Scholarships 24
Mailen, Troy Public Safety Office 31
Mann, Linda Child Language Program 11
Montagna, Debra Bureau of Child Research 31
Muncy, Debra Continuing Education Administration 43
Neibarger, Rosalee Social Welfare 49
O'Keefe, Cathy Psychology 17
Pavey, Edwin Law Enforcement Training Center 28
Pierrelee, Robert KU Memorial Union 19
Potter, Sarah Social Welfare 30
Pottorff, James General Counsel 18
Reid, Mike KU Memorial Union 40
Rendall, Susan Theatre 17
Reynolds, Liangshye Bureau of Child Research 25
Rice, Martha Achievement & Assessment Institute 8
Rice, Joseph Facilities Services 22
Roberts, Bernadine Bureau of Child Research 33
Robinson, Peggy Facilities Services 29
Rosebaugh, Cathy Watkins Health Services 13
Sawin, Robert Kansas Geological Survey 24
Schuler, Elaine Financial Aid & Scholarships 19
Schwartz, Kristie Comptroller's Office 6
Shadoin, Pamala Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 18
Spangler, Ron Institutional Research & Planning 39
Strand, Mark Business 24
Myra Strother, Dr. Myra Watkins Health Services 27
Swanson, Barry Center for Sustainability 19
Tabor, Susan Audio Reader Program 14
Thompson, Betsy Achievement & Assessment Institute 6
Thonus, Terese Writing Center 10
Toledo, Alejandro Facilities Services 33
Van Saun, Debbie Athletics 10
Victorine, John Kansas Geological Survey 17
Wiley, Linda Molecular Biosciences 31
Wiley, Cheryl Kansas Unions-Campus Dining 44
Wilk, Thomas Facilities Services 7
Williamson, Carol Center for STEM Learning 9
Winters, Rose Information Technology 40

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