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Transition Plan

The University of Kansas strives to operate each service or activity so that, when viewed in its entirety, it is accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. However, KU aspires to do more than comply with the letter of accessibility laws. Our goal is to endorse a campus climate that will sustain attention to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the spirit in which it was designed and provide the KU campus community a climate of inclusiveness.

To help achieve this goal, KU has developed a transition plan to begin transforming its facilities to provide even greater accessibility for students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities.

Plan Governance

The current transition plan was created in 2013 by the Architectural Accessibility and Inclusion Committee which includes several members with various disabilities and representatives of organizations that advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.

Addition and Prioritization of Items

New items are typically added to the transition plan in one of two ways:

  • A person alerts the Office of Accessibility and ADA Education or Design and Construction Management of an area on campus that could be improved for accessibility.
  • A new built environments is added to the KU campus.

The Architectural Accessibility and Inclusion Committee votes to prioritize items on the transition plan.

Current Plan

The current plan for academic facilities, created in 2013, is illustrated in the table below. The Department of Student Housing maintains a separate transition plan for student housing facilities. If you have comments, questions, or recommendations for additions to the plan, please contact our office by email at accomodations@ku.edu or by phone at 785-864-4946.

FY Location Project # Project Title Completion
2012 Strong Hall   Fire alarm strobe upgrades 12/2012
2012 Lippincott 008/9023 New elevator and accessible entrance 08/2012
2012 Murphy Hall 076/9550 Fire alarm strobes installed in courtyard 09/2012
2012 Watson Library 022/9421 Accessible ramp replacement 08/2012
2013 Campus Lz_u/8715 Signage for accessible route from Sunnyside to Jayhawk Blvd 01/2013
2013 Lippincott   Add handrails to interior stairs 02/2013
2013 Murphy Hall 076/9878 Add ramp - Crafton-Preyer Lobby 06/2013
2013 Carruth-O'Leary Hall 077/9787 Make IOA office compliant with 2010 ADA standards 06/2013
2013 Murphy Hall   Modify Circle Drive at Entrance to coordinate with Parking Lot 54 09/2013
2013 Parking Lot 54 #G2/8997 Parking Lot Reconstruction – Accessible parking and ramps  ($233,200) 09/2013
2013 Ecohawks 233/9886 New building - ADA parking and building elements 06/2013
2013 Jayhawk Blvd. Lz_u/9780 Jayhawk Boulevard Improvements – Ramps, Crosswalks, Sidewalks (Phase 1) 09/2013
2014 Murphy Hall 076/9880 Add Elevator that serves 2nd and 3rd floors 08/2014
2014 High Bay 088/8941 New building - ADA parking and building elements  
2014 LEEP 2 088/8941 New building - ADA parking and building elements  
2014 Parking Lot 8 Lz_h/10252 Relocate accessible parking stall and add curb cut  
2014 Parking Lot 129 G1/10269 Add accessible parking stall  
2014 Jayhawk Blvd. Lz_u/9781 Jayhawk Boulevard Improvements – Ramps, Crosswalks, Sidewalks (Phase 2) 09/2014
2014 Twente Hall   Add automatic door and curb cut Spring 2014
2015 DeBruce Center   Expansion - new building - ADA parking and building elements  
2015 Business School   New building - ADA parking and building elements  
2015 New Dorms   New building - ADA parking and building elements  
2015 Jayhawk Blvd. Lz_u/9782 Jayhawk Boulevard Improvements – Ramps, Crosswalks, Sidewalks (Phase 3) 09/2015
2015 Strong Hall 037/5638 Add accessible ramp to front of building` ABC vote scheduled for Summer, 2014
2016 Jayhawk Blvd. Lz_u/9783 Jayhawk Boulevard Improvements – Ramps, Crosswalks, Sidewalks (Phase 4) 09/2016
Task Campus   Update KU-DCM interior wayfinding accessibility signage ABC vote, 2014
Task Campus 9716 Accessible Route Identification from Dorms on West Campus to Jayhawk Blvd. Spring, 2014
Task Campus 9717 Accessible Route Identification from North and East to Jayhawk Blvd. Spring, 2014
Future Accessible Path   Ramp/Stairs North of Malott on Hawk Route to be compliant to 2010 ADA ABC vote, 2015
Future Smith Hall   Add elevator and automatic door (door not voted on by ABC) ABC vote, 2015
Future Wescoe Hall   Add automatic door at SE corner close to accessible parking stalls ABC vote
Future Parking Lot 16   Analysis of accessibility 2013
Future Murphy Hall 076/10195 Modify restrooms on 3rd floor west area to be compliant ABC vote scheduled for 07/2014
Future Accessible Path   Accessible sidewalk extending from Recreation Center to Computer Center lab between future tennis courts and Watkins Health By 2016
Future Haworth Hall 104/10310 Modify restrooms on 3rd floor Steward Wing to be compliant with 2010 ADA By 2017
Future Malott   Railing on North Door on one side By 2017
Future Parking Lot 37   Add access aisle from 11 accessible parking spaces to Dole Center By 2017
Future Dole Institute   Add automatic door openers in bathrooms By 2017
Future Strong Hall   Pooling at back of building Summer, 2014
Future Natural History Museum   Review if ramp can be added in place of lift By 2016
Future Memorial Drive   Add an access aisle from parking to buildings During reconstruction of Memorial Drive in 2017
Future Robinson   Extra pool lift - interim measures include that two pools in Robinson are close and the pool lift purchased in 2012 can be transferred  By 2016
Future Watkins Health Center   Upgrade one elevator to be 2010 compliant and programmed as exit elevator By 2017
Future Carruth-O'Leary Hall   Replace Carruth bathroom hand-crank towel dispensers By 2017
Future Campus   Add ADA desks to classrooms with non-fixed seating All new classrooms
Future Watson Library 022-10431 Add a wheelchair accessible stall to both men's and women's restrooms on 3rd floor 2015

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